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My home visit.

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I know that most of you don't know me well, but I just had to tell SOMEONE about my home visit with my mw.

It all went well. She checked me (I asked) and I am 2 cms and 50% effaced. However the baby is high and floating. It sounds good, but I could stay like this for weeks. It doesn't mean much when you are on baby #7. lol

I am due April 26 so I still have time. On one hand I am so ready and on the other I feel I can wait, let my 1 yr old be the baby for a while still. I am having lots of mixed emotions with this one.

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Nice to meet you. Congrats on the baby. 7 kids, that is cool.
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Thank you.

Noticed you are from TX, ME TOO.

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that's cool, Kasey! Our home visit is on Monday. Our little one (our 1st!) has definitely 'dropped' but I haven't been checked so I don't know what else is going on...

enjoy the next few weeks...
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