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Originally Posted by leomom
I have pics:


I want to put them in my siggie and rename it as Kate...how do you guys do that? I tried, but it didn't work..

Kate is gorgeous!!!
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Originally Posted by bendmom
Where do you get those? I mean are they all natural and something you can get at a natural foods store? I went to Fred Meyer and all they had were Gerber toast and it said to wait until babe is 9 months or crawling to give it to them. But it would be nice to replace my finger as the chew toy!
OK, I don't know if you all are already feeding your babies wheat (we're not, but I'm sure it's around the corner)... but I learned this trick from a mom at my school: if you have a natural bakery around, find out if they make dog biscuits. No, I'm not kidding. They're usually just super-baked bread with a bit less sugar in them. She used to give them to her daughter when her daughter was teething and her daughter loved 'em.

Pam I've come to the same realization about my kangaroo korner. I think I will be ordering a solarveil pouch from her.

Stacey when you go to your user control panel and edit signature, click on the little icon above the window that looks like a globe with a staple in front of it. It will ask you what text you want, for that you enter "Kate" (without the quotes), then it will ask you the URL and you enter your link. Voila!

To all of the Catholics, peace be with you as the pope passes on (at least that's what the Drs say is happening).

There are new Tristan pictures, see sig: 3rd row of pg 18 and on! Fun with a box, thinking he wants mama's beer (DON'T WORRY, it was empty and NA anyway!!!), mama love, reading the paper, flirty boy in striped socks, fun with mashed banana, trying out his Stokke chair for the first time, playtime, eating toes, modeling his new hat, showing off his new trick of removing hats (thanks, Jo, for teaching him that one ), and naked time pics!

Liz, you are so positive and upbeat. I think that spring having mostly arrived here is definitely helping our moods. Tristan sleeps better the more he is outside so we're trying for 2 walks a day, one for sure. Lulu is lucky to have a mom who enjoys her so much.

Be well all,

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I'm glad things are going well with every one! Great Pictures and all the babies are gorgeous!

Julian is doing well! He isn't quite mobile yet, but he is trying to do the army crawl. He rolls both ways and sits very well. He now weighs 23 pounds 11 ounces and is 27 inches long! He is a big boy.. I took him today for his six month well baby and the doctor said everything looks great. I took him in a snappied prefold covered w/ wool and it was so funny because the doctor couldn't figure out how to get it unsnappied

We also started solids and he is doing okay with them. He doesn't love them, but doesn't hate them either. He is like that with most things though. He is so easy going. His first tooth also popped through this week! I can't see it, but I can feel it. I knew it was coming as he has been abnormally cranky the last week.

He also went to the park and on his first extended walk this week. He loved both and I am loving our kozy carrier : I am taking him tomorrow to get his six month pictures taken.

I'm hoping to keep up with the thread this month. Somehow I always get behind
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Wow, I haven't written here for a long time!
My little guy is an rambunctious as ever! He's trying to crawl and is getting really good at climbing all over things. He's still really fussy and high maintenance but is also really enjoying the world. I try to get him out once a day after his morning nap because we have generally about two hours before he gets fussy again.
He only naps in the Ergo now. It's hard to get anything done and I so wish I could put him down, but so far he won't have it. I swear I have the fussiest baby that there ever was!

It's so fun to look at all the pictures and hear about what all the babies are doing.

Hope everyone's enjoying the spring- finally getting these babies out into the sunshine!
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Hi guys!
We closed on our house today! Desi peed in the potty there and at the lending company. I haven't done EC in a long time and started up again.
We're still at the apartment though. We're moving our things tomorrow. We didn't get the keys until 4 and we attempted to paint but did a krummy job and so we're hiring help. Luckily our friend owns his own business so he'll give us a good deal.
Pam you have beautiful children and the cake is beautiful. That sounds hard to make still.
Stacey~ Kate is beautiful! She is sitting so pretty!
No teeth here. Lots of fussiness.
Soilds: Just started. Not doing it everyday. More like every few days or whenever we're eating and she is begging for food. So far she has only had banannas and avacados.
LOL about Lulu crawling backwards. I hear that is a sign of intelligence.
Very sad day about the Pope dying.
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Kate is sooooooo cute, and looks quite grown already, doesn't she??? I love her little outfits and head gear.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh.... Figuring out how to stack and pin the layers of this AIO diaper so that I can turn and topstitch instead of serge is FRYING MY BRAIN...

Off to try again
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Happy April!

Hello! Spring is continuing to happen! But I was thwarted by the wind today when we tried to go for a walk. It was a crazy prairie (sp?) wind that kept blowing the cover off the jogging stroller. I can't walk ds in a sling yet becuase it's still too chilly. : If he gets a gust of wind in the face he can't catch his breath, which makes me nervous. So we didn't get a walk in today. I was hoping to go and check out the library. I don't get the car much, and it's been winter ever since Andrew stopped screaming whenever we were out somewhere. BUt there will be time, there will be time.

I ordered some FuzziBuns today. I lurked at the TP for a couple of days, but there were only people LOOKING for fuzzibuns. and I don't want to get a pay pal account because it would be way to tempting to start spending money . Also by the time I pay for shipping to Canada and exchange it's not that much cheaper. So I ordered a 6 pak from JamTots. They were the best price I could find and shipped free to Canada, so I'm pretty excited. IT's my first forray into non-prefolds.

Andrew is sitting and stretching forwards to grab things a lot, but when he tips onto his tummy he gets really frustrated because he can't reach what he wants. Still no mobility. He has figured out how to turn his forward lunge momentum into a full roll onto his back, though. I think this would make him happy if it didn't irritate his plugged nose. He LOVES standing, though. He would do it all day. I hold him up to our coffee "table" and he grabs onto it and stands there, and then he lets go with one hand and turns to look inthat direction, then goes the other way. He's attempted to cruise, but he still falls over most of the time. And while he's doing it he loves to "ga". IT's very cute.

Those pics of Kate make me want to have another baby so I can have a girl and put cute headbands and dresses on her. Very against my nature, but I guess that's what Moming does to one.
CatSkillMama, I agree -- I'm finding this age way more fun that the little newborn stage. I think newborns are like weddings -- other people's are way more fun than your own.
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Happy birthing day to you, Pam, and happy birthday to Alex! That cake is amazing, and your boys are just so cute!

Leomom -- Kate is SO cute! And I'm guessing you like Gymboree, I Gymboree so I recognize some of those clothes.

Veganbaby -- Congrats on the house, that's so exciting!

Let's see what's going on here...oh yeah, my ceiling caved in! Um yeah, we have been having leak problems at our house, we told the owner of the house, she sent her not-so-great "handyperson" over here to fix it (a few times) and it didn't work. So about a week ago there was a big crack in the ceiling and it was drooping a bit. So I told the owner about it and how it will probably collapse and it's in our bedroom partly over our bed (our family bed, I might add) and it's urgent that it's fixed so that it doesn't fall on any of us. So she seems concerned, but NEVER CALLS ANYONE!! So yesterday I see her again and I say that it's drooping really badly and looks like it's going to fall any day now. She says she wants to wait for 3 weeks, when she is fixing up our neighbors house (they are moving). I told her it was going to fall down before that and I was really nervous about the safety of my babies. Can you tell she is very cheap yet? So she doesn't do anything...again. Today I was checking it out and it was even worse. So I decide that LaRue can't nap in there today so I put her in the pouch to nap. I call up my partner and I'm telling him that the ceiling is most likely going to fall in the next few hours when BOOM...the ceiling falls! Thank gawd I decided not to nurse LaRue to sleep in there because I would have been nursing her when it fell down and it would have fallen partly on us! The owner is not being very cooperative about fixing it, even though we have a HUGE hole in our ceiling. She says some plastic stuck up there will be helpful. She says she is going to call a roofer to fix it, but who knows. Her not-so-handy handyperson came over tonight and I'm hoping that she doesn't think he is going to fix it when really it's his fault that this whole thing happened since he never was able to fix the leak. Oh my lord, so stressful. So now our bed is moved into the playroom. I guess this is what we get for renting a big house in a very expensive area for VERY cheap. One bedroom apartments that are about 600 sq ft are more expensive than our 3 bedroom house. At least we got that going for us when we have a hole in our ceiling.

But a positive is that I got 3 orders for pouches today, yay!
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Hello all:

I think I have finally figured out how to show you pictures of my Lucy (the "other" Lucy here).

She is sitting, rolling, but not showing much interest in crawling yet. She is not thrilled about solid food so we are proceeding a little more slowly than I had planned. I am having so much fun with her these days -- she clearly understands various words ("nose," "bear," "book," "dog"), she can finally play with a little autonomy now that she can sit easily, and she is loving life ...

Happy April!

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These kids are so cute!! I have to get DH to upload some pics of Iain - my real computer is still in the garage so I can't do my own yet.

Denise, where are you moving to? It's a beautiful area!

I saw the Granola Quiz in someone's siggy. I think I did it a long time ago, but took it again and got 111 - not too shabby, and not far from what I'd expect. I know I'm not super crunchy, but definitely crunchier than a lot of my friends! Mostly that's in the areas of CDing and not circing, I think. I'm tempted to send it on to them but I dunno what they'd think! :LOL

Iain took some (supported) steps last night! I couldn't believe it! I was trying to see how long he'd stand up (a split second) and then he started moving his feet to get to DS#1's toy! Gabriel walked well supported by 8 months or so but didn't walk on his own until 12 months, so I know we've got a long way to go yet. It's exciting to see all the little steps (so to speak!) though.

Iain can be so loud these days! I think having a big brother definitely helps! There have been several times lately when they've been playing and I've told Gabriel to quiet down - only to realize it's *Iain* screeching and cackling so loud! :LOL He says "dadada" a lot, especially when he's happy. He actually says it quite a bit when I change him, which is when I always say, "diaper," to him. Not conclusively linked yet, but we'll see.

And oh my how he loves his toes! He will bend in half from sitting up just to chew and suck on them! I have some really funny pictures of him, naked on the changing table, sucking on his big toe!

I took the boys to the local mall the other day to shop Gymboree's big sale. Oh what a pile of cute clothes we came out with! I got Iain some canvas deck shoes in blues with orange trim - $4.99 and OOOH so cute! Of course, he's tried to eat them a few times. :LOL He had one pair of shoes a few months ago that were essentially crib shoes - I was so sad when he outgrew those! I'd still like to get him some Robeez or other soft shoes sometime, I think - but I'm pretty sure he'd eat those, too!

Okay, I started this hours ago and apparently never got it posted! I've been trying to work out my Mudpies order. We're finally going to retire Iain's size 0 (yes, 0) Kissaluvs and small FBs in the next few weeks, after all of these new diaper orders get here! DH said tonight, "If we're going to spend all this money, you better get something I like!" :LOL So, we'll be getting a dragon and flames print AIO. Thankfully our number one favorite print is in common so he can't complain. He actually was good enough to score the custom Mudpies slot for me - from work! He's a good man.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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Ok, I'm going to try to keep up in this thread again! I make no promises.

It's fun to go through and read about how all of Reid's age-mates are doing. He's still a big fatty, although overdue for a check so I don't know his weight at all. He is SO social, which is different them all of my others; my girls were both shy, and older ds was terrified of strangers, and would scream like murder if someone he didn't know got too close to him. Reid grins and wiggles and sometimes tries to wave at anybody who even looks his way.

I cannot believe that he is 7 months old today!!!

We've introduced him to solids, but they have yet to become close friends. heh. I keep being amazing at his fat, because he is so active, and also because he seems to not nurse much; he doesn't comfort nurse and rarely nurses to sleep, both making parenting him more difficult at times. He is, though, an easy-going happy baby.

I've got some pictures on a web-page finally, as simple as it is:
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Plantmommy, what a cute boy! I love the one of him standing up and holding on to the coffee table. Kate stands up and hold on to my arms, but I haven't tried letting her hold onto something else yet.

Heather, I can't believe Ian took steps! Has he crawled at all, or is he just going to skip that. I have a feeling Kate won't ever crawl because everytime I put her on her tummy she immediately flips onto her back and tries to sit up! :LOL

Lucy is so cute. What gorgeous blue eyes! And I love the bunting outfit- is that what they're called? We don't get to wear those in Texas- it's never cold enough! :

FF, I Gymboree..but I buy all of them used because after spending 20 dollars on a pair of pants there, the only way dh would let me keep them was to promise never to go in the store again! :LOL So now I have to stalk the TP and ebay!

Speaking of, those of you that are hitting that store, if you find any 12-18 mos. from the giraffe line on sale, PLEASE : pick it up for me and I will pay you and pay for your trouble. The prices on ebay for this line are outrageous and another mdc Mama said it's on big sale at Gymboreee right now...alas, a promise is a promise. My big mouth!

jilly, you will love your FBs..we do! But my new fave is my Daisy Doodle that a friend gave me...so, so trim!!

Cynthia, congrats on your house!! I can't wait until we can buy! It'll be a while, though. Can't believe Desi is peeing in the potty. EC fascinates me...

Jen, thank you. I followed your directions twice and it ended up just linking to ofoto's main page...what picture sight do you use?

That Thomas cake is sooo cool!

Samantha, I always love watching the dr. and nurses try and figure out Kate's cds. I know, I'm bad!

Ok, I have to run...I'm off to my knitting circle. I can't wait!! I just learned and it is so fun to get together, drink tea, and knit!! Savannah, you would be so proud!
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The other thing I can't waste brain space on besides dieting is the Baby Genius Thang! I want my time with Lulu to be natural, not forced. There is so much for this new little soul to learn, see, absorb without ME pushing it. I find trying to artificially "teach" her things very tedious. I just enjoy the world with her and share my life.

Anyone else feel that way?

I read about very sincere moms narrating their activities for the babe in very CLLLLL - eea --RRRR English. "I'm feeeeeing the D --OOOOG, Lulu. DOG. See the Dog?" I tried that like once and just found it so silly. I admire folks that have the patience or disposition. My husband is even worse! He just talks to Lulu in these sweet expressive grunts!!

A woman at a play group yesterday asked me if i was teaching Lulu to wave (because apparently Lulu waved at her a few times -- a new one!). It is just such an alien concept to me.

NOT that I judge others for doing it! But my interests and efforts are more around the Love thing! I just want Lulu to feel loved and part of this world. I just put my efforts into responding to her. I guess I also put effort into letting her be out and about a lot and socializing with all ages (nursing home all the way down to wee babes). :LOL

Also, bunsmom, we never did tummy time. Likewise, I am not into creating a super baby who reaches her "milestones" early. When Lulu was ready, she flipped over.

Love to all the babies. One day we'll get some pics up.

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Wow, gorgeous babies!!! Lucy has a lot of hair, and great big blue eyes, doesn't she? And wow, Reid is a chunk. I love that picture of him standing also, and the soldier crawling series.

I have some really cute pictures I hopefully can get onto Shutterfly this weekend. The AIO is ready to be flipped right side out, to see if I did it right or not... I decided to wait and do that today. =O)

Oh, Heather, I just bought some great dragon and flames fabric yesterday on WalMart's remnant aisle! Can't wait to make a dipe with it. And I discovered my WM has a $1 per yard section... droool... I found LOADS of cotton gauze fabric perfect for making wraps!!! So I bought 6 yards of this beautiful rose colored one for myself. I wanted to buy it all and make and sell some wraps, but decided I should let things happen naturally instead. Besides, dh would flip if I spent all that money the first day of the month! LOL

Our babies are all so cute and interactive! I love hearing about all your new "tricks". Congrats, FF on selling 3 pouches in one day!
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P.S. Sarah, those sachets sound perfect! I might order one. Or if you get the 6 pack and want to sell me one or two, let me know.

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Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama
I read about very sincere moms narrating their activities for the babe in very CLLLLL - eea --RRRR English. "I'm feeeeeing the D --OOOOG, Lulu. DOG. See the Dog?" I tried that like once and just found it so silly. I admire folks that have the patience or disposition. My husband is even worse! He just talks to Lulu in these sweet expressive grunts!!
I just read in a book (and had reinforced what I thought all this time) - you should talk to your children like humans. Normally. They will feel that you respect them enough to communicate with them like you communicate with anyone.

and remember children learn to talk through imitation, too.

My two cents. We're off to a rummage sale.

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FF- Your roof caved in?!? How horrible. Especially when you have children. Our landlord was a real *&%&^ when Aidan fell off the rocks and was in ICU for two days then another two days on the children's floor. We had been asking him for the last 3 years to put a fence up, and after this happened he kept saying ya, I'll come over. That was last April : Congrats on the slings though!

I agree with talking to babes like people. We talked to Aidan all the time very normally and where always very honest about naming things, and he had a fantastic vocab very eary for his age.

I eat all the time too. I can't stop. I'll make a huge meal and then be hungry 10 min. later. Dh gets annoyed(sp) Because I'm always asking him what he wants to eat, but we just ate, and he feels that I'm trying to get everyone to eat on my schedule, which is every 10-15 min. I still have a pouchy belly, which isn't that bad, but I only have low rise pants, soo...

Bryn does the same when I have him in the jogger and it's windy. His arms go up and he stops breathing. It's not like I take him out in horrible weather, but I have to get out and so does Aidan. I gave Bryn some Nature's Best teething biscuts and he absolutely loves them. He knaws and sucks till it's a yucky little stump.

Gotta go, Bryn's getting upset and I have yet to make coffee. Oh, CSM- I'm on hyper alert at night as well. When I hear people say that you could be sleeping and roll over and smother babe, I think Yah Right. If I'm able to even fall asleep.
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Just want to say I love all the pics! It's so fun to put the faces with the names. Thor woke up at 4:30 am today, rarin' to go. Finally slept for another hour until 6, but then was awake again, bright eyed and bushy tailed. DH got up with him so I slept until 8:30..... ahhhh.
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FF, I also meant to say.. : that your ceiling caved in and your landlord is such an a$$. I'm so sorry!!!

And Stacey, congrats on knitting! I got a lesson once a few years ago and knew I would love it, but after the holidays I never tried again and have long since forgotten what I learned. That sit and knit group sounds fun. My friend here who makes Ella's Diapers and I are going to get together next Thursday and sew diapers... should be fun. Oh, and I found some monkey fabric! It was on the clearance page of that new diaper supply store that has a banner ad here at MDC. I hope it comes soon. It looked really adorable on the screen...
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