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I'm a leftie also, but nobody attempted to make me a rightie. I think that is mostly because my great grandma and grandma are also lefties so they just left me alone too. My aunt was also a leftie (on the other side of my family), but my grandma made her become a rightie, my aunt is still bitter about that :LOL
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When I was in elementry school they used to keep me in at recess and put tape on the side of the desk I was supposed to be writing on. My mom found out and came in and got pretty upset with the teacher. She is very artsy fartsy (read, hippy) and was always upset when teachers did that kinda thing. Especially the ones who told her that I wasn't going to be an artist b/c I didn't follow what the rest of the class was drawing

Bryn wants to type so bad now. I wonder what it will be like for his generation. Aidan can write in Word and is excellent at spelling out web-addresses. Give him a piece of paper and it's not the same.
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My dad was also a leftie and his school tried and tried to make him a rightie but it didn't work. Stubbornness runs in the family. Tristan's donor was ambidextrous so I'm curious what that will mean for his hand dominance.

My host mom in Germany is left-handed but they took made her learn to write with her right hand and she has the messiest handwriting in the world.

Re: videos and TV - I never was a big TV watcher. I make a conscious effort to not watch too much TV or get into a series because I get completely sucked in and it affects my life very negatively. For example, I used to be really, REALLY into E.R. to the point that the thought of missing an episode would send me into a panic. I started planning my life around it. I realized that this is not healthy for *me* and so stopped watching. The only thing I watch regularly is Supernanny (which I unfortunately am beginning to find kind of redundant, but I love her accent and the fact that she tells parents things like "Your kids will still love you even if you discipline them!"... as a teacher I dealt with a lot of parents who did not understand this!) and I love the britcom "My Hero", but usually don't stay up to watch it because I'm too tired when T wakes up to eat in the middle of the night - although last night there was no middle of the night, he slept from 11 - 5, whoopee! - other than that, I only watch in special situations - like watching the pope's funeral, for instance. Other than that I only turn it on if there's severe weather. But - like I said - this is just me. Jo likes the TV on for background noise and I will frequently come home from somewhere to find both of the TVs on and she'll be watching neither of them. I like the radio a lot, though, but have been trying to cut down on listening and try to sing to Tristan instead so he can hear a real, live voice. OK, my Waldorf side is starting to show. I'll stop now. </waldorf>

Becca - what I have heard about the chicken pox vaccine is that even if he gets it, he's still likely to get chicken pox again later in life. Rather sketchy protection. I think there was a family at my school who had chicken pox with a 3-year-old and a some-months-old; would you like me to see what the mom has to say about it?

Stacey how is the bilingual thing going in your house? Does your hubby still talk Spanish to her even when you're around? I only speak German to Tristan when we're alone together but with others I speak to him in English so that people don't feel left out. I hope it doesn't backfire.

Well, I'm sposed to be meeting Danielle for ice cream in about 40 minutes and Tristan is still sound asleep. Of course he slept in til 9 and didn't go down for a nap until 11:30 on the day I make a plan. Normally he's down for a nap at 10 and up by noon. Sigh... best laid plans!

ok, I gotta get off of here, I'm really chatty today

xo, j
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Jen~ Don't go out of your way, but that would be great to hear what it was like for her. Aidan's doc said the same about the vax. I don't mind if he get Chic. pox, but with Bryn, it's misserable even if he had a slight cold. Oh well. When I told a mom that has two boys my son plays with down the street that Aidan might have it, she was all excited and wanted to send her boys down so they could get it now while they are young instead of later.

The weather has turned yucky and windy/snowy, but I have to wake Bryn up and walk up the street to get Aidan from school.
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I think 3 joey bunz is fine for your FBs... Mine last all night (about 12 hours) when I stuff them with an infant cpf and a joeybunz or microterry insert. Without the extra insert, the prefold lasts about 9 hours overnight. =O)

We watch way too much TV here. Praise video in the mornings, maybe a little PBS cartoons... and in the evenings, we tend to end up watching from about 8 or 9 p.m. on, usually after dinner and while I'm nursing the babies to sleep the last time. Let's see... some sundays: home makeover. Mondays: Nanny shows. Tuesdays: American Idol and House (LOVE House!). Wednesdays: American Idol results. Thursdays: The Apprentice and E.R.

BTW, my Amazing Accomplishment ended up lasting 2 hours. Pretty good for two-in-one-crib! Then they spent the rest of the night with me in bed. But I went to bed at 2 a.m., and by 5 a.m. they had woken 5 times in 3 hours!!! Ugh. I was very exhausted and distraught when at 5:30 William woke up fussy and wouldn't go back to sleep. I (grumpy and nearly in tears -- did I mention my nipples were REALLY HURTING all those 5 times they nursed the previous 3 hours???) put him across the house in his car seat to stare at the screen saver on the computer in hopes that the dark quiet would help him go back on his own. But no, he lasted about 20 minutes then started wailing. Dh went to get him and let me rest, and brought him back hungry at about 7:30.

I have been ravenously craving sweets lately, and giving in... my LLL friend said yesterday when I happened to mention it to her that I must have yeast growing and taking over my body. I don't know if it's a psychological thing, or she's just a goddess, but all day I kept noticing things that would prove that to be true... sore nursing, McK sticking her tongue out in the way where it rubs against her gums (and it looked slightly white, but could it just be the milk tongue???)... then I got the weird white itchy spot at the back of my tongue... maybe the frequent nursing and fussiness are related... Well, I may end up doing the GV again tomorrow.

And will have to suddenly wean myself from sweets and dairy. Bring on the raw veggies!!!

Last night I got an email and call from another twin mom who is newly certified to teach Baby Signs. She had two spots and asked if I wanted to participate really cheaply. I jumped at the chance! Today was the babies' first class. Very cute! Songs and 6 new signs each week along a theme. The babies in the group were 7 1/2 months to 11 months old. The only bad thing is this gal's house is an hour's drive away! So it's quite a morning. Six weeks long, though, so it'll be worth it.

Whew, Jen, I'm chatty, too! Gotta run... Why is it I have all my monthly evening meetings during the week I am cramming to prepare for the LLL conference?? Ack. Tonight is our home school parent meeting, and Wednesday we start back with our Home Builders Bible study.

Stacey and Jen, I'm jealous that your kiddos will grow up bilingual! I wish I could force my dh to speak to the kids in Italian, but so far nagging hasn't worked.
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Hello! My family is in quite the state these days! I'm sick and because it's so dry in Saskatchewan this keeps triggering my asthma, ds is teething and has a bit of a stuffy nose/cold, and dh still has a huge bandage on his finger! Oh well, we're surviving.
Andrew has been waking up a lot at night lately, and wanting to nurse all night. I can sleep really well with him laying next to me, but not when he's nursing, so eventually, when I know he's just comfort nursing I've been taking him off and trying to rock, pat, etc instead to get him to sleep becuase I'm just exhausted! Last night between my coughing waking him and his incessant nursing we were up from 3 - 4:30 straight, then he woke up at ten to six, and didn't fall back to sleep until 9! It's been terrible.
TV: we just have a DVD player, no cable or antennae, which is a good thing because I LOVE TV and would watch way too much at home all day. Which would be bad because Andrew also loves TV -- he gets totally fixated. When he's really fussy we do watch Strong Bad emails on the Homestarunner.com site, though. It soothes him and makes me laugh.
Battery op. toys: Andrew is so fussy that I caved and got things that make noises because they make him stop and listen. I have a baby einstein sensory toy thing that plays classical music. IT is only for the car, when he is usually at his worst. But the batteries are wearing down and the music is sounding more and more demented by the day :LOL
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Jen, John still talks to Kate only in Spanish when they are alone and sometimes when it's just the three of us b/c I understand Spanish. But he speaks English to her in public.
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DH posted some pics of Iain eating bananas in his new high char on his blog. Someday I'll get more pics up!

Before we moved out here, we were down to DVD player only. We dropped cable and had no antenna. It was kinda nice, but a little lonely sometimes! Here, there's cable with the house, so we go between watching none to watching way too much. If Gabriel asks for a video, I'll typically allow one per day, and Iain will watch some, too. Of course, neither generally watches the whole thing! Then sometimes we'll watch something at night. And then there are days where I find something on TLC. I don't know that we'll bother getting cable again when we go back home. There is just so little on!

Iain is working hard at crawling at the moment. A little more synchronization, and he'll be off! For now, he's spending a bit of time eating carpet with his bum in the air. :LOL

I was left-handed as a child, though the only one in my family I know of who is. I broke a finger on my left hand, though, at age 3 or so, and switched at that point to using the right. I blame that for my ability to envision but not execute artistic endeavors. :LOL

Okay, he's tired himself out and is fussy now... Have a good night, everyone!
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Heather - that is one gorgeous boy!!!
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Ok, you guys want a laugh??? I've been planning a surprise bday for my husband's 30th birthday in July...was going to rent the place this week, have Sarah make the invites, etc. until MIL remeinded me that he'll only be 29 this year! THAT'S how sleep deprived I am. I don't even know what year it is!!! :LOL

So, now Sarah, I'd like you to make an invite for Kate's 1st bday...but first I have to decide on a theme...and NEXT year, I'd love you to make an invite for dh. I already have all those plans made. I am REALLY ahead!! :LOL
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No cable at our house. We have PBS, though, and a DVD player. Mieke typically watches Sesame Street from 8am-9am and then Clifford and Postcards from Buster in the afternoon. Not completely comfortable with up to two hrs of TV a day, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...I know that hour in the afternoon helps dp keep his sanity :LOL
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Oh, Stacey, that is just too funny!

Dp turned 30 in February

I'm still a young pup at 28 (till July!)
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My partner turned 30 last July. I'm turning 27 this May, I can't believe I'm going to be in my late twenties, that's just so weird to me. I also found my first grey hair two days ago. I could not believe it!

I got myself a website, I'm so excited! I haven't actually started making it, I just signed up last night, but it's so awesome. For some reason I got a discount, I'm not exactly sure why, but I don't have to pay any start-up fee, which was $25, and instead of $11.95/month, it's only $9.50. That's the best deal I could find. I'm very excited, I got my own domain name and everything.

I was checking out other pouch sites last night and I realized that both ZoloWear and Hotslings had the same mom and baby. I'm pretty sure it was the person who makes Hotslings because she is in most of the pictures. It was odd to see her wearing a Zolo sling, in the same place that she took a picture with her Hotsling pouch, in front of an old car, with the same outfit.
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Originally Posted by Almamiel
No cable at our house. We have PBS, though, and a DVD player. Mieke typically watches Sesame Street from 8am-9am and then Clifford and Postcards from Buster in the afternoon. Not completely comfortable with up to two hrs of TV a day, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...I know that hour in the afternoon helps dp keep his sanity :LOL
Jack was watching about two hours a day for a while. I told myself that what I did with him those OTHER hours in the day made up for the time he spent watching tv. We play, we dance, we sing, we read, we art (should be a verb), we go places. I figure that the hours he spends with me not watching tv are probably more "enriching/quality" than the "average" child receives. KWIM?
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I checked ZoloWear today and that picture is off the front page. Now it's the Zolo owner, I think, in a solarveil sling. I need to make myself one of those, with the amount of time I'm in a pool it's necessary.
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Yeah, sistermama, I agree with your assessment. It's just that I've always been so avidly anti-tv (didn't have one while I was growing up either)....But I tell myself that the time she watches the tube is literally the only time the tv is actually on in the house.

Of course, she always says "mama, let's go to pbskids.org" everytime she visits me at work

FF - forgot you'd asked me about music. Shamefully, I've totally been out of the music loop since I got preggo with dd1. I just listen to whatever dp is into at the moment. Which has been, for way too long, old country music. Like Hank and Buck Owens. Great music, but not my 'thing', ya know. One of my girlfriends and her partner made him a Django Rhinehart cd, so he's been getting into old jazz alot lately. It's funny, music used to be such a huge part of my life - going to clubs to hear dp play, putting in cd after cd all day and night. Now I can't even remember that last time I put a cd in at all. AFter I get home from work at around 5:15, I'm pretty much solely responsible for kids, housecleaning, laundry etc.

Sigh. Didn't mean to turn this into a vent...

I'll have a personality again someday, won't I????
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I don't listen to music much around the house anymore, Chloë can talk almost non-stop for all her awake time, so when I have music on too, it's just too overstimulating to me. But I do always listen to music in the car, and normally Chloë slows down the chattering in the car. I used to go see bands all the time, but now I rarely go. I've seen about 5 bands in the last 2 years.
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We have no TV 'cause I think it does terrible things to the brain! And my husband calls me his "cure to a life long TV addiction." Me, I LOVE really trashy TV shows (I see them when I visit my mom) such as VH1 "Celebrity Breakups." Now we just do Netflix (online dvd rental) and rent a lot of documentries.!!

We watched "Life of the Buddha" with Lulu, who was entranced. But other than a rare DVD like that (once a month?) she will not watch any TV at this age. Folks, did you know that every hour a day a child watches increases the chance that the child will have ADHD by 10% when they get older? Is this any surprise?? (this study was published in the New York Times). They also found that many kids our age are already watching THREE hours a day of TV!

That said, when we visited grandma after the flood, it was fun to see Lulu looking at CNN in the a.m. as I drank my morning tea. Very absorbing for her. I could see how it would be very tempting for me, if I had a TV, to put her in front of it ... or to watch one of my trashy shows with her! THAT is why we have no TV in the house.

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Oh, I forgot to mention, we too have been having some crank-o days in the last week. And my patience has been tested. It was good to read that other babes here are being more clingy, crying, sleep disrupted. Just knowing this is normal for this age is helpful. There is SO much is changing, of course they are a little out of whack.

Lulu has been on a hair-trigger cry binge. She just cries at the drop of the hat. It hasn't been like that since before she got her first teeth in (3 -4 mo.) I guess those top teeth are descending.

And she's been more clingy as she's gotten more able to crawl and stand (she can stand while gripping onto something). It's just exhausting to me. And just when I get a break (evening time when dada is home) she really wants me, only me. Whew. Usually my husband rocks her to sleep, but she's been crying for me. I've been going to her to nurse her to sleep but then I miss my one break. Tonight I am finally letting her just cry with her daddy.

BTW, it has been apparent to us that Lulu is a rightie since she was a couple of months old. We were a little disappointed, we hoped she'd be a leftie like my husband!! Can't you guys tell your babies' hand dominance yet? It has been so clear in Lulu.
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Hey Everyone!

Been trying to catch up on posts, but gave it up and read the last page!

We are all doing great, spending loads of time outside in the fresh air. I have been attacking my fathers gardens with vim and vigor! Mielle loves being outside and has been quite happy to spend as much as 6 hours outside everyday! I am holding her alot of the time, we've been walking the property alot and playing with our NEW PUPPY!
That's right, we just took on a 7 week old WHITE Laborador Retreiver. He's so gorgeous, and has the most mellow sweet disposition. His name is Draco, he's from the litter of puppies my sister's dog had 2 months back. We actually helped birth him and Jerome named him the first day he was born. We never intended to keep a puppy, however after he was returned to my sister earlier this week we decided to make him ours. So, puppy, baby, sunshine and gardening.... that about sums it up.

Mielle has 2 new teeth, a total of 4. She's still fairly petite, but is moving into 6 to 9 month clothing. Have no idea what percentile she's in and honestly don't care. Haven't seen a doctor since she was 3 days old. There's been no need. She's happpy healthy and strong.
Her verbal skills amaze me! She says "Mama, Papa and Hi" clearly and has about 4 other warbled words we Think mean certain things. I am still using hand signals with her and she seems quite interested in them. She does Kinda wave "Hi and Bye" but only kinda.

I miss you all, and find myself struggling to reconnect when I do manage to get online. I must admit that the regular posters have changed so much, that sometimes it seems like I don't know "who" I am talking to anymore. I suspect that many of the old crew are lurking about catching up when they can, and to them I say an extra little hello. I hope everyone is well and as happy during this gorgeous spring as I am.

Happy sunshine and little growing green things headed your way
love to all
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