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Congratulations, Qerratsmom! Nice name too.

Well, 5 days till due date for me and wishing she would come tonight. I just can't wait. Maybe it is because she is my first I am being so impatient. I started taking EPO orally and should start taking it vaginally. I will tonight. I guess I just wanted to know more about it first.

My thoughts on it are that it is like any vitamin I would take and not an intervention. I mean, I take iron and other vitamins while I am pregnant. Things that are good for me that my body needs. Especially things I don't get enough of from the food I eat. Food these days has so much junk in it that I figure my body needs the extra help. I guess to me vitamins and supplements are more like food and water, our bodies just need it.
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Congrats Kyra! : and welcome to your beautiful little girl!!

sarajane, I'm with you in more ways than one! My EDD is April 14th, and it's also my first, and it's getting close! I'm really trying not to get too impatient, but after feeling pretty great this whole pg, I'm starting to get sore & tired. I've been trying EPO since Monday.... both orally & as a supp
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Congrats Kyra.

Forgot to mention that I've been having the whole body cleaning itself out thing since Sunday but it doesn't seem to be accomplishing anything. Hopefully it will mean more for those going through it now.
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Congrats Kyra!!!
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Darn double post :LOL
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Congratulations, Kyra

Another mama has gone...Saharamama!
This was posted in Diapering, copied from another board:

"Our new baby boy named Skylar was born April 6 at 8:58 AM (yahooo for
me). He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz. He was born at home but had to be
transferred to the hospital which is where he and Jessi are now. He's
stable with pneumonia and we're hoping they'll be home within a week.

Please let everyone know where Jessi is should they ask.

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Congratulations, Kyra! I like the name you chose!

No baby here yet - that was a huge false alarm on Tuesday night. : At least we didn't fill the pool or call the midwife, I guess... but I did run off at the mouth and tell most of my friends that the baby was coming. Oh well. Maybe he'll pick this weekend - my sister is coming to visit and will be available to take care of DD if we need her to. Maybe that's all we're waiting on. Who knows. DD came about 5 days after her due date, and it looks like this guy's going to hang on at least that long. *Sigh*

I hope everyone else is comfortable and progressing toward labor and birth at a good rate!

Must feed the toddler...
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Qerattsmom, congratulations on the arrival of Eileen!
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Zanymom just popped too!

Ack, all these births...I wanna meet my girl! lol
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to all the new babies!!! I look forward to reading all the birth stories!

Susan, sarajane, and Jesse . . .you need to do something REALLY fun. Something that will be hard to do post-baby . . .hmm. My pick would be karaoke! I really miss doing that!

I feel like nothing is going here-- can't even believe I actually am dialated/effaced. I still think the baby will come out on time and not early-- maybe even late! It's OK, though. For some odd reason I don't have the same bad pelvic pain that I did with DD, so other than just being tired and not being able to bend over easily, I'm doing well.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR MONDAY, though. CAN'T WAIT! Can you tell I'm excited? :LOL That's when my oral exam (the LAST part of my master's) is scheduled for and I am just thrilled to be done.

Jesse, when is DW done with her practicum?
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My Sprout isn't "due" until April 25th. I can't decide if I'm hoping to go late or not lol

DH will be working about an hour away Sunday, Monday, Tues and Weds and won't be getting home till late. I'm really : that he insists on taking the train when my mom has offered him use of our car. He just doesn't get that if I call him to say baby is coming now, he needs to leave immediately and get home, not wait for some off peak train to take him into nyc then catch the subway home. : : :

Early on in this pg I was really nervous about keeping baby in long enough. It really stressed me out. I'm starting to feel that same stress again because DH is going to be that much farther away all week (he works 15 mins from home normally) and won't be getting home till around midnight.

Sprout and I have chatted about this, and hopefully Sprout understands that I'd really appreciate it if we could stay put for at least 6 more days. ;-)

On one hand, I'd love for Sprout to arrive a bit early (After April 14th lol) that way we could go to all of the Beltane celebrations on Apr 30th and May 1st. On the other hand, It'd be really cool if Sprout arrived on 05/05/05.

I've probably said all this here before, but I'm in a mood today hehe

Happy stay-put or come-out vibes to those who want them!


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Haven't had time to write the birth story yet but wanted to say that I am in Babymoon bliss. Totally in love
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I am still repeating the chant "Not till after Sunday, not till after Sunday". It is my oldest's 4th birthday party (his birthday was last Thurs) tomorrow and I am really glad that this baby has not decided to be early. I have too much to do yet, I need to make a cake replica of the Eiffel Tower :LOL

The baby IS engaged though. I have NEVER been engaged before mid-labor before, so this is a new (and uncomfortable) feeling. Lots of contractions and mucous and a ton of cleaning and nesting though. I can't decide if I think I will be in prelabor for weeks or actually go early. I am so enjoying these last few weeks though, it has been nice.

I hope everyone else is well, and congratulations again to all the new mamas and babies. I look forward to hearing about some more births soon
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He's here!

Hi all!
Just real quick. Jayme Phoenix was born Friday night, 9:15pm (pst). UNASSISTED & CAUGHT BY DADDY! (my mw was late) He's a perfect, 8.5 lb, 21 in. boy. Born at home, in the H20. Will try to post story soon.

Congrats to the other new moms & babies!

Hang in there mamas! They'll all be coming home soon.
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How beautiful, Nissa!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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Oh wow!!!! All these babies!!! And my coworker (due the day after us) just had hers too!!

So exciting!!! :

Congrats Nissa!! I can't wait to hear more about your birth!!

And congrats to Zanymom & Saharamama too!!!

Nothing much happening here, but we are having a fun weekend....sleeping in, eating breakfast at noon, going out with friends....taking advantage of these last few days (weeks?) At least I slept better last night. The night before my hips were so sore that I was turning every hour (I told dw in the morning that I felt like a rotisserie chicken).
We see our mw again tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting a bp check again, as my ankles have been pretty puffy, and I want to make sure everything is OK. In the meantime, lots of cervix stretching feelings (ouch!) which are hopefully a good sign too.

Miz-thanks for asking DW's practicum finishes on Apr. 22nd. But if this baby comes on the due date (the 14th) or later, then she can stop at that point & won't really need to go back.

FreeRange, I hope you make it to your son's birthday party & I hope it is a wonderful one! Good luck with the cake....our friend's 3 year old is having a birthday party today and she is planning to make a double decker bus cake!!
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me too! typing one-handed, so I'll just paste:

Mariela Hope
Born at home on April 9, 2005 at 1:26 a.m.
7 lbs., 10 oz. 20.5" long

amazingly eeeeasy labor and delivery-- leagues different than posterior #1. hard to pinpoint when labor began, but i was having very light contrax about 12-15 minutes apart at 4:00, and that was the earliest i'd say-- so 9.5 hours or less (#1 was 24!). labored last 1.5 hours or so in pool-- delivered there too, but on hands & knees, so she was not born underwater. no tears and today my throat is honestly more sore (from moaning) than my nether regions.

she is beautiful-- we're totally blissed-out in love. big sis is thrilled.

hope everybody has an equally fantastic experience!
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wow wow wow. go mamas! so many babies! so fun, and yet so hard, to be due towards the end of it all, and watch so many go before me. congratulations to all! this si just way too exciting.

i have my birht tub set up in the spare room, and everything is in order. had a very happy home visit with the midwife, now just waiting. not due untill the 23rd, but most of the third trimester i've been pretty sure i'd go a little early this time- did kind of have today, sunday the 11th, picked out as one of my favorite possibilities.

pretty crampy yesterday, and this morning. took a long walk and mowed the lawn trying to get the little guy scooting, nothing more than pms-y feelings so far though. someone else mentioned crampiness, who was that? please tell me it led into labor, or are you still here, whoever was feeling that? i didnt get much prelabor warning with dd- so the suspense is killing me. hardly sleeping at all.

love to all. and opening vibes to all us who are hoping.....and closed tight vibes to the ladies who need babies to wait a bit.
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I had what felt like period cramps for about twelve hours before my labor started- they never really went away- they turned into labor. Good luck!!!!
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Congrats to all our new mommies and babies! Sounds like some great birth experiences! Can't wait to join in.
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