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Just got back from another round with my acupuncturist. Have been having pms type cramps yesterday and some today and some good contractions, but then everything fizzles out again.

I get very nervous every time I feel baby move on my right side where I'm sore from the ecv cuz I'm afraid baby will flip again. Must relax! I got like 6 straight hours of sleep last night and when I woke with a start, I was all upset that I hadn't gone to the bathroom all night and that wasn't right. Damn, someone stop me from turning into my mother!!!

I took a long walk today to the new organic grocery store that opened nearby (mainly cuz I was hankering for an avocado). Now, after the walk and the session and the worry, I'm wiped out. But when I'm up and walking, the contractions come on stronger. So do I nap or walk? I'm a Libra and lately I _really_ can't decide anything.

Okie, I've rambled on, that means I'm tired. Better to be rested!


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I hope all those other April babies come soon! Good luck to all of you.

Beth, I would walk then nap.
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Oh Boof, how stressful that must be!

Personally, I never had luck with walking getting real labor going but it would get false contractions (which I didn't need) going- so I gave up on walking and took napping, we need all the rest and sleep we can get before labor. When real labor finally came this time, the first two contractions came while I was putting my oldest two to sleep- just laying there.

So my vote is walk as much as you would otherwise, but nap plenty :LOL
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Boof- Labor vibes to you!! How hard it must be for to still be waiting! Is there anyone else we are waiting for? I've lost track a little.

I am officially EXHAUSTED! Eileen is still stuffy so not much sleep for a sick mama! DS has been begging to nurse every chance he gets since he is also sick. I'm setting some limits on him which I feel bad about since he's sick but my milk supply is not what it should be and I worry the baby isn't going to get enough.

I'm also very irked : I found out that mil and sil, who were here this last weekend, complained to dh that I wasn't doing enough around the house!!! (Hello!! Just had a baby 3 weeks prior! )They also criticized our parenting style with ds. Luckily my dh is wonderful and really stood up for me and our way of life.

sorry to vent here about this stuff when I know there are important things (like people waiting to give birth !) MOre labor vibes to anyone who needs them...lets meet those babies! Don't they realize its May already :LOL !
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I can't believe my babe is five weeks old today- he has actually outgrown one oufit and most of his newborn dipes. I put some away yesterday.

Tried to take an infant massage class with dh last night- babe screamed so long no matter what I did that we left, I was really sad about it. Looking forward to doing something with dh that was new, talking to grownups that had babies, you know? Ended up alone with babe nursing in someone elses kitchen. We will try again tonight- there is a LLL meeting at 8 PM.

Happy strong birthing vibes to those who are waiting, our babes will be different signs even though we all had April due dates!
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Thanks for the birthing vibes and advice I'm still sitting here waiting, as patiently as I can. I need some distraction! When I walk, I feel things moving, some cervix action, some contractions- but I agree that they might just be the BH kind brought on by activity since I've gotten them when walking too much since December! I'm gonna try to get as much rest as I can.

Last night after posting I caught about a half hour nap before DH got home. I wound up munching some food, he and I chatted, had some snug time, took care of a few things around the house, then got in bed early and put on my favorite movie- The Princess Bride and got about halfway through it before deciding to go to sleep. Slept from about 1:30 - 6:30 when I got up to use the bathroom. Felt a little freaked about baby's position. Again. Can't tell if Sprout is Posterior or not. So I did some nice deep breathing, had a chat with Sprout and with DH spooning me got back to sleep. He and I chatted for a while about stuff which was nice. He's taking the day off from work tomorrow to go to my MW apt with me.

I'm kind of anxious about tomorrow- it's 05/05/05 and I've joked this whole pregnancy that It'd be cool if Sprout arrived 10 days past the EDD on that date. So I'm trying to get out of my own and Sprout's way and let things happen as they're supposed to and not according to some calendar number. It's just getting hard to trust my instincts now.

Wow, I always feel better after a ramble hehe

Hope everyone is doing well and thinking maybe we should start a "May" thread ;-)


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No, no baby yet! But I'm dialated to a two, well a bit more. She can stretch me to a 3. I'm not sure exactly what she was doing, but she kept her fingers in there. There was some pressure like she was just checking me over and over. She said she was just trying to get me to release some hormones. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I'm 70% effaced. Someone said egglant can help you go into labor, so I bought some. Looking for some yummy recipes online for what to make for dinner. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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