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Asthma questions

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We have suspected that my daughter has asthma for a while now, because she coughs when she runs, but she recently had a very serious attack that landed her in the hospital for 2 days and has resulted in a really intense treatment regimen.

She was on steroids & regular albuterol for a week, and now she has a daily nebulizer treatment of pumacort and albuterol at lunch at school.

We've always been wary of medicine. My husband has never seen a dr in his life. But I'm willing to do anything and everything it takes to keep her safe after the unimaginable horror of thinking I may lose her.

But I wonder, not knowing what triggered her attack or what are her triggers, besides running, if intensive medication is the way to go. Shouldn't we try further to isolate what her triggers are? Or are all asthmatics vulnerable to the same triggers?

The medicine has a strong effect on her affect & personality. Are there any alternatives? Do other doctors approach it differently?
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I have not dealt with asthma personally. But, through the years I have picked up some knowledge through friends. A doctor that I know who is AP friendly and into acupuncture etc. Recommends adding Omega 3's to asthmatic children's diet. There is a great supplement called Nordic Naturals for Children. I have heard that it really helps to boost the immune system.

As far as the treatments that your child is receiving, they sound like what I have heard most asthmatic children receive. Although, I believe many add Singulair to their regimen.

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