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Originally Posted by freerangemama
Any one else NOT wanting to give birth any time soon?
There's still some organizing that needs to be done (let overs from the Spring cleaning frenzy of last week ). And there's still some HB supplies I need -- like the new garden hose! Not to mention stocking on food & drinks for labor and after. But I won't be able to get to most of this until next Friday when the paychecks come in. So no baby arrival until these loose ends have been taken care of! :LOL

Not to mention that we had a chat and I'm fine with birth happening any time starting with April 19th and after. I'd love to have a Taurus baby, since I'm also a Taurus. I know, silly. A full moon baby around the 24th would be really cool -- I was one.

Qerratsmom- You ask for it now, but just remember how busy you're going to be once it all happens! I know it's hard to wait, but try and take some advantage of these last few days you have (the 10th really isn't that far off!) I'm with wasabi -- my MW leaves internal checks up to me, unless there's a problem. I know me, if I get it checked, then I'll just be consumed with how I'm progressing. It would just be better to not know.

liawbh- My "surprise" baby shower is tomorrow. My cousin's fiancee was trying really hard to make it a surprise, but one of the guests called me to confirm some info. So much for that. But I'm not aware of who's invited or what exactly is going to happen. Not to mention dh is suppose to be there but he's already making excuses that dd will get in the way so he'd better take her out (how about all those other Sundays I ask him to do that? : ) Hopefully it'll all be low key. I also made a registry that no one is actually taking any advantage of. Why didn't I learn from my wedding registry how useless this is?

Oh yes, and then there's work. Why do women from other departments whom I rarely talk to feel compelled to come up to me and ask, "So you really are planning to work until the 15th?" or "Do you really think you'll make it to the 15th?" (My edd is the 17th.) Well, yes and thank you very much for doubting my innate abilities! : Of course, I haven't really told many that I'm planning a waterbirth at home, which would probably just adde to their disbelief of my sanity. I just assumed that with the few who knew it would spread. Anyway, now I feel very compelled to prove to them that just because I'm working so close to the date doesn't mean I'm going to spontaneously crown and birth at work. But if this wants to come sooner, then that's entirely up to her or him. Obviously, I won't be coming to work that day, or if it should happen while at work then I'll be going home.

Anyone else seen these? I'm thinking of getting one if no one gets one for me: www.birthbeads.com. They look so cool!
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A full moon baby around the 24th would be really cool -- I was one.
I am hoping for another full moon baby too! I was a full moon birth and so were my boys!! I thought it would be cool if this one was as well.

Of course today I feel really early-laborish though, so who knows what will happen. I doubt these contrax will lead to anything, but I am trying to prepare myself JIC I would prefer to wait (as though I have a say in the matter :LOL).
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I thought things were happening last night.... but I'm still here, LOL. We were at a b-day party for my nieces & I was feeling so sick to my stomach. I was also having ctx, but nothing painful or regular. I was also having intestinal cramps & just felt basically blech. So, then I was thinking... oh maybe this is the start of something. But, nope. I'm better this morning...... maybe later, LOL. This waiting is hard, LOL. I can't wait to meet our little girl. I'm also so hormonal & emotional, I'm driving myself crazy, LOL.
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I'm not at where most of you mamas seem to be (minus FreeRange and heket)! . . .but my due date is ??? I have no idea. According to my O date and the u/s, it should be 4/22, but the MWs have me at 4/29 (they ignored my O date and went by my last cycle date). I went almost 2 weeks early with DD (which means next Monday would be the day), but I felt cramps, I THINK, by this point . . .so I have no illusions that it will be in the middle of April-- I'm thinking late this time.

I'm just not ready. I haven't sewn my cover for the Amby hammock (to prevent what happened to another mama's DC here) and my latest sling purchase hasn't arrived. I haven't read too much of my birthing books. We have no clothes upstairs. I need some diaper covers for when the umbilical stump is still on. Oh, and we STILL haven't decided on a name for a girl. Actually, we don't even talk about it! I have only one old nursing bra. No cloth nursing pads. No extra sheets for the hammock.

I think I'm in disbelief.

Anyway, I love reading about the excitement and urgency from you other mamas!!!! I am hoping for speedy labor vibes for those ready to be done, as well as beautiful labors and deliveries. I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you!!!!
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I'm there with you Miz, and FRM & Heket, I've got plenty fo time. I'm still waiting for my birth pool and birth kit to show up. We switched to a homebirth at 36 weeks and got right to work ordering everything, but I'm 38 this week and some still hasn't come.

I did get the babies stuff all ready though, it feels so good to open that top draw and see all teh clothes and blankets folded neatly and put away. All ready for their little owner. And the birth stuff I do have it all labelled and put away in the birth room.

This baby is different from the last two- by now all I got was a butt out and not a lot of movement. This baby still rotates around (butt out or feet out) and kicks and moves like she is a little one. She has to be smaller to have enough room, I don't know- we'll see. Then again she is dropped further than my last two so that would open up some space.

I am anxious to meet this little one, but at the same time I am enjoying nesting and feel like I have some more to do before I'm ready to meet her (or him).
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Rainbow--those are gorgeous belly pics!!! Wow!!
I will post a link to our new site: cado.aboutmybaby.com where you can see my belly shots and lots of other photos of our preparations!

The 24th is the full moon, eh? I could definitely see us having this baby around then. Dw would (finally!) be finished her teaching practicum, and that would put me 10 days past the EDD, just enough time to not require too many interventions (we are strongly encouraged to get an ultrasound at 10 days past edd). After my first week of mat leave, though I am feeling much more ready psychologically for this little one to arrive, and this next step to take place. Mostly though I'm feeling pretty peaceful & relaxed and enjoying this time. (and I still haven't done our taxes :roll )

We had our second hypnobirthing session on Friday night, and it was much better than the first, less info about birth which we already knew, and more practice of the techniques. Now I just have to convince dw to keep on practicing them....she's pretty stressed about school.

We have our home visit today from our midwife which I'm really looking fwd to, as she has been away for 5 weeks...glad she made it back before our baby came . Just like wasabi says, I don't plan to get checked, as it seems that doesn't really give a lot of very precise info. Though I look forward to more info about the position of this little baby...
I will go today to pick up a few more last minute supplies (old towels & sheets, vinyl tablecloth covers).
Had brunch yesterday with some other lesbian mamas in our area, some new ones we haven't yet met--they were very nice & welcoming, there was one other expectant couple there. One of them shared her very empowering & positive homebirth story, which was great.

Anyway, enough blah: about us.

Miz-sounds like you are getting there.....slowly...enjoy your preparations and time as a family of 3...

ctdoula and Qerrats mom hang in there!

Lia & Heket, I hope your showers were great! I hear you about ignoring the registries...we got a few things, but nothing from our AP/CD registry, so we are making it up ourselves. Although at least we got some gift certificates which is cool!

not really getting the watched pot feeling....too much yet....though family and friends do seem to be checking in a bit more often But I appreciate that, for now!
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Sorry about the rant on Saturday. I'm feeling better now, although It was sad to see my mom leave and dh go back to work today especially since ds seems to have come down with fifth's disease and although it shouldn't be serious, he is extremely cranky and had about 500 tantrums today! Now I am wondering how I will ever manage two! I'm trying to remain patient about the birth and really do not want to go to my next doc appointment on Tuesday.What can he really say or do? Anyway I'm sending out peaceful preparation and/or labor vibes to all the mamas and thanking you all again for the support throughout this pregnancy
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Just got back from the MW appt. and am happy with the news . . .I'm 3 cm and 50%! She was able to touch the head, too. I know that this means nothing in terms of when the baby will actually be born (and I'm OK with waiting as my actual due date is either 4/22 or 4/29). However, I am SO thankful that getting to 3 was so painless . . .I had a natural birth with DD and really, really, really wanted another with this one. So, I'm feeling encouraged!

Rainbow: I love your pictures! They are so precious! Did you get them professionally done?

Jesse: Please tell your DW that I'm thinking of her (and sending her peaceful vibes) while she gets through this last stretch of her practicum . . .I'm sure she just wants to be DONE. It's good that at least you are on leave now!

Also, I'd love to hear in detail how the hypnobirthing goes when your baby decides to come out. I wish I'd done something like that! I'll have to check your pics, too!

Qerratsmom: So sorry about your DS! I don't know much about fifth's . . .I'm glad to hear it's not too serious (other than the tantrums)!
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Q- I'm so sorry to hear about ds' Fifth's Disease. Dd has been having some temper tantrum issues too, but they're only related to her emotional developmental. Come by and vent with us anytime -- I especially know what that's like!

Miz- that's great! I know what you mean. With dd, I had contractions all day, then I thought was my water bag broke in the evening (it turns out I had 2 ), so by the time I got to the hospital I was still only 1-2cm dilated. I stalled at 4 from the constant nurse and CNM badgering. I'm really hoping this time will be much different.

The shower was lovely. Turns out my girlfriends wanted to have a tea party/ mother blessing. Since the weather was nice we did it outside. Most of us have no tea training or etiquette, so it was a lot of fun watching us be silly (we felt like a pack of 8 year olds. All that was missing were the large hats.) I got dh to stick around and my cousin, so it was really fun watching the guys too. :LOL What was really cool was they had collected some river rocks from the local mountains and everyone wrote a short inspiring message for me to meditate on during labor. Then they got silly and wrote a couple just in case I decided to chuck them at dh instead (like "Duck!" or "Blame Dh." :LOL). They were put into a basket for me and I'll probably keep them with the other birthing supplies. They had also woven cords to use for the bracelets we are all wearing until the big day. That was a great moment and hearing everyon vocalize their wishes was really nice.

Now I'm down to putting the last of the clothing away, getting the baby's stuff washed and away, maintaining housework, and getting those last HB supplies. I can't believe next week will be my last week of work! Where did this pregnancy go?....
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Well, the shower went much more smoothly than I feared. And we didn't end up with too much useless stuff - actually some great clothes (only one sports shirt in the batch :LOL). My dad and stepmom came over yesterday, and they are buying the crib for us. We also got some money that we can use to buy a glider rocking chair!

I finally packed the labor bag and the diaper bag.
Nesting has definately set in. I hardly sat at all this weekend, except at the actual shower, as I kept finding things to clean, baby stuff to wash, or rooms to declutter.

Anyone else have insomnia? I woke up at 3:45 AM
I have a feeling getting so much done is going to backfire, and make me really impatient.
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Ugh I am so over being pg. I am just so uncomfortable at this point that I feel like labor would be a relief. :LOL My DD is also driving me crazy with tantrums so I feel your pain on that Kyra and Nissa.

Last night I thought maybe something might be starting because my Bh became more uncomfortable and I had lots of low cramping and five bouts of diarrhea but no nothing. *sigh*
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I am glad I am not the only one who isn't rushing to have this pg done I am usually so impatient toward the end that I am really enjoying how different I feel this time. I CAN'T give birth till after Sunday anyway as ds1 turns 4 on Thursday and his party is on Sunday. Dh starts his 4 shifts on Thurs and we can't do any present shopping until Saturday.

Its good to hear the mother blessings and showers are going okay (and better than expected) though it sucks that people are ignoring the registries. I had a shower with my 1st and everyone was so convinced that I would soon learn how WRONG I was in not wanting bottles, a swing, and a bunch of gadgets. Of course I ended up with a swing, a playpen, and a bunch of other stuff I never used and ended up lending out or selling. At least by the second and third no one even bothers getting gifts at all :LOL

Sorry to hear about all the sick and tantruming kiddos My boys are both feeling out of sorts lately too. It must be in response to the sense of things changing so much for them.

I am feeling more laborish every day now. I am so excited and energized about it. We spent the afternoon down at the river and it felt really good just to spend some time in nature. I found some amazing rocks and gemstones that I will polish up and a really great walking stick that I want to carve with some sort of design that feels significant for this baby. Keepsakes I feel so earthy and mama-powerful these last few days so I must be getting close!

I am looking forward to see what the next few weeks holds for all of us and I am keeping you mamas in my thoughts. I am also so excited for those who have already birthed
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I'm so ready to have my baby. I'm tired. But now is not a good time, for a few reasons. I'm only 34 weeks. That's a big one. Better keep her in there until 37 at least. But also, ds and I are sick. We have a virus. Diahrea and today he started puking. He hasn't kept anything down all day. And of course dd woke him up just after he fell asleep, so not much of a nap. I was so beyond exhausted and frusterated (I can only take being puked on so many times) that dh came home from work early. It was so nice. Sam and i took a nap while dh made dinner. He's the best. I'm so tired of being sick. Sam just got over bronchitis and now this. But hopefully he will have it all out of his system by the time Madalyn arrives.
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wan2bemama- thanks! What a belly! I *LOVE* that full, ready belly look! Glad the hypnoclass was better. When our last midwife offered it she did say that since it is our third we'd be better off going to the 2nd session only. Sounds like you're getting all ready. We need to buy an attachment to go from the hose to the sink and then we'll be pretty much ready. The birth kit came yesterday. Well, and the dang pool hasn't come in the mail yet : Any day now. It feels nice to see it all organized and ready and waiting!

Qerratsmom- sorry about 5ths... that sucks, especially right now. My kids just passed a virus through, I comforted myself by assumign we're done for awhile and can enjoy the new baby without illness spreading. We'll see.

Miz, thanks... no- actually I took them myself I am way to cheap to pay others to take pictures of what I can take myself. LOL. With my last pregnacy I bought a foot trigger and it has proven useful.
Sounds like your progress is amazing, makes me want to ask the midwife to check me. If I didn't hate internal exams so much I would. The progress is encouraging I'm sure!

Heket- sounds like a lovely shower! What a great bunch of friends to have!

liawbh- glad the shower went well. no insomnia, when the kids wake me up in the morning I feel let down that it is morning already. :LOL Nesting is great, it is nice to enjoy cleaning and preparing!
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Rainbow- that's a good way to look at it, hopefully this virus will be the last for awhile.

Seren-hope everyone starts feeling better, puking kids are no fun

freerangemama-Don't you just love that earthy mama feel? Its the thing I'm really trying to enjoy these last few days/weeks of pregnancy, especially since it may be my last (although that makes me too sad to admit)

heket and liabh-glad the mother-blessings/showers were so nice.

Miz- congrats on getting to 3! I've been at 5 since last Thursday and have an appointment in about an hour. I don't really want him to check me again because i realize it doesn't really mean anything and everyone will be calling today about my progression and "when's the baby coming..yada yada" will happen and its getting irritating but I probably won't be able to stop myself from asking to be checked since I'm just so darn curious!
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wasabi-I was having the cramping and strong BHx this morning. My last labor went so fast that I'm so worried this time I won't have time to get ds squared away, dh home from work, get my mom over here etc. before the baby comes! Every little cramp or pain sends me wondering if I should start calling people. ITs driving me crazy!
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Ugh that must be hard. See I wonder about all the prelabor stuff but I know I'll know when I actually hit labor and I always labor slowly so I know I have nothing to worry about. Still though each pg I hope maybe this will be my fast labor that will sneak up on me. :LOL This is why I'm refusing cervical checks.
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Well, just came back from the MW's. After weeks of this baby being in the LOA position, it seems it's suddenly decided to go ROA. : So no more couch sitting and it's off to www.spinningbabies.com to make sure we get this corrected. My MW also suggested that I see a chiropractor to make sure my hips are properly aligned, since having a toddler around will tend to offset them (the carrying and all). I'd love to but...

Dh's work situation is pretty shaky right now. We're not sure if (a) he will have a job after next week and (b) if he does, where exactly he'll be working. He's not really happy about the current location he's at and the owner he works in tangent with (and I'm trying to say it really nicely -- basically he's said that whether or not they'd keep him he'll probably leave because it's driving him nuts.) My last day of work is next Friday. I work part time. With only limited hours of vacation and personal time left, I'm expecting to receive a paycheck through mid-May. If dh goes unemployed, I don't know how we're going to make any ends meet until I get back to work.

It feels like just as things start to go ok, something comes along and throws it all up in the air....
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Sorry to hear about your stresses HEket, what a bad time for it to happen. I know too well what job insecurity is like, but just remember things usually have a way of working out.
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I have another online friend who is really big on knowing what position her baby is in and mine never mention it. Is it really that big of a deal? Mine is on a different side almost every single week. I have been thinking of trying a chiro though because my back pain is getting so bad and is so localized I'm thinking it might be due to a problem with my back or hips.
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