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my twins slept together in the cradle, then together in my bed, then together in the crib... after about 6 months or so one started sleeping alone in the crib and one started sleeping with me or the crib... depending. Now they are 5 and still that same one sleeps alone in the bed and the other twin either sleeps with me, with him, or alone (or with his other brother)

they do eventually get into a schedule. they didn't nap for a long time but they did become pretty predictable
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WC and

More later.....

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Congratulations on your twinkies!

My little ones will be 19 months old on the 15th. Both are still co-sleeping and nursing.

I will be honest and tell you that the first few months are h*ll. Like you said, all you do is nurse, nurse, nurse and then nurse some more. LOL But then at about 3.5 4 months things just change. The babes get content to lay on a blanket so you can shower, brush your teeth, feel semi-human. They also start to sleep a bit longe, stay awake a bit more and their personalities just blossom.

I look back on those early sleepless hazy days now and wonder how we made it, but we did and we thrived.

It has to be hard on your little guy, I am sure. One thing that helped here was that when I was able to lay the babies down for a few minutes, I'd tell them they had to wait a minute as I was helping Jimmy, Boo, or whoever. It helped the younger ones to see that it wasn't always them being told they had to wait while I took care of the twins.

Keep a basket of books close by where you sit to nurse. Have you son sit by you holding a book, so you can read. Or just sit next to you and talk with him. When hubby is home, take your son for a short walk, even if it is just down the street a few houses. Have him be a dinner helper. Helping with meals is often a good time for chit chat, even with a little one. They can do easy tasks, or sit on the counter next to you while you cook.

I kept mine on the same schedule as much as possible for feeds. If one woke, I woke the other and within a short span, both started waking at the same time and got on the same routine. Although now they sleep totally opposite of each other! HAHA

I bathed them every night before bed to help relax them, rubbed them down with lotion for a little massage, and then nursed them both. It also helped relax me as I knew we were getting close to night time and some bit of sleep!

It is hard right now, but I promise, it does get better!

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Things started to get easier around 3-4 months from what I remember. Those first months were just a blur. Mine had bad reflux so slept mostly in bouncies/swings or one at a time proped up on my arm next to me (I would sleep with one nursing and one in the bouncy next to the futon and then switch).
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