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Now that spring is finally here, I'm wondering about the pros and cons of sunscreen. We really like to do a lot of outdoors stuff in the summer so we need to do sunscreen every day. What's worse in your opinion, the dangers of skin cancer from the sun or the chemicals in sunscreen? Any links would be appreciated.
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I had the same worries. I try to dress my toddler in cool long sleeves and hats when we go out. I recently purchased an "All Natural Sunscreen" from UBB's Natural Family Boutique (on-line). And am using that. So that is what I do. I would be careful of not using anything ( i got really bad second degree burns as a child from my grandparents not using anything ). So if you don't use anything, just be hyper vigilent.
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I've thought of that too...

I don't care to put a lot of lotions on my girls that aren't necessary so I try to plan sunny day outings later in the day and only use suncreen on the high points (cheeks, shoulders, nose) and it's worked out pretty well. Hats, definitely and I look for places to play that are well shaded. The hardest part of my summer is keeping them busy 'till 3pm before they hit the pool. We tend to run on later hours (up late at night, up later in the am) and it works for us.
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subscribing to this thread as we are looking for something too. I'd like to find something for my 2 yr old and for my fair, sensitive skin... just for faces though.
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We cover up as much as possible around here and only use sunscreen when absolutely necessary~ we also have very sensitive skin. I just ordered CA baby unscented sublock. I am hoping it is as gentle as it says it is.
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