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Whole milk vs Breast milk

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My DD will be turning one year old on April 22nd. Nursing is still going strong. She wont eat many solids so we are still about 97% nursing. Peds recommend starting whole milk at a year old, however, if I'm still nursing so much do I need to start her on whole milk? Or can I wait? I've been wondering about this and wanted to know what you guys think.
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First off, congratulations on the nursing still going strong!

Your dd sounds like my dd. She had no real interest in solid foods until about 15 months or so. I also don't buy into the need for milk & think a lot of it is a marketing ploy. Anyway, off my soapbox....dd will be 3 in May & hasn't had any milk besides mine. I'm a firm believer in human milk for human babies & definitely as long as she is nursing, she doesn't need any other milk.
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No human ever needs to drink the milk from another mammal, ever. Especially if she is still getting the perfect milk, made to order special just for her needs!

the only reason dairy is even recommended at all is because the big dairy farm corporations pushed the government to include their products in the food groups and nutrition requirements. Nobody needs to drink cow milk (except, of course, for baby cows) if they eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
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I ditto the "no need for any other milk". I think the peds recommend it because they have almost no knowledge about nutrition and know almost as little or less about the benefits of breastfeeding past 1 year. Recommending it is just part of their script. Congrats on bf this long. The 2nd year has it's difficulties and is a whole new dimension, compared to nursing the first year, but it is just as rewarding, if not more.
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Breastfeeding experts consider offering cow's milk to be a weaning technique, so if you want to keep her nursing, you may want to stay away from it.
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Another vote for why would a human baby NEED cow's milk? It's amazing what we can be convinced of, isn't it?

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I was kind of wondering that myself. Why would whole milk suddenly become more nutritious then my breastmilk after a year? It doesn't make sense to me.
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The standard recommendation is that you *can* introduce whole milk at one year. The assumption is that the child is getting enough solids that it no longer "needs" formula or bmilk, instead getting by on whole milk.

Of course, that doesn't mean it is better than bmilk (it's not) or needed (it's not).
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Originally Posted by stafl
No human ever needs to drink the milk from another mammal, ever.
ITA!! And I'd like to point out that humans are the only species that 1) drinks milk from another mammal, and 2) drinks milk past infancy. (And I don't mean infancy as in a baby...I mean past the child's natural self-weaning age. )
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Peds recommend cow's milk at one year because formula is expensive, bm is free so why bother
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human milk for human children!
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adults, too.

my dh hinted at hooking me up to milking machines for years and years to come just so that we get the best milk for our family. it's a probable idea, but i think when my kids are weaned we'll get a goat instead.
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