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~our birth photos!~

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i changed the link in my signature to be our birthing web site.. just finished today!!
some images may seem graphic to some.. use discretion..
I am super happy to share this!!!!!!
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Hi, I came across this while perusing "new posts". I just absorbed every word & picture & many feelings & WOW. You put that site together just brilliantly & there is so much joy & love radiating from it & I absolutely loved reading your family's story. Thank you so much for sharing it!! And congratulations on your new wee human.
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Absolutely beautiful, Hawkfeather! Thank you for sharing your birth with us! -Carey
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Thanks for sharing!
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Congratulations! She is just beautiful and you are obviously very in touch with your power. We so hope to have a home waterbirth next time (plans were thwarted by this baby's early arrival @ 35 weeks, since we were doing assisted w/midwife who won't deliver before 37 weeks.
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I am not pregnant, but happened by this birthstory, and I wanted to say amazing! And what I wouldn't give for the beauty of your backyard!!

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Really beautiful! Thanks for posting the photos and story!
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I enjoyed this so much, especially because I'm planning a home waterbirth. Thanks for posting it!
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Thankyou for sharing your birth pictures,-how incredibly beautiful. I also knew immediately from your photos that you live in the Pacific North West because I'm originally from Seattle and also have family outside of Vancover. I now reside in the Mid West and miss the mountains and sea intensely!

Congratulations on your little one!
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Hawkfeather, your pictures and story were beautiful. Thank you for sharing them, and congratulations on your precious new baby. Many blessings to you!
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Beautiful. The pictures, the story, you, your daughter... Just perfect.
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oh my goodness.
the wrinkly foot picture is adorable.
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Hawkfeather, thank you for sharing your story and your pictures with us. You are a beautiful goddess. Your daughter is stunning. Congratulations, mama.
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Wow, that was beautiful...
Thank you so much for sharing x
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Simply put-- that was a work of art, with the ultimate being your gorgeous daughter! Thank you for sharing!
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