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Originally Posted by mommykof5
When someone tells me that Little Bit is uncomfortable in his sling I merely say well he was in more cramped quarters when he was in my womb and he liked that just fine Thank YOu.
That's a good one - I need to remember that in case anyone tries to make snippy comments at me... :LOL
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Kristin - maybe Zeke is moving into a growth spurt - hence the frequent nursing? I hope he's feeling better soon.

MommyK - you had me with your comments! You gotta lotta chutzpah mama!! Good for you!

Off to take a shower while T is still asleep,

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Thank you I noly seem to come up with the good ones when I am hormonal or agravited. I think at that point I no longer try to be the nice one and just don't care. BTY ds was about 10 or so at the time. He is too funny.

He read me the riot act for putting Mason on the bottle until I explained that Mommy had some baby stuff still left in her tummy and it was causing my milk to dry up. At first he was like "Mom why are you doing that that's not how a baby is supposed to eat you better call some of your bobbie ladies if you need help. (he ment Le Leche League)" He'd say that kind of stuff. Even now today I found a bottle that must have rolled under the bed one night. I opened it up to wash it (stinky) muttered to my self I hate bottles and ds was like yea mom and they make the baby stinky too!
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Well, I did it. I went on T.V. I thought I was going to be cool and calm but when the camera came on I got really silent and realized I was whispering and she lead the whole conversation ( that's her job, right? ). Anyway, Hans wants me to get a copy, I say no way. I don't want to relive it.

Bryn is kinda sick and feels warm to touch,but doesn't seem to have a fever. He is still not crawling, but likes to sit up and watch stuff and play with toys. Last night he slept from 11-3:30 without waking Of course I would know this because I was up all night. I think we have opposite sleep schedules. Still no teeth, but he goes through periods where he chews on anything and seems like he can feel the pain through his ears, but then it stops for a few days.

It's 70 outside, but we're all exhausted from having to get up at 5:30 this morning, all we can do is nap through the day. Works for me though. Bryn sleeps way better when I sleep with him.

I'll try and espond to you all individually later in the evening, right now I feel a nap coming on.
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For the moment, my hands are free and no one's crying - so I'll take a minute to post. :LOL

Iain now has TWO teeth! Pretty much on schedule with his brother - the second one came a week after the first. I realized, too, that Iain was two weeks earlier than Gabriel, by gestational age, and now he's doing things too weeks later. Seems they're actually using a very similar schedule!

And... he had his first solids last night. A nice big bite of ... paper towel. Apparently Gabriel left some paper towels on the floor from an earlier meal, and Iain scooted from where I'd put him down, with DH, who was sitting five feet away, not paying attention. I got a good look at a piece that was too far back in his mouth to get it, and then it was gone. Gee, what surprise that he's had lots of dirty diapers! Of course, he's really been pretty happy. He started grinning and laughing as soon as it was down! :LOL Guess he likes that full feeling you only get from paper.

Chrissy, yes, Santa Cruz is VERY crunchy. Around here, I'm NOT crunchy. :LOL I am enjoying the many nice, independent, natural grocery stores, the beautiful weather, etc. There are active LLL and API groups in the immediate area (as opposed to a neighboring town). You can find veggie-only restaurants that aren't ethnic, and EVERY restaurant has a "veggie-friendly" section on its menu. Everything's organic. And you HAVE to recycle a ton. It drove my family nuts when they were here to visit. :LOL Of course, the other day, Gabriel took a pretzel that had fallen on the ground, and told me "It can be recycled." :LOL Into birdseed, maybe? Anyhow, in some ways I totally relate and love it and in other ways I'm SO far from the culture it's a bit shocking!

Well, in the time that I was hands-free and no one was crying, the littlest one managed to get the bigger one's water bottle and pour half of it on himself and the floor... which, of course, DS#1 never told me. : I picked up a fussy boy to find him DRENCHED from the waist down! That's when you think, "now what diaper did I put him in?!" :LOL Thankfully it was just water... but, ugh.

Okay, off to fight with Cingular one more time to get my new phone and service turned on... have a good evening!
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Originally Posted by HeatherB
Gabriel took a pretzel that had fallen on the ground, and told me "It can be recycled." :LOL Into birdseed, maybe?

:LOL so funny!
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Bryn grabs SOO much as well. I have to set him down when I eat bc he will take it out of my hand/smack it to the ground. I wish he not only had his teeth, but at this point could handle *real* solid food so he could keep his chubby little hands off mine!

Aidan and Bryn went to a school friend's house this morning and then Aidan went over to play w/ him this afternoon. His mom just stopped by to tell me that they found chicken pox on him. I'm not so worried about Aidan, but what about Bryn? Aians doc is going to talk to his wife tonight who is a ped specialist of some kind and let me know what to do if he gets it. From what I found on infants, it's not good for them to get it. I guess we just have to wait.
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Oh my goodness, you will never beleive what just happened! So I leave dh alone with ds for, like, the second time ever for more than an hour, to go to a play practice. And I'm going to have to leave him 4x a week for the rest of the month -- twice with dh and twice with a babysitter for 2 1/2 hrs. And I was in a hurry, so i sort of got some stuff out for him, but he was tired and I was tired and in a rush. And I didn't get the sippy cup out, which ds will usually drink water out of if he's thirsty while I'm gone (he's never had a bottle). AND ds starts screaming as he always does and gets hoarse, and dh is trying to find the sippy cup and he gets super frantic when the baby is crying becuase he can't stand it and he's never the one to deal with it. And he crushed his finger in a cupboard : and got someone to run to the rehearsal space with their cell phone. So I get home and baby is screaming and dh has blood all over the floor and all over his finger and I feel so guilty becuase I didn't have everything ready for him, and I know he finds this stressful. So now Ds is sleeping and Dh is at the hospital getting stitches. I feel terrible. That's what I get for a) baking this afternoon instead of tidying the house and getting everything ready and b) getting involved in this stupid play in the first place. Ug. I am going to write myself a list of everything I need to have ready for the next person who looks after ds. And a list of soothing methods for them to use. And I'm going to teach dh to use the hip carry of the sling wether he likes it or not. Okay,got to go clean blood up off my kitchen floor and get everything tidied.
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OY! Jill! Keep your chin up!

Heather: can you tell me this: we've moved Tristan into his Britax, a marathon. Tristan seems to really HATE it when we strap him in because he's at maximum recline, and I think he wants to sit up more. Is it really safer to have babies as reclined as possible? Or could we safely sit up more upright? Thanks!!

nighty night,

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Yikes, Jill, poor dh!!!

Becca, you DO need a copy of that segment. PLEASE don't neglect to do it. You'll want it later (if not, your kids will!).

Heather, does paper towel break down in the intestines??

William is up on all fours these days, rocking and going backward. Tonight he moved his hands forward twice before face planting. I hope we can get the Tiddly Winks out of reach before he's off to the races! The babies and I are going to a scrapbooking retreat again this weekend (my birthday is Friday). I have no idea if it will work out or if I'll get any pages done...
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Must go to sleep, Disney tomorrow, yay!!!!

On a sad note, dh took Jack to have his hair cut and it is SO SHORT!!! It looks just awful. I want my baby's hair back - wah!!!!!

Watcha doin' for your b-day Savannah?

Jilly - sorry for your dh! Don't feel guilty though, isn't it stressful for you to take care of everyone, too?

BTW - have I ever mentioned, I LOVE Lost?
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Sarah, have a great trip to Disney, lucky girl!!! And I know what you mean about the short hair. When dh started buzzing Nicolas' hair (see mohawk photo, below), I unknowingly began seeing him as an older child, so much so that it negatively affected my expectations and discipline. Then I saw some old video and remembered how cute he was in normal length hair... and requested a cesar haircut for him the last time. Aaaaahhh, it's so great to have my "little" boy back! =O)

Hey, did I mention he lost his first tooth Monday night? We took a really cute picture of the occasion. I'll add it to my next online album, which is waaaaay overdue.

Oh, and for my birthday I'm going away for the weekend, with the babies, to a scrapbooking retreat! And dh wanted to know what else I wanted but I had no clue. I think I just want unlimited funds so I can sew, scrapbook, eat out, buy diapers, etc. to my heart's content! LOL
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Hi I've been MIA. We just moved into our new house. It took a few days for us to get internet connection. We only have dialup so I won't be on as often.
I haven't read through the post. But I justpeeked and sow that it was Savannah's birthday. So happy belated birthday to you!!!!

Desi can get on her 4s and rock now. She is scooting like crazy. She is now pulling to her knees. I can't wait to get a coffee table. Maybe she'll pull all the way up! No teeth yet.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
Heather: can you tell me this: we've moved Tristan into his Britax, a marathon. Tristan seems to really HATE it when we strap him in because he's at maximum recline, and I think he wants to sit up more. Is it really safer to have babies as reclined as possible? Or could we safely sit up more upright? Thanks!!
Actually, it's safer to have them more upright, now that they can hold their heads up and therefore won't cut off their airways. At this age, you can bring the seat up into the "less reclined" mode (I believe there are three settings on the Marathon?) and be perfectly safe. The RFing tether can also help acheive the desired angle, if upright is too upright!

Savannah, I have NO idea what it'll do! :LOL I have yet to see it come through - we'll see what happens! I did once find a small corner of paper in Gabriel's diaper. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun! I hope you enjoy it! Though I think we all are in awe of how much you do with TWO little ones! The annual Stampin' Up convention is in July, and I've been thinking about going... but it's 4 days (3 nights) so there's no way I can leave Iain with DH, nor can DH come along. Let me know how your weekend goes before I make a final decision! :LOL I hope it's fun!

Jill, I hope your DH is okay! I hate that awful feeling of being responsible for everything when it all goes wrong. Hope it's all looking up for you tomorrow!

Iain is trying SO hard to crawl! We spent a while on the bed last night with him working to get up on his knees, then sort of pushing himself over onto his side, trying desperately to move forward. :LOL He did manage to move himself forward enough to reach his toy, but it sure tuckered him out! Maybe that'll be our nightly routine to get him good 'n' ready for bed. :LOL

Well, I got a huge Stampin' Up order earlier and I haven't even TOUCHED it!! : So I'm gonna go tear into it and hope the kids sleep!
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My bday is tomorrow, Veganbaby; you didn't miss it. =O)

Heather, enjoy your stamping! There will be a SU demo at our retreat Saturday night. This retreat is at a church campground, and we each have a "cabin", and we do our scrapbooking in the main building. I'm planning to do a mix of wearing babies, letting them roll/crawl around on a giant blanket on the floor (possibly inside their big folding baby gate), and probably the doorway jumper, walker, bouncy seats, and car seats. Kindof like home! =O) I've been practicing the back carry for this weekend, also for the La Leche League conference next weekend. (I have a cloth diapers booth with three other CD making mamas.)

Ack, the babies woke up at 6 a.m. today, after feeding 'round the clock last night. They finally nursed back to sleep and are snoozing away now.
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I've been up for a few hours now. DH went for the day to Greenville for a client so I was up early helping him get out of here to beat traffic.
Congrats on getting into the house Cynthia!
Jill - ouch! hope your dh is on the mend!
sistermama - yeah Disney!! We went to Disney for our honeymoon (almost did our wedding there too) and bought an annual pass. That first year, we must've gone to Disney like once a month (we lived in S. Florida - so only a few hours away) Love that place!!! You all will have such a blast and now is the best time - not too hot out!
Happy early birthday Savannah. : I too have been bitten by the scrapbooking bug. Just recently got addicted to Creative Memories. I am currently working on ds baby album. I'm almost to the Christmas pics.

I can't believe all the mobile babes!!! Ds just finally this past week started being able to sit for a longer time without flopping over. He's getting good at his 'push-ups', but he's not moving. He still loves standing with support though. I think he'll just bypass crawling :LOL His new thing now is when I put him down for nap/sleep he either rolls onto his side OR rolls completely over onto his stomach and sleeps like that. At first I was all freaked out about him being on his tummy, but I have one of those motion-sensor monitors that has an alarm and I check on him too! My MIL says that when dh was a baby, they always told them NEVER put them on their backs - always on tummy. Now, it's the opposite. So - who knows?!? He'll be fine. I like sleeping on my tummy - so I guess he takes after his mommy :LOL
He's also been babbling. Since last week, it's "a-baa-ba-ba-baa-mmm-baa-ba-ba-ba" It is SOOOOO cute. I just melt when he does it. He also likes to make it VERY difficult to change. He likes to contort himself, tries to grab his wipes and anything else in his reach (or if its out of his reach, he'll try to get it anyways) and he turns all around and I can't get his diaper on! It's driving me crazy.
He's also become very grabby in general - he loves pulling me hair. Even though I keep it in a ponytail - he stills pulls it out
Yesterday, I got a beautiful Mei Tai that a local mama made for me. My maya was just not working anymore. Too much strain and ds would lean out of it in the hip carry - not good. So, not being too knowledgable on baby-wearing, I did some research and spoke with some people and decided to try the Mei Tai. I wanted a Ergo - but thought for now try a Mei Tai (plus less $$) and then maybe get an Ergo later on. I'm gonna try using today while we're out, so we'll see how it works.
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Sarah, I Lost, too! I can't believe the season finale is next week!

Welcome back, Cynthia! Can't believe Desi is on all 4s. Kate continues to flip onto her back everytime I put her on her tummy!

Jilly, you can drive yourself crazy trying to get thinkgs ready. Maybe you can pass some of that responsiblilty onto dh? :LOL Sorry, I'm laughing at the thought of me trying to follow my own advice. Quite comical! :LOL DH taking the reins. :

Heather, what about the roundabout? DH said it's supposed to be at a 45 degree angle, but it looks like it's upright to me. She loves it, but when she falls asleep her little head droops to the front and it looks might uncomfy!

Gotta go...have a playgroup here in an hour and I still need to pump and get dressed!
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Desi is saying babaa too. Ba is Dad in Vietnamese, so when she says that we say Daddy and Ba and do the sign.

Happy Birthday Savannah!

I forgot to tell you guys Desi had her 6 months. She is 11 lbs 5 oz, 24 3/4 inches long and a 42.5 cm head. The doctor wasn't worried. And I got to say that she had soilds. Good thing she didn't ask how often Desi has soilds. This doctor was pushing soilds at her 4 month visit. Desi only has soilds when we eat out and she doesn't want to nurse.
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Good morning

Christine - keep an eye on the trading post for Ergos, they sometimes are available there for less $.

Stacey - Tristan does that too, the sideways slump, if I know he's going to fall asleep I roll up a towel and tuck it in around his head before we leave. That drives him crazy, usually, but he doesn't pull it out.

Savannah happy birthday tomorrow!!! *serve piece of cake*

In the past week I have met 2 new mamas! One a neighbor with an 8-month-old girl (yay, a girl!) and one a woman my doula is working with in community organizing. I met her last night at a stitch-n-bitch party my doula threw. I was kinda on call - I went before Tristan went to bed, came home when Jo called when he was getting ready for bed, and then went back afterwards. There are advantages to living 1 block away form your doula! - so I didn't really get any stitching done, but I got to talk cloth diapers, knitting and babies. The new mama I met has a baby about 3 weeks younger than Tristan, but already bigger and coming along faster developmentally (rolling over, etc). And we have very similar birth stories! So we're both looking forward to getting together and getting to know each other.

Well, I'd better go pull some avocado out of the freezer. T's nap is early today, so lunch will be too. And the cat is telling me she needs some loving as she is currently lying across the tops of my wrists. makes typing very, very interesting.

xo, j.
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Happy Birthday Savannah!

Jackson figured out how to crawl forward two days ago. It's so fun to put a toy on the floor and see how fast and furious he comes after it from the other side of the room!

Still busy as ever here with everything. I got this link yesterday, and boy did it make me feel better about my day!


I'd like to get that much money for the next bad day that I have!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi!

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