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Hey can you send me a private message? I have been searching high and low for a woman who had an unassisted VBAC, and just happened to see you on this thread. I had a c-section last April and I am due with another in 5 weeks. I would love to talk to you about your experience with Unassisted Childbirth.

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My placenta experience:


First birth (twins): Labor lasted four hours, placenta came within a few minutes of the second twin.  All I did was get down on my knees on the floor (ya know, to help it along) and suddenly it was sliding out of me. (Imagine me holding both twins in one arm, holding in my placenta with the other, saying HURRY HURRY HURRY to the husband, who was rinsing out my placenta bowl LOL. We barely caught it.)


Second birth (single): Labor lasted a little over an hour, and shortly after birth, I began to worry that the placenta was going to fall out of me again (my birth video ends with "better get that placenta bowl!").  I think that could be one thing that contributed to the five hours it took for that placenta to come.  I ended up laboring with it (back labor, eff!) the whole time, nursed the baby at least four times, and almost took some Placenta Out (the smell got to me, so I didn't, for fear I'd hurl it up).  I tried getting into a warm bath to help ease it out, I tried gentle cord traction.  Nothing worked.  It was so firmly attached that I was experiencing no bleeding, and had to have my end of the cord tied off or it would bleed.  Finally my husband suggested that I just take some Tylenol to take the edge off, because he could see that I just wasn't relaxing.  Worked like a charm.  Within 20 minutes, my husband told me I was bleeding through my underwear, then suddenly I felt a gush, and I was like YES, IT'S TIME.  And it came out whole!

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Dang, this is an old thread. Its a good topic, though. With my first, i was so drained from the birth that i reclined on the floor for an hour and a half or so, not wanting to move. My baby's father was getting scared that something was wrong because the placenta hadnt come out yet, so i went to the toilet. In the middle of going pee the placenta fell out into the toilet. Yeah, so much for trying to consume it after that happened.

With my second, I didnt want it to fall into the toilet again so about 45 minutes or so after birth i got up and went to the bathroom. I stood there for a minute with a wide bowl under my crotch in the hopes that gravity would do its thing. Sure enough, the placenta fell into the bowl in its ungraceful fashion. I'm amazed i was able to hold onto it because it surprised me, the placenta was pretty heavy and a flood of blood followed it. I figured that the placenta had detached within 10 minutes after but didnt come out due to the position i was in. This meant that the blood that tried to come out after ended up pooling behind it inside of me. A little frightening but it wasnt any more than normal, it was just all at once so it seemed like a lot.

Both births were UCs by the way.
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Mine took an hour, but I think it detached much sooner. I didn't push it out until the midwife asked if I could feel it, and I realised it was 'right there' and pushed it out easily. It hadn't occurred to me to do so, because with my previous baby I had a second set of contractions and was aware that it was coming. The last time, I waited for contractions that never came. I guess it detached quickly, or else the contractions were masked by breastfeeding afterpains?

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