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PM'd you, Kristin, I'm happy to make you a copy!
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Originally Posted by sistermama
Kristin - I booked my Albany tickets yesterday. We'll be there May 12-17. We should definitely meet up! Jack and Zoey are about the same age. What type of things does Zoey like to do? Jack is very easy going and enjoys playing with anyone. I'm so excited to meet a Sept mama!!!
sistermama -- I can't wait! Zoey loves to play all kinds of things. She is pretty easy going too and will often just go along for the ride. This will be lots of fun! PM me and we can make plans!
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Originally Posted by leomom
PM'd you, Kristin, I'm happy to make you a copy!

Thanks leomom! You're the best!
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Hi, all! Had an extraordinarily stressful week workwise. Did anyone hear anything about a university student who took his roommate hostage then was apprehended at the university library with weapons and loaded clips? They were residents of the housing complex I work at....ughhh. Everyone's safe, but talk about stress and high emotion.

Dh is back, and yes, FF - I was totally pissed that he didn't call the week he was in Europe. When he got back, I 'mentioned' it and he was like, "I was supposed to call?" Men. His band is called the Wailin' Elroys - they're a juke-joint hillbilly/rockabilly band. They get all duded up in western shirts, slick their hair back, the whole bit. Rockabilly is really big in Europe and they've been signed with a german label for about a year. It's funny, 'cause he's always been in punk/indie bands before this! And I definately want one of your slings. I'll pm you after my next paycheck

Sistermama, that was a totally awesome post.

Chrissy, I so hear you about being touched out with a baby and a toddler!!! Oh - did you used to be lawyormama?

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
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Quick note as I am at mil house.

Mason got 2 teeth today!!! oN THE BOTTOM!
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back in the house!

thank you to all you mom's ...

Lulu and I are back in the house tonight. Our area was flooded a week ago and we were evacuated late at night. Had about 30 min. to throw all our possessions in the car, not knowing when we would be able to return. I threw Lulu into the Ergo (fablulous carrier) on my back and was able to care for her and pack up and chase down the animals while my DH rushed around the neighborhood.

Our house had four feet of water in the basement. It did about 3 or 4 thousand dollars worth of damages, at least. We don't have flood insurance (too expensive).

Lots of friends of ours came from our zen monastery and helped us clean up. Thank goodness, because it was very depressing. A huge dumpster of things of mine got thrown out. It wasn' tthe things that I am mourning, but all the family mementos, my journals from when I was 10, photos etc.

I had to leave the house with Lulu (not sanitary, with no hot water, no toilet, and with septic overflow from the whole neighborhood). I drove down to NYC to stay wtih my mom. Man it was good to be in the city. Clean, dry, bustly ... with grandma doting over Lulu and treating mama to good NYC take- out.

Just wanted to let you know we're OK. Will catch up more later.
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Glad you're o.k., CatskillMtnMama! Will keep you and yours in my thoughts.
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CatskillMtnMama -- What an exerience! So Sorry that you lost so many momentos. I would be sad too. And what an expense. Good thing you have so many good friends nearby. Hope your cleanup and recovery go well.
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CatSkillMtnMama, oh my gosh, what an ordeal! I'm so glad you were able to get you and LuLu out safely and to to NYC to be taken care of. I'm sorry for all the damage.

Yes, I used to be lawyORmama? but then I realized I was done with the lawyering bit, at least for a while so now I'm just chrissy.
Wow, Sarah, your dh's band sounds cool. Do they have CD's here? I didn't hear that crazy hostage thing but that is only because I am too lame/tired/busy to ever pick up a newspaper. Sad, but true. You aren't my old long lost friend sarah with an h are you????

okay, girl in lap batting at keyboard.
lilah says:
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mama says:
good night girls,
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CatskillMtnMama -- wow, and i thought having a hole in our ceiling was bad! how awful! I'm glad it wasn't all bad, though and at least you got pampered a bit in the city.

Almamiel -- I haven't heard about that hostage situation, but how scary! I'm so glad that you and everyone else is safe.

That's funny that your man didn't even know he was supposed to call. So are you both into punk and indie bands? That is what I mainly listen to, sometimes I will threw in a little ska or reggae. What bands do you really like? One of my all time favorite bands is The Bouncing Souls. Right now I've been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire, Fugazi, and Black Eyes.

I decided to take a break from sewing pouches for one night so that I can make LaRue (and Chloë because she decided that she REALLY wants one too) a taggie. She is so into tags lately that I thought I would make her one so I got a bunch of funky ribbons and picked out some fabric out of my stash, now I'm all set to work.
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CatskillMtnMama, that's awful! I'm so glad you are all alright and were well take care of in NYC!

FF, any news on your ceiling? It must be fun to be able to decide to make something and be able to just do it! Oh, I never could get those pictures with the back carry to work. Everytime I tried, it crashed this browser. I know it's an older beta of Mozilla... hopefully I'll figure out where to put my own computer and have something up to date soon!

We went to a mom/baby store today that I've been wanting to get to for a while. It was pretty nice! They had a small selection of cloth dipes (including the Bumkins print that was waiting for me in the mail at home :LOL), strollers, car seats, toys, feeding... etc. Nice, friendly people, too, who offered their store for nursing/changing/pottying whenever I'm downtown.

They were having a sale today on 2004 Peg Perego items - so we got a Prima Pappa highchair. I was thinking about just getting a strap-on booster, since we do have an old (antique) wooden high chair at home. But, that one has always frustrated me. The Prima Pappa is really nice - it adjust height-wise, so he can be near the floor or up high (which he's loving!). I love the 5pt harness, and we got it in Black Sable, so it looks really sleek (Dh wanted the leather, but I was worried about cleaning it). Anyhow, so Iain really seems to like it so far! We decided to go ahead and give him some smooshed banana for the first time now that we've got a chair. I think he liked the flavor, and opened his mouth repeatedly for the spoon, but he certainly didn't care for any little chunks - those came back out. :LOL IIR, he made more of a mess than Gabriel did at this point, but Gabriel was really a pretty clean eater.

I think we'll proceed with solids much like we did with Gabriel - a little here and there, mostly just for fun, up until a year or so, when he can have most anything.

Anyone have opinions on brands of jarred foods? I've tried asking on the main forum but got no answers. I didn't use much with Gabriel, but I found it handy when we needed it. I ordered Beech-Nut for him - from eBay! It was rated highly in a comparison of several major brands (including one organic, but I don't remember which), as having the best amt of food vs. extras, most substance, etc. But now there are several brands of organics available here, and I'm curious if they're any good... Anyone know?

We also got a white noise CD (from Harvey Karp) at that shop today. It's actually a little annoying to me. :LOL But hopefully it'll help Iain. We used to play a "water tape" that we recorded from running the bathtub. I've been looking for a water/white-noise tape for ages now!

Well, Iain WAS sitting happily in the high chair, playing while I typed. Now he's on my lap reaching for everything again. I do think he's getting near crawling now. I tried to put him down, but on his tummy, he just wanted to get his knees under him and try to scootch. All the reaching and grabbing really goes along with crawling, too, as they realize there are things to get that are out of their reach. Gotta figure out how to get there!

I'm sure there was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember now... Hrm...

Oh, I will say I'm going to be ordering some Stampin' Up mini catalogs soon (these are seasonal catalogs, one per quarter). My minimum order is 5, but I don't yet have that many customers. :LOL So, if anyone would like to receive one, let me know. It's a great way to see what Stampin' Up is if you've never seen it before.

I got to have a nice long discussion with DH tonight, driving along the coast while the boys fell asleep, about my need to get some "me" time, to relax, and unwind, be refreshed, and just be ALONE sometimes! I've been getting more and more overwhelmed, for various reasons, with the kids and life and never getting a break from it. Thankfully he was very receptive - he is really a very good man. Hopefully he'll go ahead and follow through with taking the kids out or letting me go do something on my own. He helps alot when he's home and on weekends, but I rarely have the defined alone time that I really need. I'd sure love it if he decided to send me somewhere for the weekend! But I guess Iain would get hungry. :LOL

We started looking on line last night for houses back home. I found a few that I'm really interested in - which isn't to say they'll be available by the time we're ready. I emailed our realtor (current landlady back home) to tell her we wanted to get started. We did make one step, in determining just how much we can actually afford. There's a very nice house for just that much in the neighborhood right next to where we were (and therefore slightly closer to my parents' rather than further - which is hard to do when you're walking distance! :LOL) - I wish we were home and could go see it! It even has a pool.

Okay, Iain's fussing - maybe he's really ready to sleep this time. :LOL
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Almamiel -- I forgot to say, that I would be happy to make you a pouch whenever you want just pm or email me

HeatherB -- a roofer came yesterday to check it out, he is going to fix it sometime this week, yay! We will be able to sleep in our bedroom again!

LaRue is teething, now I remember this. The "I'm so uncomfortable I just can't be happy," the crying off and on all night. I see the tooth, and the swollen gums, it's very close.

I finished the taggie last night at 1am, I am SO tired right now, but I wanted it to be done. I should have started it before 11pm. Here is a picture of it, and of LaRue enjoying it. I'm so happy to have made her a toy that she can have fun with. Chloë is anxiously awaiting hers.
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It seems like I haven't posted in a long time -- thought it's only been a week! I've been reading the thread and it seems like everyone's babes are doing similar things... being somewhat fussy and demanding. DS is definitely that way lately, and I'm sure it's teeth. His top two are really swollen and he tries to chew on ANYTHING, sometimes getting desperate and angry. Last night was really unpleasant, too. No more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, then wide awake at 4:30. Finally he slept from 7-9, though!

In the teething arena -- does anyone's baby bite them while nursing? Frequently? The past three days I am SO anxious when I nurse DS because he has started biting me almost every nursing. Like I said above, his top teeth are coming in, and he's already got the bottom two, so it HURTS when he bites. I have become very LOUD when he does it, saying, "NO BITING!" In a very loud, deep voice, and DS gets scared and cries. But it doesn't seem to be terribly deterring to him, since he keeps doing it. It makes feeding times so, just, scary in a way.... very frustrating. I used to love nursing him, now I fear it! Any ideas?

I hope you all are well... CatskillMtnMama - I hope your flood cleanup goes quickly!
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CatskillMtnMama, glad you are safe and hope all goes well.

FF, so good to hear that ceiling/roof is going to be fixed.

Heather B. - I have not used any jarred baby food. So far, just a mashed up banana, avacado, sweet potato, yogurt, butternut squash and tonight (right now actually I am steaming them) buns is going to try carrots.

We don't use a high chair. I do have a vibrating chair I sit her in with the vibration off to feed her, or I just sit her in my lap or DH's lap and we feed her. I do have one of those booster seats that we may use later or just take with us when we go somewhere.

I understand the "me time" thing too. I have this talk with my husband every couple weeks and then he realizes that he needs to give me my time, or else Mommy is really cranky.

AugustineM- Buns just had her two bottom teeth come through and the biting has been fierce. I just take her off and say "no biting" but not in a loud or yelling voice (I feel like yelling when it happens though) and sit her up. Then when I put her back to the breast she usually doesn't bite...at least for awhile, it does seem better though.

This weekend has been nice. We went to a new vegetarian restaurant in our area, the ONLY veg. restaurant we have I should add. It was great, and PACKED. The waitress/waiter (there were a few) and even the people waiting outside for a table were super sweet and said really sweet things about Buns. We don't go out to eat too often so it was a nice experience. I breastfed Buns (she will not allow a blanket, so I just do what I can) and no one even batted an eye. The waiter came over to ask us how dinner was, and didn't seem to think twice about it, it was really a nice time.

DH made breakfast for us this morning and then we walked to this little mom and pop grocery store to get things for dinner.

On Friday night our closest friend and her partner had us over for the most amazing dinner. It was such a nice time. I love great friends. Esp. since it seems like the last year or so I/we have lost or puposely have let friendships die/go. It is always nice to have friends you have known for a long time and enjoy being around.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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Thank you all for your good wishes! Lulu and I are doing fine "apres le deluge." (after the flood, French).

Lulu bit me quite hard when she got her two bottem teeth in (maybe around five months). I KNOW the terror. I almost thought we'd have to wean. I did a few "search"s on the MDC forum and discovered it is a very common problem. First of all, it seems to be related to teething and to be time - limited. Usually passes in a couple of weeks on its own. I don't find that verbally admonishing the baby helps. They don't get it. People suggested to me to push the baby gently into the breast (to cover the nostrils) when she bites.

I found this works well. It sounds hard to do (smother my baby! Ack!) But as my husband pointed out, its a few seconds (maybe all of three seconds?) of no oxgen for many many more months of breastfeeding .... definately worth it. What happens is the baby opens their mouth to get air (dropping the poor nipple). Also, it is presumably at least a slightly negative experience for the baby that will teach them to not bite.

When (at five months) we tried this method, Lulu stopped biting for two months. She's at it again intermittently (i think the top teeth are ready to come in). She thinks its a real laugh when mama shreiks with pain! Fortunately, the "breast push" move seems to have slowed her down a bit.

Hope this helps.
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CatSkillmtnmama - hoping the clean up goes well - glad you are all safe
ff- hope that roof gets fixed real quick

re: baby food - right now I am making my own cereals based on super baby food, but using Earth's Best organic jarred foods for now. As his diet increases (we just started trying to do a consistent solids schedule) then i'll make everything. For now the jars are easier for me. Plus, I can't always get good organic produce so I'd rather give him jarred organic food, then not, kwim?

re: biting - he hasn't tried to bite me; other mamas I know IRL have done the smoosh them to the breast thing and say it works really well. So if he tries at any point I will attempt that as a way to get him to stop
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Kate just doesn't want solids. I tried feeding her on a full, happy tummy like Sarah suggested and she still just isn't interested. She just pushes it back out with her tongue and makes a face. So, I'm thinking I should just stop trying for a few weeks and then try again. Any thoughts?

I haven't used jarred baby foods. I just mashed the sweet potatoes and avocado myself. Hannah eats Earth's Best, though.

Kate is waking up screaming every couple of hours through the night...I think it's teething...it's been going on forever! Only really happens at night. I'm going through teething tablets like crazy. What do you guys do when dc wakes up like this so often? I'm exhausted!!! : Part of me feels like waiting to see if she'll soothe herself to sleep and not get too used to me rocking, bouncing, or giving her the paci, but another feels like if she is in pain I should just go to her immediately....

Catsm- Hope your clean up is bearable. So sorry about the momentos!

Love the taggie, FF. And I'm still loving my sling! I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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sistermama- I would love any advise for stinky hemp that you might have- his diapers wreak, and I've tried a few things.

Cute taggie! I made Miles a little triangle one that has no ribbon, but has: a shoelace, the soft part of velcro, rick-rack, satin, netting, and elastic. He likes the shoelace the best. He is getting another tooth now, but still no biting. (knock, knock) He is just scooting around, and pulls himself up to things a lot. My friend came to visit and saw him pull himself up to a couch, and she freaked out because "I'd have to force him to crawl and find ways to stop him from walking" if he tried, because that would mess him up for life if he walked before crawled. She blames all her problems on this. It's kinda funny!

Anyway, Miles has JUST started to like food, and I have used a few jars of Beech Nut for things out of season. I have tasted a lot of people's baby food, to see what it good, and this stuff really does taste better.

Anyway, we had a crazy weekend of my mom watching Miles for us while we went on a date, and instead of giving him the milk I had spent all day trying to pump, she filled him up on rice cereal. She thought that it would be better if he had "real food" if he was hungry, instead of thirsty. I tried to explain about BM quenching thirst as well as satiating hunger. What was this water myth they fed to people in the 80's? She said she gave me 8 oz. bottles of water starting at 1 hr. after birth?!

Anyway, sorry if I sound ornery, I am just sick of people telling me what's best for my DC. It's not like I'm cleaning up flood mess or anything (Sorry! Good Luck!) I should count my blessings more.

Have a good Monday Ladies!
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Leomom -- I think you shouldn't push the solids if she isn't interested. Chloë wasn't interested in solids at all until she was around 1 y.o., so she really didn't eat anything until then. I would give her tastes of things I was eating sometimes, but she wasn't into it. She was incredibly healthy with just breastmilk alone. I think you should just continue to follow Kate's cues.

Sept04mama -- your taggie sounds great! very creative. Chloë didn't crawl at all, went straight to walking. I just continued to follow her cues and accepted that she knew what was best for herself. She HATED being on her stomach anyway and there would have been no way that I would have even been able to make her crawl. Yes, I could have tortured her by leaving her on her stomach all the time, but I doubt she would have done more than just cry for the whole time.
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Hello everyone! I'm glad all the roofs and basements are getting fixed / cleaned out.
Dh and I also have the "when and how do I get a break?" discussion every few weeks. I think it's hard for them when they're in the work world, becuase they think of their at home time as "off" time, and therefore time whenthey get to relax. Fortunately, now that we have nice weather dh likes taking ds for walks in the hard backpack carrier, so the other day I got to shower and shave my legs and wash my face without worrying about when I was going to have to go running for a screaming baby. IT was amazing.
Andrew has also been super fussy / clingy the last few days. I don't know if it has to do with me being gone in the evenings for play rehearsals, or new skills or teeth or a cold, but we have been mr. grouch. Last night inthe middle of the night I finally had to resort to letting him sleep on his tummy on top of me, which I haven't had to do since he stopped being colicy. I usually either nurse him or rock him back to sleep when he wakes up a lot.
Ds has finally conciously worked out how to roll from tummy to back, which is very exciting. He's been diving forward from sitting for the last few weeks to his tummy, but then just fusses once he gets there. I knew he could roll onto his back becuase I've seen him do it, but I don't think he remembered how. Today he finally worked it out, I think. And then had a big fuss session and went to sleep for 30 min. afterwords. This seems to be his reaction to any new learning. I hope he gets over this before he's school age :LOL . He also just rolls and pivots on the floor but is completely uninterested in crawling. DH told me he went straight to walking,so I'm not worried.
My mom also got upset at me for saying I wasn't going to feed ds a lot of water, just bm, when he was 2 wks old. She told me that with all the water Dave and I drink (like, 6 - 8 cups a day) he was going to be a very thirsty baby if we didn't give him water.
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