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How long did you wait for your placenta?

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Ok, I had a dream the other night where I had my baby and all was great until it was time for the palcenta to come. I waited and waited but it never came. I know that this has no right answer but I just wanted to get your opnions.- Laura
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I did support for a couple that UC'd and their placenta took over 30 hours. No kidding. No bleeding, so she just waited.

As a mw, I've waited 3 1/2 hours. That's my longest and I have to admit I was wondering what was up (could be, too, that I was tired and really wanted to go home).
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I birthed it after 15 minutes. I didn't feel any need to rush or force it out. Actually, It took no effort on my part, accept when the fibrous ends we still attached, then about 45 min later and me turning over, helped it all come out.
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it came within about 10 to 15 minutes. i got a very painful, nauseating cramping, and felt the distinct urge to bear down... so i did, and once i pushed a couple of times my body took over and did the work for me.

for me, in a way, the afterbirthing hurt worse than birth ~ it was a completely different sort of pain.
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5 hours
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[QUOTE=pamamidwife]I did support for a couple that UC'd and their placenta took over 30 hours. No kidding. No bleeding, so she just waited.QUOTE]

oh my.. why did it take so long?

mine took no more then 30-45 min after birth of baby
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Managed, 1st birth 15-20 minutes. Spontaneous, 2nd birth 1 hour 15 minutes (although I think it had separated long before then and just needed me to stand up for it to come down), 3rd birth UC 1/2 hour, 4th birth UC 1/2 hour. (Both UCs I did nipple stimulation, and squatted when it felt like my body was ready for third stage to be done. By that I mean that I had emerged somewhat out of the "birth bubble" and felt kind of restless.)

Lol, Pam, thanks for that comment. Your ability to examine yourself honestly and then put it out there is so refreshing and important. If everyone would do that, can you imagine how much wisdom could be passed on?

And yeah, that is just so true, I mean the fact that midwives are human and therefore have not only their clients' interests in mind, but their own as well. So many care providers seem to be loath to speak openly about that, and I think that perpetuates this doctor as god/midwife as goddess mentality and the attendant blind trust.
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i was intrigued to read that it took so long to deliver some placentas and that it really was not a big deal. When i had my first baby the placenta delivered almost immediatly but with my second it didn't. An hour later the doctor told me that they were getting it out now because we had waited long enough. They gave me an epidural and a shot of antibiotics and went after it, i could see the doctor's hand up under my ribs. It was quite horrifying, my husband even had to look away and he is a farmer! I was upset because I wasn't bleeding and i didn't think there was a rush to deliver the placenta but you know when the doctors say that is what is happening sometimes you have no choice. Next time i will say, no thanks!!! I'll wait.
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First birth, placenta came out immediately after baby, as in baby was born, I stood up, placenta fell out. Second birth, I'd say 15-20 minutes. Both were unassisted births, if that helps.

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Both my placentas came out within a half hour or so, but with my UC the membranes stayed attached and the placenta hung between my legs for over 24 hours. I had to call Pamamidwife for advice because although I knew everything was fine, I felt I was missing some piece of information that would easily help me get it out.

I wound up twirling the placenta so the membranes sort of "roped up" and then reaching up inside and wiggling it back and forth until it detached. It took about 30 second total.
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For my own placentas - all in under 30 mins (or something like that). My lotus birth I estimated blood loss at less that 50ml.

I did birth support for a woman have babe#1 @ home - 7hrs. She felt it had separated and there was no bleeding, so we just waited.

The very next day I worked in the hospital and saw a woman rushed off to operating theatre for a manual removal after 30 mins with no bleeding. She got a general anaesthetic, didn't feed the babe for five hours. All ebcause the (female childless) OB was impatient, and angry that the family had chosen physiological thrid stage (no oxytocic).

Many sensitive MW's talk about hospitals ignoring the fact that sometimes there's an emotional component to letting go of the placenta. But that'd be unlike a hospital, huh??

Love Myf.

Mum of three gorgeous boys (8,5,3) and a bump to harvest in mid-June - our first UC.
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My first 2 births were c-sections. My third birth(my UC)the placenta came 30-40 min. after babe.
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I know a woman who took about 60 hours to deliver the placenta. Her labour took about 90 hours. Since her first birth was a c-section, it's possible she had a mild accreta and it took awhile for the placenta to release. Needless to say, she had a UC, since it would have been forcibly removed a very long time before if she'd been in a hospital.

I've only had a c-section, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for me. I don't plan to worry about it too much.
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My first was a c-section, my second was a VBAC in a hospital but with my own midwife. I didn't have any oxytocin, but they DID do cord traction (I was virtually comatose by then so didn't notice) and placenta was out in seven minutes. My third was a homebirth with same midwife, and I too had excrutiating pain, couldn't stand or sit and was completely out of it, so we cut the cord so I could move around. Thirty minutes later I couldn't stand the pain anymore and did gentle cord traction myself which got it out and stopped the pain.

I'm hoping this one will be a different story!
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my first two hospital births, the palcenta was forced out moments after baby. My third (UC) the placenta came on its own about 5-10 minutes after baby. My fourth the placenta came about 7 hours after baby. I had no urge to push (but baby was 11 pounds and stuck w/ head out for almost 15 min. - so maybe i was all pushed out LOL), no pain, no bleeding, no signs of problems. I didn't feel the need to pee but a friend suggested I walk for 5 minutes then go pee. I did that and after peeing I thought "hmm still no urge to push" then I stood up and the placenta hit the floor! :LOL
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first babe, 5 hours (should have done more nipple stimulation)
2nd babe, ten minutes or so (did plenty of nipple stimulation )
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In my previous vaginal births, the placenta was delivered within minutes or so (hospital births). This time, it was just shy of 2 hours.
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My mom had trouble with the placenta and delivered it after 24 hours.
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all my placentas came under an hr... time is lost on me the 2nd was a bit bad it that the doctor did routine manual removal so the baby was out and his whole arm was in just that fast.....

I have waited for 24 hrs for a placenta that was not detatched and mom was not bleeding and the fundus was not growing(which would be hidden bleeding) in Italy they call this conservative managment of retained placenta.... If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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2 hours. The cramping got worse the longer we waited. And it was different cramping than contractions, all in my back. But, got up to the toilet and out it came.
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