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January Babylicious April Thread

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So I'm going to edit this, but I thought a running list of mamas and babes would be good?

Katie (mama) DD (Lorelei) born January 30, 2005

3_Opihi - Ann - Violet
Azreial - - Elizabeth
Human_Being - Heidi -
Jessitron - Jessi - Evelyn
Killick - Nicole - Will
Lisa2976 - Lisa - Lauren
Malama - Karen - Luka
Mamabeca - Andy - Ori
Pam_and_Abigail - Pam - Geneva
Paquerette - Jeni - Beatrice
Proudmom - - Aine
Slygrrl - Kathy - Brynn
Sweetpeasmom - Laursa - Megan
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You did pretty well My dd is Aine...

Ann, thanks for the compliment DS is about 28-30 lbs, but he is tall, so his legs have slimmed up a bit. Speaking of he just brought me about 20ft of dental floss :

Inspired by your knitting, I grabbed my soaker project again. Perhaps my yarn is too fine...it is taking me FOREVER!!

Heidi - I am glad to hear you again. It is interesting how you and Karen speak of midwifery. I forget that it is a business as well as a passion...

babe crying more later

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Crunchiness - well I was born and raised an outstanding upper-middle class Catholic Republican. You know, the kid who never needs anything kind of gal. Stayed that way until I finished college.

I'm an armpit and leg shaving (although not always in winter), minivan driving (Andy, I envy your wagon), yellow lab walking, middle class SAHM now. We semi-recycle (the city picks up a mixed bag on trash day), I have a chemical free flower garden, our lawn is also chem free (looks like hell!!), we are going to delay and then selectively vax, shop at local stores as much as we can, buy in-season and local produce during warm weather, we cosleep, bf, plan to ebf, cd, slowly converting from the normal household cleaners to more natural ones, looking into natural healing and avoiding the docs, etc. Oh yah, and we ec part time with cloth backup.

At Easter my mother told me I was becoming a hippie. I just shaved my legs yesterday for the first time since Lauren was born, we have a wedding this weekend and I'm wearing a skirt... anyhow, she says between taking my kid potty, not vaxing (which she's not made a peep about!), and my "mexican baby carrier" that I must be a hippie. I think she expects me to come home one day with dreads

Oh my. This morning I fed Lauren at 8 and we cooed at eachother in bed and then made dh get out of bed and change her. I told him I needed 30 min. to myself and that she wasn't hungry so he better not come back saying "Mommie she's looking for you" which is his standard line if she's fussy or not. So he got out his sling, popped her in, and he's rocking at the dining room table while he works on his computer, she's sleeping with her hand over the top of the sling hanging on. Too cute. Shame we left our camera at my parents house on Easter.

Going to read through some of the posts to remember all the other mamas and babies for that list.

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Good morning everyone! Happy April. After twenty-five pages, it is definitely time for a new thread.

Andy, I have sixteen diapers/covers to send you today. Some (the FLAM - Righteous Baby Fits Like A Mitten) may only fit for a little while, but they were cute enough to send anyway. Evelyn wore them at ten pounds, so leaner Ori should fit in them at the moment.

This morning Evelyn wore her Kiwi Fuzbaby. It's a brown wool cover and a green snap-in diaper with a middle-of-a-kiwi design printed on it. DH said, "Yummmm, baby." (It's a medium and huge, but who cares? It's cute, and she fills it out easily.)

How is Will doing today? I hope you can hold him now, Nicole. I hope he is great.

Oh and Lisa, we cut off and hemmed some of the onesies so Evelyn has some cute shirts now. (Not really "we." Nana did it.) She wore one this morning, and it was just darling.

Heidi, we should meet for lunch on Friday the 13th May, then. I can take a (very) long lunch that day, hopefully, and pick up Evelyn and come downtown. I was going to say, "Oooh, doesn't it make them nervous getting married the day after Friday the 13th?" but wait. I got married on Sat the 14th too. That worked out okay.

Who has a husband who's not afraid to take care of the baby by himself for a few hours?
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I have nothing really to say this EARLY again am, but wanted to subscribe.

And Heather, yeah, midwifery is a business, but at least here, it's a really sucky one. A terrible way to try and make any $$.... many of the mw here actually have to subsidise their businesses. sigh.
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Happy April, everyone!! Aptly, it is POURING rain here, but very mild ~ high 70's. Our poor little garden is struggling against all of this rain, I fear!

Nicole, thank you for the updates about Will! I'm glad that he's extubated and I hope you are able to cuddle him soon. What a lot you have been through, all of you. I cannot imagine and offer lots of hugs.

Crunchy? Well, for this little Alabama town I CERTAINLY score high on the granola factor! :LOL We EBF, CD, and co-sleep... the slings and wraps are becoming our trademark around town ("Oh yeah! I saw you out walking with your baby in a cloth thing...."), delay vax, allegal homebirth for Brynn, homebirth for Tess, forego the newborn screening, forego the well baby visits... we're kind of weird to people around here, I think. I'm vegan, my DH & Tess are lacto-ovo... we walk almost everywhere we can, love to have our hands & feet in the dirt, our yard is wonderfully wild and free ~ like a little forest! I listen to pretty much straight folk/maritime folk music (DH is more into the Beatles & such), we love to hike and camp and aren't much for luxury hotels, etc. We shop at our little natural foods store as much as we can, and buy organic soy products almost exclusively (gotta do your best here!) We don't have cable, and are about as anti-cell phone as you get. My DH is a Philosophy prof. I wear little to no makeup, and am either "poo-free" or use natural shampoos without the icky chemicals. We use vinegar & baking soda to clean our house.


I'm a Starbucks addict (*blush*), and love my venti soy caramel macchiatos (fully leaded!) soooo much. We are buying a new car, but mostly out of necessity since our old one has NO AIR CONDITIONING and would become a death trap here in the summer (it's already unbearable). We eat at Burger King about once or twice a month, and are hopelessly addicted to the evil that is Coca-Cola... I'm trying desperately to cut back to a few a week; DH still will have atleast 2 a day... oy. Tess watches Caillou and Barney every morning, and I'll admit to watching both The Amazing Race AND The Apprentice each week.

THis post has taken me about half an hour to write, with the interruptions to run & fetch & cuddle, so I've lost track a bit. Oh well... such is life!

Oh, I had an awful dream last night!! I went back to work (social worker in a previous life), and when I got there I realized that I hadn't even thought to pump for Brynn before leaving that morning! Oh. my . God.... the desperation that I felt! I called home, and heard her screaming in the background... my boss told me that I could take a case of formula home with me. I couldn't find the words to tell her why I didn't want to do this; I was in hysterics, and I couldn't function. It was truly awful. I woke up feeling so lucky to be able to stay at home with my girls, and that first morning nurse felt so incredibly wonderful, I can't tell you!

Ok, Tessa is asking me "Are you all done your email???", so I guess that's my cue to go! lol
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Oh Annie- sorry to hear you are sick hope you are better today

Nicole- hope you get him in your arms soon. Unfortunatley I know all too well that feeling.

Wow love hearing all your crunchy ways! Lisa I'm surprised you turned out the way you did from the backgroud you grew up in.
I guess i've become more crunchy after my babes were born. I'm not totally crunchy but definitely more so than most. I cd, mainly for environmental reasons, ebm, sling, no vaxs/or delayed, buy organic whenever i can, vegetarian, semi veganish at times, in process of eliminating all chemicals from cleaning, just bs and vinegar, recycle as much as possible, no cable here. I've recently kicked coca cola out of my diet, man that stuffs addicting! and trying to be as sugar free as possible. I do have some weak moments at times though.
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Wow - I come back after a week of the computer not working well and trying to spend less time online, and there were 5 pages and a new thread. I can't possibly keep up, but I do want to stay in touch!
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P&A, tell us how you're doing! You don't have to read all of our babbling.

What is lacto-ovo?

What is ebm and ebf? Is it exclusive or extended breastfeeding?

I wasn't crunchy at all until pregnancy, and then a friend turned me on to home birth. That led to chiropractic, natural remedies, and CD. MDC turned me on to no-poo (not using shampoo). We never had cable because we only watch football on TV. Soda - yuck. That was easy to give up at the beginning of the pregnancy. Coffee - yum. I've given up drinking bad coffee, and hold out for good stuff.

Kathy, Alabama and no air conditioning? That won't work at all. Do you have a hard time finding people to connect with in your town?

Here's a question: anybody ever put breastmilk in their coffee? I can't help looking at that thick hindmilk and thinking mmm, cream. If I could hand-express decently, I'd squirt some in there when nobody was looking.
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oh man. What a day I am having here. 1st I wake up with a stiff neck and a shooting pain in my leg. Then dh tells me the Emma the bichon, poop on the bathmat right in front of him so she went in her cage. I had to rush to get the diapers done (did it just in time). I let the dog about 1hr after dh left after liestening to her puke and whine in her cage. I waite till she quited down until I let her out. 5min later she did diarrhea on the dinning room floor, then hid under the futon. Whatever, I clean it up, and start a bath. Miss E thankfully fell asleep by 8 and just got up. Ok so I'm in the tub the the dogs come to hang out in the bathroom, they always do this. Not even 2min into my bath I hear Emmas belly rumbeling, yup diarrhea, pure liquid, right next to the tub. I finished my bath, rather quickly after that. A little while after that Miss E gets up, I change her and as I'm walking away, Emma who was right next to me stops walking and doea it again. This time, poor doggy, its clear with specs of blood
So now I obviously have to contain her I had to put the dog gate up in the kitchen, catch her, and put her in there. Meanwhile Elizabeth is screaming this whole time because she's starving after sleeping for almost 4 hours

I'm sitting here with one dog whinning because her belly's unhappy and just wants to be with me not locked in the kitchen, and the other dog whinning because I locked up his buddy and, little piggy, his food is on the other side of the gate. I'm wondering what I'm going to do when I have to go to the bathroom because its off the kitchen.

Oh yeah I wanted to go food shopping before dh came home and the city is ripping up the side street where our driveway is (our house is on a corner) so I can't take my car out. And my stiff neck has given me a headache. And Elizabeth left eye has looked swollen since this morning. Oh and now I have to wash all the floors downstairs, the bedding in Emma's cage and both bath mats. Of course the door to the basement is in the kitchen and I really don't want her to get out of there while she's got a sick bum.

I hope everyone's having a better day than I am
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Yuck! And poor pooch! Well, dd1 still bites dd2 a lot, I posted about it this morning in 'toddlers', because I am at my wits' end, really.
I've been getting some yardwork done this week while Geneva sleeps in the sling. For the past two weeks she has decided she'll only sleep while being held, so it's been real fun with my girls. I really hope to get out by myself sometime soon. I had an hour yesterday where they both napped (dd2 was in the playpen, in the sling - after sleeping in sling 2 hours she was deep enough for me to trick her into thinking I was still carrying her). I had tea and a muffin and wrote in my journal. It had been a couple weeks since I had been free of parental duties. It was sooo nice!
Our snow is almost gone, so I hope we'll soon get our garden started. Our yard has a lot of potential and I'm really excited - this is our first spring as houmeowners.

As far as crunchy, I have gotten crunchier from being on mdc (no kidding), but I'm not as crunchy as they come. No tv, some organic food, not as AP as I'd like to be, especially lately, I find I am saying and doing all the wrong things with dd1. Had a homebirth with #2, but didn't eat my placenta - it's earmarked for the garden though.

Well, dd1 just had a potty accident - time to go.
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OH Az, hugs to you!! What a crazy day!

Jessi, lacto-ovo are veggies who eat eggs/dairy but not meat. ebm = expressed breast milk, ebf = exclusively breastfeeding or extended breastfeeding, slebf = super long extended breastfeeding (i think beyond 2 years?)

Tell me about no-poo. I just learned about the evils of SLS and haven't had a chance to get sls free shampoo.

My day since dh gave Lauren back has consisted of nursing twice, lots of spitup and screaming followed by nursing again, then walking her to sleep in the sling, but of course she was upright and not laying in the sling, which means I can't take her off. So we're in the rocker and dh brought me a sandwich and water, and I'm watching WestWing from 2 weeks ago.

Laura, well I can't say being white, rich, and Catholic didn't poison me. I guess I forgot to mention 2 other things - in middle school my parents moved from white and rich town to Cleveland, opened a business and we became average people in a blue collar neighborhood. What a shock to my system that was. I was desperate to get back to where I had been as a kid, even went so far as to live there after college (but I was poor!) and the experience opened my eyes a bit. My parents gave up EVERYTHING to be happy and work together and ended up giving up even more so that my brother and I could have private school and other junk.

As for crunchiness, my mother just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right frame of mind - LLL was HUGE in the town I grew up in, as was the push for natural (with episiotomy) birth, so she had her kids unmedicated, used cloth dipes (mostly because I was allergic to sposies), and ebf - me until 14 mos. (she was 5 mos preg) and my brother until he was 9 mos (she had to go on medications to control her disease and couldn't bf on them), she coslept out of necessity (couldn't lift my brother in/out of the crib because of her disease either) and was generally pretty AP. Both of my parents are anti-spanking too, my dad is one of the most sensitive guys I've ever met.

Oooh baby stirs on my lap. Maybe after I feed her I can take a shower!! And somehow I've got to get to Target to get a wedding gift.

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Az!!! siunds like you have more babies than you need!!!! I hope the day only gets BETTER for you!!

All this talk about crunchiness is funny. I was laughing when reading Kathy's- because she feels she's so crunchy, but when it comes to beverages.... watch out! It's mostly funny because of how we judge ourselves. I didn't go into detail abotu my crunchiness, but there are definitely things I feel guilty about for consuming (mostly sugar related).

I just blissfully napped with the baby. usually he's been waking so early, and going back to sleep after an hour or so. but after an hour or so I'm just already awake. today though we went back for 1.5 hours and he's now still asleep. wow. I SOOOOO needed that. it was starting to catch up with me. i had a crazy dream about not getting the diapers washed on time- and then when I was walking back to my bedroom there were 2 centipedes in the hall (read BAD sting) and I couldn't see well enough to kill them. was an anxiety dream. And I DO have to wash diapers- though there are a few clean still.
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Morning mamas!

Don't have much to say. I'm feeling much better today, not sick at all, although my breast is still hurting.

Karen, nope, Jan wasn't my midwife - Kobe was born in the bay area, but she's attended pretty much every friends birth that I know in Arcata, lol. She just retired, I heard, which is sad. I guess there's another midwife named Pam now.

Heather - what yarn, needle size and pattern are you using? I can help you!!

Well, I gotta get going for now. We have LLL playgroup today. I hope it doesn't get rained out.

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I broke the baby today! Mom is here, we went shopping this morning, and when we got home I laid Bea on the boppy to get her coat off and allof a sudden she's SCREAMING, the one where you know they're hurt. And I couldn't figure it out for a second and then I realized I'd pinched her skin in the zipper when I unzipped her coat and I took off some skin and she was bleeding. So I started crying and almost panicking and Mom made me go get a washcloth and some bandaids. She finally decided to calm down and nurse, and I think we'll be okay, but I feel like crap. :

Before that, we were having a good day. I got some cute shorts for her at Target... wanted pants but they didn't have her size left (6 mo. by their sizing!), and I figured I'd better get shorts before they're gone! Ooh, and they have knockoff robeez for $5, so maybe I'll go back for them next week. I splurged on a clearance tshirt and new undies for myself.

Oh, and no LLL again. I looked at the site and the day is changed again, now it's second Tuesday! I think I'm destined to never make it to LLL. :

Crunchiness... I'm getting cruncier the older I get. My dad was a classic hippie, and he's getting more yuppie-ish, so I guess I'm making up the balance in the universe or something. :LOL Then I get to get old and stodgey someday (not that he's there yet) and the cycle will go on. This area is pretty much rednecky... conservative democrats, if that makes sense. There are no jobs, so young people get the hell out, so there's a dispropotionate amount of retirees.

Lisa- it's Beatrice.
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Aw Jeni, you sound so miserable! I bet you're more upset about it than she is by now. Bea is fine, just a pinch. DH got Evelyn with a diaper snap the other day, and Evelyn freaked out, and I was upstairs getting in the bath, and DH and Nana just stood there trying to figure out what the problem was while she screeched. I kept yelling at them to pick her up, and finally went downstairs (naked) and picked her off the changing table myself. She needed to be soothed. Bea is fine too. Her skin will heal quickly and it won't hurt her in the meantime.

Az, your day sounds dreadful! It's cute that you felt so sorry for Emma that you let her out of the cage to poop all over the house. Can you not get over the gate into the kitchen? How frustrating!

Kathy, great that you feel better.

P&A, she really bites the baby? Not your fault if you have to resort to parenting techniques you'd rather not use on her. You have to protect Geneva too.

No-poo: it's pretty easy. Instead of washing my hair in the morning, I rinse it well, rubbing the scalp just as if I were shampooing. Then every 3-4 days I wash it with baking soda: before getting in the shower, mix about 4 tbsp baking soda with enough really hot water (like all the way hot from the tap) to dissolve it, 1/2 to 1 cup. Wet hair, pour mixture over head, rub in, rinse out. After rinsing that out, I put a little bit of apple cider vinegar in my hair (with a spray bottle is most convenient), rub that in, and rinse it out.
The only other thing you have to do is brush your hair more. The natural oils are all up by the scalp and need to work down. In general, it's a time-saver, and my hair is happier. It took less than a month for my hair to look good with no-poo, and I had really oily hair before. Now it doesn't make more oil than it needs. And we don't have to buy shampoo or conditioner, and those big bottles aren't taking up space in the shower.
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Will Update

We are doing so well today. He is off the chest tube, and so happy about that. I got to hold him yesterday afternoon. They were trying to get him to take a bottle, but his poor throat was so sore that he wouldn't do it. We tried warm and cold milk, but no go. Finally, today they let me try to nurse him, and he latched on great and went to town. Well, not to far into town, but at least we got something in him. I feel so much more comfortable holding him now the chest tube is out. I am still worried that I will hurt him if I touch the incision site, but oh well. I even convinced the nurses to bring me a big bed so that I can sleep and nurse him this evening.

He decided this morning that he didn't want the IV in his ankle either and kicked that out, so we only have 1 line left in, and that is likely to come out tonight. Headed out now.

I will update on some of the other topics when we come home, which, thank god, looks like SUNDAY! We were thinking that it would actually be Tuesday or so, and this is great!

More tomorrow.
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Oh Jeni- Bea will survive.... believe me, it will not likely be the 1st time you accidentally hurt her. I can't tell you HOW many times I've been holding a babe adn whacked their head in a doorway when walking thru :

It's so beautiful here today. Luka and I hung out on the grass, sans diapers. We hung diapers, and just all together are enjoying. Now he's asleep on me on the bed. I wanna eat him up.

interesting, the no poo thing. I know about the issues with SLS, and sometimes buy poo that's free of it, but I'm so finicky about my "products".... see, that's one of my non-crunchy things, lol! Eat 90%organic food and put chemicals in my hair.... oh well, no one is perfect. I'm amazed that you're using baking soda and vinegar! they are my cleaning products of choice (that and citrus oils), but never thought of using them on my hair....

Lisa- your story is so interesting! I love hearing about people's upbrinings adn all.... up until I was in college, I thought EVERYONE had parents who adored them and who would do anything for them (what I had).... boy were my eyes opened. I never even believed dh when he complained about his, until I really met them (they're great now, but weren't when he was growing up).
Anyhow, it's my dad's bday today and I so wish we were together, but thankfully he adn my bro are coming next thurs! woo hoo!
and Kathy, we used to be campers and not into hotels/resorts.... I don't know WHAT happened to us!!!
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AWESOME Will and Nicole!!
That baby is a trouper!!! and he knew he needed the good stuff straight from the source- no bottles for him.
Hugs to you and your little man!!!!
Glad you're coming home sooner than expected!!!!!
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No-poo sounds interesting. I might try it...

So Lauren had a little snack earlier and fell back to sleep. I ended up putting her in bed, got a shower, washed dipes, went to Target and not only got a wedding gift but also some house stuff that we probably don't really need. Dh called me while I was there to say babe still sleeping so I headed to the grocery that has a really good nfs selection, got some yummy smelling sls-free poo and looked for sls-free toothpaste but there was none.

Now I'm back where I left off, feeding babe in the rocker.

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