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I can't believe they are all zero I refreshed a lot and then it died and when it came back up they were all still zeros

Is anyone willing to share? Anyone have buyers remorse? (yeah right!) Anyone willing to trade? Take more for them? LOL I'm desperate!! :LOL
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I was really hoping for the daisy Size 2 envelope, but I guess my "high speed" internet isn't hyena fast lol!!

I was fortunate enough to snag a size 2 lavender velour, though. I guess I should be happy I got anything, huh?

But if that Daisy Size 2 doesn't work for the lucky purchaser, please know there's someone here that would love to take it off your hands.....
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Originally Posted by katytheprincess2
Nope I have a cable modem which is very fast and still came away empty handed. I give up. No more wasting my time it is impossiable!

I wish they would do customs again I just can't get anything!
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i was hoping for the ducks, if you've been to my site you'd know why. i thought it would be so cute. oh well.
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I've never ever scored -- I got the sz 1 seals and the kanji. I can hardly believe it. Someone pinch me.
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Originally Posted by mommasuz
I got the cats
glad they went to a nice mama!


lemme know if you have any buyers remorse, ok?
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For what it's worth, I had a fun time chatting with you mamas before the stocking happened. It was a good time!
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Well, when any of you are done with your size 0 fcb dipes pls let me know I could use at least one, possibly more by then!!
(especially if you have I Love You, or sealife)
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If anyone has any remorse over the Moon and Stars 0, I'd love to take it off your hands! I've been saving pp for weeks, and I couldn't even get the pages to load with my cable modem.
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Yup it went wierd for me too. I don't really need anything but there were a couple of prints there I really liked. My computer is fast too. WEird... last stocking it didn't crash at all or do anything weird so just this time?

Oh well.
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Originally Posted by daekini

...i just found out i'm expecting a boy...
That's okay. Congratulations! Maybe I'll have a girl. Otherwise my son will be in butterflies! :LOL I'm happy, I got the sun ray size 0, that was my other favorite.
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Wow, I got the same thing, all gone in a blink of an eye. And I have a cable modem. I hope they will do customs again someday too!
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Holy cow! I actually scored something! I got the size 1 Organic Animal Toss!!! : I'm so excited right now, I've never scored at FM!!!
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I am on cable internet and I tried to click on the Pastel Butterflies, refreshed, clicked on Lav. Velour and nothing! My cable was really running slow on the refreshes
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I got nothing in my cart. I always said that I was too old to stalk.

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Ok why am I upset over diapers? I really think this might be a reality slap for me. :
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Originally Posted by mommasuz
I got the cats but I also really wanted one of the girly size 1s so if anyone has buyers remorse LMK! It died on me after I had the diaper in my cart but I wans't about to close the window and thank god it came back up within 5 minutes.
OMG!!!!!! I can't believe how peeodd I am! I have a BRAND NEW beautiful imac G5 and high speed and I was sitting here refreshing my bookmark over and over and had the pink wave-I NEVER EVEN SAW the cats come up at 1 and the cart died on me I should have left it to come back up, but I guess I panicked UGGHH!!!!! If you want to sell the cats, let me know.
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Dh came in and took the mouse from me at :58...i freaked out!!!!!!!!

Got the LC1 Envelope Organic Yoga Kitty and Oceanone got the FCB1 Organic Fairies for me

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No more FM stockings for me. My high speed satellite just can't compete when there's so much traffic and I'm tired of being disappointed. I guess I'm destined to pay way too much on eBay.
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Originally Posted by Ravenmoon
I did get the peach velour fitted
What a great way to celebrate your 1000th post! (You're also the 100th post on this thread!)
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