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The First April Thread

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Okay, so I'm 2.5 hours early....... LOL

This is it OUR MONTH!!!!!!

I am going a little nutty. Some times I'm totally fine, patient, happy. Other moments, I'm miserable, emotional & want her to come NOW. I'm nervous that she's going to be huge (I have no idea why this is... I had the same concerns w/my dd & she was a normal size). I'm worried I'll be pregnant forever, LOL. You know....

Please tell me i'm not the only nutball in a hurry to meet their little one!
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I hear ya on the 'I'm gonna be pregnant forever' thoughts! This will be our birth month, but it could easily be 3 weeks until our birth day.

Anyone planning a 'labor' joke tomorrow??? :LOL
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Originally Posted by Headymama
Anyone planning a 'labor' joke tomorrow??? :LOL
I've totally been thinking about this! LOL Maybe I'll call my mom & tell her she has to come because I'm in labor or something, LOL. April Fools. EVEN BETTER... maybe I'll go into labor for REAL!!!!!!!!! :LOL

I'm due next Wed, so I know it can't be that long.
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I'm there with y'all . I was fine with everything until about a week ago...now I'm antsy to get her OUT! And I still have three weeks to go, lol.

My bummer news of the week is that I'm GBS+. Ick. And that's testing after two weeks of garlic supplements. We're having a (midwife-attended) hospital birth, so this means an IV for me
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Yesterday was the first day that my feet and hands were swollen at the end of the day. I also had some contractions last night that seemed more "real" than any others I've had, but they got farther apart rather than closer together and lasted for about an hour and a half. Whew....I am not ready yet!

We had a wonderful baby shower recently and now just have to fill in the gaps! Planning on doing a lot of cooking this weekend to stock pile on some staples - spaghetti sauce, etc - so don't have to do much cooking for the first few weeks at least.

Went for my weekly OB appt today and things are still shut up tightly in there, so I probably have a few more weeks at least, right? RIGHT??? :

Here's to April!
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I also just started swelling yesterday. Today is my birthday so Baby B is allowed to come out now. My doula is back in town today and that's all I wanted to wait for. :LOL My mom has a ticket booked for a couple of days after my EDD though so either right around my EDD or just after she gets here will be best. I've been right on time with my first three so I'm not too impatient yet because I have a pretty good feeling that I will be right on time not early or late. Not having cervical checks so I have no idea what's going on in there. Hard to believe it's our month already!
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Anyone actually due on the first?
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I'm due on the 2nd so feeling very anxious today! But no unusual symptoms other than a slightly upset stomach so it could still be a few days. My mom's in town now so I know ds will have some to care for him when we go to the hospital, which puts my mind at ease...
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Oh wow!! It's actually April!!!!
I hadn't had any april fool's labour thoughts...but now that you mention it! My dad in particular is a big one for practical jokes, so he might appreciate it...everyone else I think it would just put over the edge!
I bought a HUGE amount of food yesterday which I plan to cook into meals and freeze so I need at least a few more days to get that done. Plus we have our 2nd hypnobirthing session tonight... Dw is off today until Monday so we get some more time which is lovely...our car seat is installed. BUT I'm only 38 weeks and I'm guessing it will be a while yet!

: for us waiting mamas!
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I'm in a weird place because on one hand "yay it's april!" but on the other hand, "so, it's April- I'll probly be preggers through May anyway"

The guess date for us is April 25th. From 4/10 - 4/14, DH is working about an hour drive away, and he won't be getting home until late, like after midnight. So I've had a chat with baby about not arriving until after 4/14 ;-)

I've been haggling with my insurance comapny about including my midwife "in network." According to NYS law, there's a Transition of care law that says if I change insurance and was already covered by a specific health care professional, that the new insurance company has to cover that same person as if they were "in network" and that this is in effect in the second trimester. I changed insurance companies about 2 weeks before my 3rd trimester started and the company refused my transition of care claim because they said their company will only accept that if you're already in the 3rd trimester. Besides being angry about them treating health professionals like interchangeable cogs, they were clearly violating the law and telling me that the law didn't apply to them because of some ridiculous reason or another!

So I called the NYS Attorney General's office, lodged a complaint, sent them the correspondence and my notes on the many conversations I'd had with them, and finally today, I got a call from the Att Gen rep working the case telling me that the insurance company has finally complied and I'll be getting the letter next week and that it's all set up in the system. YAY! So for those having insurance issues, there is help! Don't be afraid to make a nuissance of yourself ;-)

Hope everyone is doing well!


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well, i went before the first of april, but i totally had wanted an april fools' baby!!!!! i know that would've been mean to do to a child, but i thought it would also be sooooo funny .

best of luck to everyone! i'm sending you all "going early" vibes and " fast labor" vibes. i'm sending my DH out tonight to pick up a new digital camera for us. hopefully by the end of the weekend i'll have some pics to post .

take care and have a great weekend!!!!
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Let's get this show on the road! Someone must have thrown a switch in me this week, because I went very quickly from "any day now would be fine" to "ALRIGHT ALREADY-- MOVE OUT, KID!" :LOL

I've been doing all the cervix ripening routine (not the inducers, but EPO, RRL tea, sex, pineapple), but who knows if it's doing anything. I was 1-2 cm/50% at my 36 week appointment, so it would be nice to have made some progress. I have BH contrax, but they're really not noticeable-- I only know I have them if I put my hand on my belly in the middle of one. I've had maybe 3 total that I noticed on their own. MW wants to do an internal on Monday, when I'll be 39 weeks (dd was about 1-1.5 weeks early)-- I'm hoping not to make it that far!

I even broke out the breastpump today and pumped about 1/4 oz. of colostrum (which I poured on the dog food, because I didn't have the heart to pour it out!). We're having some good, divey Mexican food tonight. Tomorrow morning, we're going on a long walk, I'm planting some flowers, and then I have an acupuncture appointment at 12:00. Surely something in all of that will shake up things, right?

Oh-- and we did take advantage of April Fool's Day today. Our poor friends and family-- we put them through an emotional roller coaster.
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Originally Posted by Stream
I have BH contrax, but they're really not noticeable-- I only know I have them if I put my hand on my belly in the middle of one.
This is how mine are. I don't really feel them start or stop, but in the middle I go, "wow, this tummy is TIGHT!" Nothing to exciting because once I sit down they go away.

DH and I are heading two hours out of town tomorrow to see a concert and spend the night in a hotel. Our last 'hurrah'! Baby can come anytime after that!!!

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: anyone remember me? anyway, i've been here all along, just hardly ever seeming to post on this thread. but i am here, waiting with the rest of you, and celebrating the babes already here. its so exciting, i find it somewhat uncomfortable. my heart rate skyrockets when i come to the april threads. not due till the 23rd.
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I wanna have my baby, too!!!! I'm trying to be patient. Not really due until May (although dh and I have been wondering about the accuracy of the u/s). I will be 37 weeks on April 24 or 25. Dh is absolutely convinced we will have this baby at then end of April. I'm hoping!!!!!
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I am SO not ready for it to be April :LOL I was so impatient with #1 and #2, but this time I am just not up to it yet. I cook them long though, so realistically I could go into May (I am due on around the 24th). I have been nesting up a storm though. Dh said he would like to stall me indefinately at 37 weeks because the house looks so dang clean (and he hasn't had to help :LOL). I even spent the day washing stuffed animals Yep, nesting alright.

I have been having contractions for weeks now and my hips feel about ready to fall apart, but other than that I feel better than I have for much of this pg. I kind of want to enjoy it for the last little bit, plus ds1 turns 4 on Thursday (YIKES!) so I need to get past the small family party, gift buying, cake making, etc.

Any one else NOT wanting to give birth any time soon?
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Well I am officially perturbed and having my first "WHERE IS MY BABY!" day even though I'm not really "due" until the 10th. I just don't know how I'm not in labor, I've been walking around since atleast Thursday morning dialated to 5 cm and started losing my plug alomost 2 weeks ago! Yesterday I took a 2 mile walk and have been cleaning floors and working in the yard all week.I know you can walk around dialated for a long time (I was at 4 with ds for 2 weeks) but still it can't be too much longer right? I was so ready last night to go into labor and thought for sure it was the night but nothing...just venting I reallly should be patient, I'm also sad because dh will be going back to work on Monday and I have so enjoyed having him around this week (it was his spring break, he's a teacher). Anyway I just feel like crying all day, but this is the first day I've felt like this in a while so I guess I shouldn't complain too much...I really want to be zen about this and let the baby come when its ready and I'm mad at myself for giving into this pressure. Hope everyone is doing alright and labor vibes for everyone who wants them.
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Labor vibes for you!

My shower is today. I'm really hoping for no drama, since two of the people there have had some tension in the past.
I have a feeling we'll be returning a lot of stuff tomorrow :LOL. I went through all the trouble to find an online registry w/ Cloth diapers, slings, etc, and no one seems to be shopping there. <sigh> Ah well, live and learn, I guess my family's not ready for web shopping yet.

Hi again sunbaby!
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I'm due on April 11th, but went almost 43 weeks with dd, so I'm not getting too excited. Could be another month for me!
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I'm sorry you're feeling down Qerratsmom. That's why I'm skipping the cervical exams. I figure if I'm dilated I'd get excited and think I was going to have the baby soon and if I'm not it would still kind of depress me so I'm just skipping them. I hope you do have the baby soon but I do know too many women who walked around very dilated for a very long time before having the baby. Just keep doing what you're doing and hopefully it will happen really soon.
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