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My unschooling self education story.

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I feel like sharing my story and recent realization.

I attended public school for a while and at age 12 ended up at Sudbury Valley School, which for those of you who don’t know is basically an unschooling school.

I left SVS at age 15 and tested for a GED. While I didn’t attend college I did take tech courses to get certified as a Nurses Aide and EMT.

Since becoming a mother ten years ago I haven’t done anything work or education wise. In fact I refer to myself as “uneducated” all the time.

One of my long time dreams has been to get an education so I applied to junior college. The anticipation of the entrance exam had been killing me. My entire family was up all night with the flu the night prior to the test but I went anyways just to get it over with.

I decided not to take the algebra portion but instead enroll in an algebra course, and the facilitator said to me “Well that makes sense. If you haven’t taken algebra in high school it would be foolish to take the test.” I thought to myself “I have never even set foot inside a high school. Using your logic I shouldn’t test at all!” But I did keep my smart mouth closed! The facilitator made it clear that no decisions would be made that day, but rather the committee would review each application with the test scores.

Well when I finished my testing I was told that I would definatly be accepted, as my test scores were “significantly higher than the average applicant.” I was floored.

Then a week later I received my official acceptance letter. Someone had hand written in that I should come in to test out of the algebra portion because my math scores were so high.

I called my childhood friend in disbelief, stating that the “average person” who applies to junior college must not be to bright if they are all so impressed with my scores and I am COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED!

She pointed out that I am always reading and asking question, therefore I am SELF-educated. WOW! What a concept! Finally I get it! I have a lifelong love of learning that is all me. I wasn’t homeschooled, I never attended high school, and yet I am educated.

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That is a great story, Kerry I am going to share my dh's story, because he shares it himself at hs meetings and such. Dh attended ps all his life, until the 9th grade when his family moved to nearby city. At one of his first days in the new school, some boys decided to jump him becasue he was new (and cute ) Well, dh, out of pure fear, "won"...scared the whole crowd including himself. The boys left him alone, but he never stopped being afraid for his safety. He did poorly that year and left school at 15. He decided to join his dad driving a whiskey truck. True story.

Eventually he got a job taking care of large machinery in a small plant...he could fix anything, and he was strong. He did this for 7 years. He decided after we met to look at community college. He had a knee injury, forcing him to look at alternative careers. He took drafting and excelled. The teachers loved him, he was a great student. He got straight A's, much to his (but not my) surprise. Because he was so reliable and hardworking, he was asked to intern at a great local company. He accepted and started in the drafting department. He became very interested in the computers and started doing more and more of that. All self taught. So, fast forward 10 years, now guess what he fixes there? He loves what he does and the confidence it gives him. It is highly technical...and when the CEO's computer gets a glitch or a new system needs to be installed...guess who they call? He is also 6 or so credits away from his Bachelor's of Science.

I just think it is an amazing story that proves we are more than out test scores and GPA.
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Thanks so much for posting that Joan. I was getting ready to remove my post thinking that maybe it came off as a bragging thread, which was not my intent at all. I have just been thinking of education in a much broader sense than ever before, and I was already a pretty "broad thinker" when it came to education!
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Kerry, I hope you never refer to yourself as uneducated again! Even before getting to the end of your story, I was thinking, "She's not uneducated, she's SELF educated!" I hope you take the Algebra portion of the test, and I'd love to hear what happens! And next time, tell people you're an autodidact!
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There is quite a difference between being uneducated and unschooled. I hope that you see this now and will call yourself something like "self educated". I mostly unschooled from age 12-today and this is the way I refer to myself.
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I was unschooled along with my brother and sister. I wouldn't have it any other way
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