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A very surprising announcement!!

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My 4 yo night weaned when she was about 2. It was not an easy process and I tried many different methods and none of them worked well.

I'm already thinking about #5 but still no AF in sight.
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Congrats, mama!
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As far as night weaning. The thing I've seen over & over again with my friends is that if/when the baby(ies) is/are truly ready, it's pretty painless. If they're not, it doesn't work well. If it's been awhile since you tried, I'd recommend a least trying again, with lots of talking about how the nursies (whatever you call nursing) need their sleep. I also found that for us, the key was to give the girls a way that THEY could tell when they could/couldn't nurse. Alot of people use the sun coming up as a cue but we don't get much morning sun in our room (especially w/ the blinds down) so that never seemed to work well. What we ended up doing was to set an alarm to go off with very quiet, soothing music. It's not loud enough to wake them up but if they do wake up they know that if they hear the music playing they can nurse, otherwise I usually have to remind them "we don't have num nums till the music plays" and they'll either roll over & go back to sleep or lay there & toss & turn & wait for the music LOL. But the tossing & turniing is usually when it's pretty close to time to get up anyway, if it's the middle of the night they usually go right back to sleep.

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Oh my gosh Karen!!!!! How wonderful!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! That is just great!!!! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful surprise!! I just love that feeling of first finding out!!! I laughed at all your pregnancy tests. :LOL I did the same with both my pregnancys. Just doens't seem real does it? Somehow after the 5th or 6th positive test you finally start believing it!

So the next thing...are you wondering if it's a single or double? :LOL I know chances of 2 sets of identical are slim. Personally I can't help thinking that when I'm (if I'm) going to get prego again I feel it will be twins again. I know this is just cause I have twins on the brain.

How are your girls doing with the news? Are they excited to have a baby?

So what caused you to take a test? Were you having a feeling? Or just late and wanted to make sure? Or are you feeling sick or tired?

Sorry for all the questions...it's just so exciting!! Take care of yourself and your little pea (or maybe peanut this time ) inside you.
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Congrats Mama!

How exciting!

~ A very peaceful, happy pregnancy to you ~


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I totally don't "belong" on this board, but somehow this caught my eye, so I had to pop in to say Congratulations!!! I wish you an uneventful 9 months.
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Congrats! That's exciting news.
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:LOL Boots? Hopefully Haven will change her mind sometime in the next 9 months! :LOL But that's great they are excited!!

Any names coming up for you? For boy or girl? Besides Boots of course.
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Originally Posted by gotmilkmama
Any names coming up for you? For boy or girl? Besides Boots of course.
I have a couple of ideas but nothing that seems perfect. With Lillie and Faith, it was so easy! I had been debating between using both names for our second girl then we had our 9-week ultrasound that showed two babies. Even though we didn't know they were both girls I blurted out "Now I have Lillie AND Faith!" I want the name - especially a girl's name - to flow with my girls names. I can't do Haven, Lillie, Faith and Mary (even though I love the name Mary). KWIM? I like Willow but DH doesn't. The only name I've thrown out that he's considered is Eden. Boys....ugh! They are so hard to name!! I do have some ideas but nothing that feels perfect yet. Suggestions would be wonderful!
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Eden is very nice. Willow is too but I guess that is out if dh doesn't like it huh? How about April? I agree boys names are tough!! Eden is both a boys and girls name though - although I've never met a boy Eden. That would be unique. Evan is nice too. Here are some more. I know this isn't a baby name thread but I can't resist. I just love the whole naming a new baby thing!! It's just a fun thing for me I guess.

Chase - boy or girl
Brinn/Brynne/Bryn/Brenn/Bren - boy or girl
Dane - boy (I really like this one Seems like a strong name - which he is gonna have to be to keep up with all those sissys :LOL )
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You probably have an idea about this, having an older dd before the twins, but a nice surprise about having a baby AFTER my twins is that it is one of the most relaxed, pleasurable experiences of my life. I feel like I can really enjoy every single moment... all the joy and none of the angst (or exhaustion or worries, etc.). I just get to soak it all in!

Belly blessings for a healthy and beautiful pregnancy and birth!
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An update....

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Karen I am so sorry. I am heartbroken for you. I know you must be so sad and going through many emotions. I am glad your girls have been some sunshine to you during this time. I can only imagine how you must feel. I will pray for you and your little one and your family. I am sorry your time with this sweet baby was too short. I wish this did not happen to you. But as you said God has a plan. And I agree he will give you another precious one someday, as you are a strong and wonderful mother.

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I am so sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry...

I don't know what your beliefs are, but when I miscarried a couple of times before my twins came, I knew the souls of my babes were just waiting for the right bodies. Maybe your baby's soul is just waiting for the perfect body to jump into. Take care of yourself! Your house plans seem wonderful. How cool to get to be so close to your parents!
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