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It's APRIL!!!!

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I cannot believe it is April already! We are all due NEXT month! I am due in less than 4 weeks! it seems like it has gone by SO fast! I am a bit panicked b/c I feel like I have so much left to do & not enough time to do it! I have an OB appt. today. My hips are sore, but other than that I feel so much better than I did with my other pg at this point. Myabe b/c this time I'm not PG during the hot, hot summer. So how is everyone else feeling?
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Now don't go gettin' ahead of yourself. I've got 8 solid weeks left. Please let me have 8 solid weeks left. Please please please. Though I did start washing newborn items last night and I cleaned my whole house and even dusted the ceiling fan. Hmmmm... I also went to the grocery and stocked up on baking soda and dish soap and then stopped at JoAnn's to get archival quality pens for my homebirth-focused baby book I just got in the mail, which I started working on last night. Can anyone say "nesting"??? Please let me have 8 weeks. Please let me have 8 weeks. I NEED 8 weeks!!! I'm not ready for the baby. She's quite content to grind her head on my cervix as it is anyway. Just keep doing that. I'm totally down with that.

My hips and low back hurt too. Mostly when I sleep. I went to the chiro. May need to go back again because it didn't really fix anything.

Did I mention I need 8 more weeks?
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Annakiss- : 8 more weeks :

I have something like 4 more weeks to go and I can't believe it!!!
Wow!!! My life is about to change completely. I am nervous, excited, and scared. All I want is to be good mommy to my little baby. I am scared I will make all the wrong decisions for him and mess up his life. I know this must seem silly but it is something I worry about. Like I have said before, DH thinks I am not going to keep this little guy in another 4 weeks. Well, if that is the case there are a couple of things yet to be accomplished and soon.

I am having either allergies or some sort of cold. I believe it is allergies though because everything is in bloom around here. I had allergies as a child but they seemed to have gone away as an adult. However, it is possible for them to come back. This has put a damper on my "nesting" I have only been thinking about the things I need to get done but not doing them... cleaning the ceiling fan and washing the windows is on my list . I also have school to finish but I probably won't finish the semester. It isn't over until the 1st week of May. Luckily all my instructors, are very nice and will let me finish my work later if the baby comes before finals.
Physically- Sometimes where my butt and leg meet feels like it is going to pop off and it hurts but this isn't consistant. I do not really have many aches or anything... only when I first get up in the morning. Once, I get moving things are usually fine.

Hey it's April Fools Day - anyone planning any tricks? I don't have any planned but I like to keep an eye out just in case someone decides to play one on me :LOL
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8 more weeks to go here too! And I am glad, I have so much to do!!!! In fact, call us crazy we are looking into buying a home. I am calling a realtor today. We need a bigger place. Dh think we should move b4 babe comes, I think right after. We shall see!!!

I am glad some of you have less to go, but I am glad I have 8 more weeks. I am not ready to have this babe!!!!!!
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: 8 more weeks for me too!!! :
I have a feeling it will be more like 9, though...
My EDD is May 28th, DH thinks babe will wait to come until my birthday, June 8th, I think it'll be more like June 4th. We'll see when it happens...
How is it possibly April? Wasn't it just Christmas? I seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was anxious to start showing so that people would really "know" I was pregnant. Wasn't peanut just a peanut?? Do I really still have sooooo much to do to get ready? OMG, there just isn't enough time!!!!!!!!!!!
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for me this pregnancy is all like in a haze.
I am 32 weeks today, so I have 8 left to go. but we haven't even started thinking about what we need for the baby (and it's our first, so we need everything). it seems too unreal that in just 2-2.5 months my life will change forever. dh seems to be more emotionally ready for the change, but I sure don't feel like I am. I need more time for everything to sink in, to read about babies, to get stuff done ... I need more time for everything. So I'm hoping this baby is late.
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well, I have 8 weeks to go to. but with my history of preemies really all we pray for is to make it to april 25 (36 weeks). baby is definately head down and low, I fixed up and installed the car seat last night so at least that is one thing off of my list (still need to get a dresser and a crib and paint the room) The baby's room is empty, and you would have no idea a baby will be in there in the next 4-8 weeks. but if you open the closet all of the diapers are organized and the clothes are hung up so at night I go open the closet and babydream.
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I'm tired and grouchy now. I only have 4.5 weeks to go. I think the baby dropped, it seems lower. This morning I nursed a bunny!, so I think DS is going to be okay with sharing his boobies!
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You nursed a bunny? Like a real bunny or a stuffed bunny?

I'm so jealous of all you pregnant ladies I swear, pregnancy feels like it's taking forever until it's over and then you miss it like crazy!
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A stuffed bunny :LOL
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I am so ready to have this baby. At least physically. I will be 34 weeks on Sunday, so only 6 more weeks to go. Dh is absolutely convinced I will have this baby at the end of April. I can only hope he's right. April 24 or 25 I will be 37 weeks and can have her at any time. I just have a few things left to do to get ready. I have all the clothes from dd sorted, just need to wash them. Need to finish ds's room since I need to put the changing table in there and maybe a second dresser. Need to finish organization in dd's room and mine, but I've been nesting, so it will happen. Oh, and I need a car seat, but I'm waiting. My 6 month old nephew is almost 20 lbs so I think my sister is going to get a convertible for him and let me use the carrier/car seat for a few months until i get a convertible.

Dh and i have actually been questioning my due date. Originally we thought I was due in April, then had an u/s later that said I was due in May. It's really hard to be 100% since I got pregnant right after a miscarriage. I would be fine with having her at any time, as long as she is healthy. But I would like to at least wait until after the 9th. Ds's birthday is the 15th (he will be two WAH!!!) and we're having his party on the 9th. So I would like to get that over with first.
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7 weeks to go for me. I am so not ready but I wouldn't mind a little bit of an early arrival (tired of being so big and unwieldy). We moved our two big kids into the upstairs bedroom last week so we now have a little more space for this babe. So far the only other things I've done to get ready are visit Value Village for some lightweight sleepers and bought a small stash of 2nd hand cloth diapers from some of my local MDC friends. That's it! eeeek! I really should get moving! The infant car seat we bought when I was pg with ds will expire within 6 months of this babe's birth so I need to either buy or borrow a newer one, Other things we need aren't quite as urgent but there is a very long list! Mostly I am just really tired, and although I have this long list in my head I don't seem to have the energy to actually accomplish anything! Luckily, Dh has been on quite the home organization kick lately!
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This is really freaking me out. With DD I couldn't wait until we go to the end, but now I feell I like neeeeed more time - there is so much to do! Or rather that I'd like to do, I suppose we'd survive if he showed up today.

I'm 32 weeks now, but given I went so late with DD, that means I have 10 weeks left. I'm okay with that, but I am really hoping this one will come out of his own accord before 42 weeks because things get complicated for me after that

What bothers me is when events happening before the birth that seemed far away before have passed or are coming up close - visits from relatives for example!
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I have 7 weeks to go. I cant wait to have this baby. Well I can...It would be nice to make sure everything is done, laundry, food inthe freezer, orginazation*which I will never have in my life*see I dont even know how to spell it. :LOL . I need to order my birthing tub, or just go out and ifnd one somewhere. I would like to spend some extra special time with dd before the baby is born, under stress free conditions. She popped my birthing ball this morning , and said well you will just have to go buy another one. GRRR! She poked her pencil right through it. DAMN. Hard to not lose my temper these days. As she is a firecracker. Well, perhaps I should get off the computer and start cleaning now...before its too late

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