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Congratulations sarajane- you made it through and you and your husband have a beautiful baby, and that is so wonderful. Neveah is a beautiful name.

I am so sorry that your birth was so difficult for you and for your husband. I hope you are healing well, physically and emotionally. How is your husband?
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Originally Posted by wan2bemama
I have to change my signature and my member name.....
Was wondering if you were going to change your member name?!?!?!
How about "imamamanow"

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Just a quick note to say that our big 12 pound, 8 ounce girl has been named Sasha and here is a picture of her.
Her big sisters (Malia & Eliana) are completely in love with her!
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Hey everyone,

Instead of baby arriving this weekend, Sprout decided to turn breech after being engaged for 6 weeks and head down the entire pregnancy. It's not fun to have baby turn breech on the EDD. I was emotional all weekend before even discovering what had happened. I knew something was wrong- there was too much movement. I thought the pubic bone pain I'd been feeling was just things getting ready for baby to come out, but it was baby disengaging.

We're planning a honebirth and now my mother is freaking out and blasting me with her horrible negative nervous energy. It's taking a whole lot for me to keep up my sheilds against this energy vampire while I do everything I can to help get baby back into position. Saw my chiropractor today who said my sacrum had been "a mile out of place" before she adjusted it and I did a session with my hypnotherapist and I'm going to the chiro again tomorrow, doing knee-to-chest exercises, etc etc (even pondering using the bag of frozen veggies trick lol).

I feel like I did something wrong. I feel so guilty for pressuring baby to arrive on the EDD. It was just a stupid date stuck in my head and by the time the actual date arrived, I had let it go.

I'd appreciate it if everyone would send me some serious head-down vibes. My husband has been amazing and supportive and I'm feeling much better and confident, but I'd still like some help from all the mammas out here. I haven't posted a whole lot, but I've read every message and come to this site at least 5 times a day. I've found such strength in reading everyones stories.


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I'm sending everything I have your way. Don't forget to talk to your baby and tell them where you need them to be and why. I can imagine the stress this would cause and i'm going to keep you in my thoughts.
Acupuncture/pressure ould be good to, there is a spot on your little toe you can tape a grain of rice to.
I hope your baby turns very soon!
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Thanks so much Rainbow

We've been chatting... Wow, my camomile tea just kicked in. That large mug just saved everyone from another ramble

I hope everyone gets some good rest tonight!


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Rainbow: Your DD is beautiful and I LOVE that name . . .I had some Sasha Dolls growing up and always the name.

Boof: Ack, what a surprise Can you get away from your mom? She sounds like the last thing you need! And you KNOW you did nothing wrong-- on the contrary, you're doing everything right.

I do know people who have had success turning the baby just through specific exercises that they did on their own. This is a hopeful situation! My mantra will be "Turn, baby turn!"

sarajane: Congrats on your daughter and what a pretty name! I'm sorry your birth experience was so unexpected . . .I hope you know that it's OK to want to talk about it (repeatedly!) and that you need to do so. This is true even if you had a peaceful experience, but vital if you did not.

Lia: Congratulations! Evan is one of my fav. boy names! I'm so glad he's home with you now . . .and try to rest even if that means begging for help!

Thanks again, mamas, for the BF support. This whole thing has caught me off guard since BF seemed to be going SO well. I feel better about it, though, since everything (other than the weight gain) is fine. Perfect latch, no soreness. very good pee/poo output, periods of being alert, etc. I worried she wasn't getting hindmilk but I read that yellow poo (which is plentiful with herl! means she's getting it. So, I'm going to keep getting her weight checked w/o stressing too much.
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Oh boof, I hope your baby turns! Good luck with everything.

Congratulations sarajane- you made it through and you and your husband have a beautiful baby, and that is so wonderful. Neveah is a beautiful name.

I am so sorry that your birth was so difficult for you and for your husband. I hope you are healing well, physically and emotionally. How is your husband?
Husband is ok, he still starts to cry when he thinks of it. He sat me down and asked me about it yesterday, said it bothered him I hadn't talked of it much. He was worried I was keeping things from him. Said he wouldn't blame me if I never wanted to try natural birth again, the whole thing really shook him up.

I'm alright about it. This is what happened, can't change it. I am mostly sad when I think of how I didn't get to see her right away, how I wasn't there for her when she was born, how hard it was to wait, everyone else got to hold her and see her before I did....that was tough. I cried about that alot, I cried when I saw her.....so strange to wake up with my baby gone and be told she is "having her vitals taken, you'll have to wait". Waking up in pain with an oxygen mask being shoved in my face. Thankfully my arms were free and I shoved back, I kept telling them I couldn't take a breath with the mask on, I kept choking, they kept shoving anyway, my stomach burned like fire and my baby was gone....I ached for her so badly.

Hubby was great at the hospital. When the nurse brought her I was vaguely aware of her trying to shove papers in my face to tell me some things but hubby told her to please wait seeing as I hadn't seen my baby yet. She got all mad and said how important the papers were, needless to say he made her leave. Huh, papers more important than seeing my baby for the first time...

Anyway, okay. I should write my birth story soon, that will help me get it all out.

Thanks for listening. Good luck to all the remaining April mommies! And even if things don't go just right, it is so worth it when it is all finished.
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I am glad your dh can talk with you about it- not all men can! I am sure he was scared to death for both of you, my dh was and we had a walk in the park compared to the battle you three went through! It was hard watching him go through that.

"my stomach burned like fire and my baby was gone...."

that line makes me cry too.


huge turning thoughts from me- you didn't wish your baby out of position! this is just the way it is happening for you too- have faith and ride it out- you didn't cause this- imho, it is far beyond our power to truly plan our births, we prepare and do all we can to be strong and ready, the rest is not in our hands.
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First of all congrats to all the new moms! Sara, I hope you are recovering well and please, as others have suggested, feel free to talk about your feelings. I didn't have a c-section with my first, but it was still very traumatic for me and dh.
Boof- sending out turning vibes!

I've started having some issues with bfing. Eileen doesn't seem to be always taking the whole nipple down her throat, its like she's just folding my nipple in her mouth. I think its what's causing her to be so burpy. At night especially she seems to have a hard time latching properly and it takes an hour between feedings to get all the gas out. Her poo has been sort of greenish, is that ok? She also has some mega diaper rash (I"m using cloth). I'm using calendua on it but it keeps coming back.

I'm also totaaly stressed out. dh is probably losing he job. Its hard especially since we just moved here, just bought a house, etc. Now I have an interview for a full time position tomorrow. I hope i dont get the job, honestly but i feel that i have to atleast try for it. the thought of leaving my kids sends me sobbing even though dh would be home wth them. the job starts in august so my baby would be about 4 mo, but i can't stand thinking about it. (i'm crying as i type). its all just bad timing after just having had a baby.
just last week i was thinking about how nice my life was and how i was so enjoying my kids. my dh, etc. now everything is upside down.
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sarajane: Your DH sounds amazing. And I do think you should write your birth story. I will definitely read it isf you choose to share it. Birthing From Within has some art exercises that you may find healing.

Kyra: Oh, mama, I'm so sorry about your DH's job! DH was out of work for 8 months-- we even put off TTC because of it. It is always in the back of my mind that he'll get laid off again and I'll have to go back to work. I am really, really hoping your DH keeps it or finds another one fast!

As far as green poo . . .I dunno. I looked it up in Sears' The Baby Book and he says it should go from sticky black (the meconium) to green to brown in the 1st week. After that, the yellow, seedy mustard color is a sign that the baby is getting enough hindmilk (and should have these at least 2-3 Xs daily). DD usually has yellow poo, but does get green poo once in a while though, and the ped said it was fine.
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Sarajane, I hope you write more about your experience- it was incredible powerful to read.
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Sleeping baby in my arms, so excuse the typos!

Sarajane - Hugs to you. I have had all 3 of my girls by c-sec, so I understand some of what you are feeling . My first, everyone else got to hold the baby before I saw her and that was one of the worst things and was very hard for me. I made sure on my other two, that I got to see and hold her and dh and I spent as much time as we wanted beofre we called family to come. You should come over and visit the c-section support thread (in the birth and beyond? forum).

Beth (Boof) - my april baby was breech too. I will send big turning vibes to you.

Mizelenius - glad everything is going better for you.

Kyra - I am so sorry about your dh. I hope everything turns out for the best for your family.

Congrats to all the new mommas (I would name you, but I am afraid I would miss some )

We are doing well around here. DD#1 started T-ball this week. It is so funny to watch them play. We went to see the Wiggles LIVE last night, my girls loved it. THey were so funny, you can tell those guys have a lot of fun.

I am walking a big road race this weekend (7 miles). I think I am crazy!

Have a great Weekend!
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Hi all,

Not a lot of time right now as we're still adjusting to the new baby, but just wanted to report that Dmitri arrived safely at home last Friday and everything is going really well. Nipples are sore but healing, and we've got the breastfeeding figured out. He's also loving the sling, so I'm looking forward to more hands-free time! It's funny how his yellowish bf poops make me so happy. Joe has been a tremendous help. He's wearing him in the sling right now.

Boof, I'm sending out huge turning vibes to you!

Sarajane, it sounds like you're being really strong through this whole experience. I'm so glad that you have a dh who can talk it out with you.

Kyra, so sorry your situation is stressful right now! I'm thinking of you and hoping the pressure decreases soon.

And congratulations to all the new mamas!
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Boof - definitely sending some good flippin' vibes your way!!! Our little girl was breech until about 3 weeks before due date, I felt the same way, like I had done something wrong or that somehow my body had let me down. We opted for an external version, which was successful, but I also tried all the other stuff, ice packs, exercises, and was considering chiropractic or accupuncture if the version did not work. I was able to get her about 1/2 way around using gravity and some ice, so give that a try!

BIG to you and keep us posted. Hope everything TURNS
out OK.
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Kyra, I'm right there with you on the breastfeeding thing. My nipples are sore and she feeds tons. Same thing with the nipple not being placed right, don't know why but it hurts. Good luck with the job, hope it turns out for the best for you.

Thanks to everyone for the kinds words. I hope to have a chance to type that story up soon. I just wanted to drop in and say hi and see how everyone else is doing. This is the first time I have had today to do something that didn't have to do with Neveah, she is awesome but wearing me out today. Gotta go eat dinner while I still can! Talk to yall soon.
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Mamas with sore nipples . . .I don't buy what LLL says in that Bf should be painless . . .I KNOW DD2 was doing it right from the start but I still had some soreness the first few days. As my MW says, you have to judge how bad the pain is. Is it just discomfort or pain? If it's pain, BREAK THE LATCH (even if it took you 20 minutes to get DC on!) and do it again. Trust me!

Anyway, if it's pain that lasts through the nursing session (not just the initial latch on-- that's normal for many women) I highly recommend these video clips , esp. the ones concerning latching on. You might try a football hold, too, since you can sometimes see what's going on better.
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Haven't had a chance to read all the posts. Hope all is well with everyone. Here is my update. Had my u/s and non stress test today. Baby's back is on my tummy, facing my back, so that's good. And her estimated weight is 7 lb 8 oz. The u/s tech said give or take a lb. I can handle that. Much better than the 10lbs I was afraid of. And everything else checked out good. So just waiting for her to make her appearance.
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Originally Posted by Mizelenius
Mamas with sore nipples . . .I don't buy what LLL says in that Bf should be painless .
I totally agree!!

i think much of the bfing literature tends to oversimplify things which led to my feeling very imcompetant and frustrated with both dds. thankfully, i saw a LC who didn't tell me i had a "bad latch" but actually tried to get to the root of the problem. turns out dd#2 has a short tongue and doesn't suck properly. we're working on it. things have improved here at 4 weeks, but now i have milk blisters on both nipples. feels like someone is stabbing a needle into my nipple when she latches on. ugh.

i'd recommend that if you are having soreness, and you think your baby is latching on right, go see a LC. it's worth the money!
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I have an interview today and am FREAKING OUT! For one thing I"m going to have trouble sounding competent with my lack of sleep and emotional overload. Also I have to leave my baby for the first time (its only an hour, but still). I don't have any bottles for her, I just hope she doesn't get hungry. I just feel horrible, plus I'm feeling so stressed and gloomy that I've stuck ds in front of the tv all morning and I forgot to post that yesterday was his birthday. He's 3! I wanted to announce it and forgot. I feel like such a bad mom right now. Happy Birthday Jack!

eileen still has a horrible rash which I think may be a yeast infection and we are having some bfing issues but it seems the least of my worries right now. sorry for this gloomy rant.
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