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Wow, three more pages to catch up on!

This week has been ok, except I am having hip pain in one side that is aggravated by: changing diapers ont the floor, eating with a babe in lap, and nursing. I'm going to the doc on tues. I hope it's not arthritis, I've got a lot of it in my family.

The aggression issue is calming down, dd1 is not allowed to touch dd2, and it's been working for a week.
Hoping to get our garden started soon!

Thinking about a kozy style carrier...

Going through a lot of diapers lately. Kinda slack on ec, as my mom made me some nice soakers, and right now I can keep on top of the laundry, so I hesitate to leave her diaperless.

GIO- maybe it's the tandem nursing, but I'm rarely in the mood, and when we do it's not fun for me. According to dh it's not a lube problem either.

Nicole, glad surgery went well.
Catnip, hope your milk issues work out, and even if you have to supplement, know that you did all you could.
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Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail
GIO- maybe it's the tandem nursing, but I'm rarely in the mood, and when we do it's not fun for me. According to dh it's not a lube problem either.
Pam I wouldn't take dh's opinion on the lube. Not to say that he's lying but ok to him and ok to you to differnt. DH insisted there was no "lube problem" once and while gio didn't hurt, like it can when too dry, it just wasn't doin' it for me. We added a little lube and it was much better.

Laura it sounds like you're doing a super job with Megan

Lisa its hard dealing with grandparents or parents sometimes, when they're good people but they have nasty habits. Yeah its a bummer that dh pinned not wanting to stay all on you, but he probably loves his grandparents and doesn't want them to think he doesn't want to see them or keep their grea g-daughter from them. Even though we know its just their smoking you trying to keep her away from.

Lisa thanks for telling me about the religous exception to the vax. I thought you needed a letter from the clergy backing you up on that. But I did some research this am and found out I do not. DH is totally backing me up on not vaxing. So it looks like we're going no vax.
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Hey Az- we're no vaxers over here. Actually, Kobe is vaxed but the rest are vax free. Hawaii is the same, you can only sign a religious exemption, but all you do is sign a paper and that's where it ends.

I feel like I should tell everyone that gets diapers from me. Someone at ds's school had whooping cough, and he was basically exposed. I talked to the doctor, and he says we are most likely in the clear - ds had the vax last month, and I've had whooping cough so the kids are getting my immunity. Ok, but please wash whatever you get from us!!! Az- you're really probably ok even if you didn't wash the stuff. The person who had it was the baby sister of a little girl at our school, not an actual student, and Kobe doesn't go near the girls with a 10 foot pole. Sorry mamas I feel like I should tell you though.

Ok, forgot what else I was going to write. Please don't hate me!!!!
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Annie as long as none of those HI roaches made it to my house its cool I'm not worried about it, I think that chance of you spreading whopping cough across the country with your diapers is pretty slim
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Jut had time to skim, but wanted to update: WE HAVE MUSTARD POOP! Improved from yellowish brown egg white poop. 8-12 wets per day and a weight and color improvement. At least the problem is me, not anything wrong with my precious baby! May still need to supplement as she grows, but right now we are doing better. As of now she's geting my own milk in the SNS and that's it.
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Catnip, yay! that's wonderful! We are all poop-watchers here.
How do you pump enough to supplement with your own milk? Are you attached to something every minute? sounds exhausting. You are a great mother to work so hard to give Kaia the best nourishment you can.

Ann, we didn't wash them and she has already worn three and she is not vaxed. Good thing I'm not a worry-wart. I'm reading Aviva Jill Romm's book about vaccinations now, and I'm almost to the whooping cough section. I'll speed up the reading so I'll know what the symptoms are, just in case.

Just think, if we all got together in Hawaii, we could sniff each others' baby heads all day and compare.

DH reports that a few days ago Evelyn farted and it stank. That's her accomplishment for the week: her first stinky fart. Yep, she's our daughter all right.
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Lol jessi, I'm sure my dh will proudly report that too. As it is, he goes "good girl, just like daddy" when she has big bad burps.

Catnip, you are a strong gal. Like Jessi asked, how do you manage to pump extra w/o wearing a pump all day?

Well we finally gio today. We've tried a few times, the first was too painful, 2nd babe woke, I think 3rd she woke again, today she slept right through and her little eyes popped open when I got out of bed.. she's a smartie, that babe! And I'm sore, almost like how I felt 3 weeks postpartum, but that's ok. I told dh that it is a year ago this weekend I got preg, so in theory we could be having another kid. He rolled his eyes at me and then got a really serious concerned look of panic on his face. I had to laugh at that.

We stayed at grandmas for nearly 2 hours and we all took showers when we got home. Dh and I left our coats in the car, and the carseat because I really didn't want to take it apart and wash it after being in the bar. Er I mean grandmas. I think MIL said something to her about it because although the house was full of smoke and she had obviously been smoking in there during dinner (we skipped dinner because of the soy/dairy thing, they all had local takeout) she went to the sunroom and stayed out there when she smoked while we were there. And she had a cold, so she politely said she wouldn't hold babe, which made me happy as she's the stinkiest of the bunch.

Going to lunch with the guy who shares dh's cube at NASA, they have a 6 mo old babe and we haven't seen her since she was 5 weeks in Nov. when we babysat.

Sunny and slightly warm here today, it's like spring might actually stick around this time. Last weekend it snowed 5" so who knows.

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Wow. Slow over here today!

Well, I spoke to the ped today and he said he thinks its very unlikely that anyone actually had whooping cough. He hasn't heard anything from the health dept. and they usually send out an apb at the first hint of these kind of things. So...I think we're in the clear.

Violet is so funny. Her new thing is that she really wants to blow a raspberry. She stares with this very serious look of concentration, and then pushes out her little tongue. She can get the bubbles, but not the sound.

Jessi - LOL on the stinky farts. V only poos about every 4-5 days, by the 3 or 4 day, her farts are not very lady like! Whoo-ee, poor thing can clear out the living room. Oh well, she's her father's daughter. (and her mother's : )
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I hear ya Annie - My dh says my toots are WAY worse than his, but his are so much louder, I think that counts for some kind of grossness factor. Dd is like me, silent but deadly.

THANK YOU ANNIE!!! I got two great wool soakers today! I totally wasn't expecting them. What a WONDERFUL su-prize! By the way, for everyone else (I don't think this works for Ann LOL!) just put your babies into one of Annie's cool covers and the babe instantly has a BLOWOUT poop! Amazing. It happened to both the covers instantly!

I've been pretty sick, a major sore throat (can't hardly talk) and a head cold with chills and fever. Sucks. Dh is due home late tonight...thank goodness! It's been really brutal trying to keep up with 2 kids and sickness without the help of a partner...even one you have to tell EVERYthing to ... could you PLEEEASE pick up the screaming baby, could you please put dd to bed, etc. But at least he's helping! It'll be nice to have the family back together again. It's been a hard week for him, too.

I also got a beautiful Mei Tai from Karen, but I'll have to let her know separately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it because it doesn't seem she's checking in (you lurking Karen???)

Ok, time to put dd down and crawl into bed. Maybe I'll make it into jammies. I woke up this am with both tits hanging out of my button down fleece shirt, my legs inside the duvet cover, the baby wrapped around me. It was strange, to say the least. Poor Ori, I don't think he's terribly sick, but it seems like he's got a sore throat too.

Take care mamas! I should have time for a nice long post tomorrow and get to all your posts. xxx andy
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Hey Annie, looks like we are just about the only ones around. I expected to come back and find pages to read

Andy, and anyone else with bigger girls (can't remember who!) MIL just showed up with 3 huge rubbermaid tubs of SILs clothing. I went through some of it, and it seems to be lots and lots of 4t through 7 or 8, not much baby stuff (which is what I was hoping for)... and some of it is def. worn and not pretty enough to pass along, but there are a few nice things if anyone wants them. Or at least nice enough that I'd put my kid in them to go play. Just let me know. I'm going to have to sort the entire mess out and pull what I can use and she said to take the rest to a resale shop but sometimes it's just easier to let goodwill pick it up here.

Nothing else exciting, MIL and SIL came over this afternoon and then my parents showed up (with dinner! LOVE THAT!) and Lauren took a huge nap so nobody got to play with her while they were here. I'm loving the long afternoon naps, she's taken one every day this week, and I hope it's a pattern she wants to keep for a year or two.

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Ha! Lisa - just as soon as you get something figured out with these little poopers, they go and change it on ya. That's just the way of it! LOL! Things sound real mellow over by you. The weather here is so nice dh has conceded and is putting up the tramp for dd. She LOVES the tramp (a big one, 16' I think). Last years big purchase. This year was the bed. Now we're saving up for a hot tub (we had one before we moved, very sad thing to leave behind).

Ori had a real scream fest this afternoon. It was piercing. My ears are ringing anyway, it was so so painful to listen to that I had to leave the room. He wouldn't stop (duh, noone was doing anything to help). Finally I put cotton in my ears, bundled him and shipped him outside to dh. He got creative and tied the CARSEAT to a tree branch as a swing. Now he's sleeping. He wouldn't eat, had just woken up, I gave him a short massage (he usually loves those), and about half way thru he started crying. Didn't want to nurse, I'm thinking he had to make a poop. Should'a put him back into one of Annie's covers! LOL!

Anyway, I went outside to take a pic of this amazing scene of the incredible flying carseat (how dh copes with crying baby) and the washing of the tramp event (Beca bouncing along the rim of the tramp with the hose and LOOOOVING it), and standing there taking a pic of Ori dh pulls back the carseat and lets loose and it hit me right in the head! Ooooowww!!!! I just walked away. Some men do NOT get it. So now I have this totally raw throat, a head cold, and a bump on my forehead (and wrist where I was holding the camera (which is why I didn't see the stupid thing comming ... that damn time lag!) which is even more sore)! This day is not going especially well. Having dh home is good. But he burned the panny-cakes this am., dd wouldn't eat them and made a big fuss that made dh feel bad, I already felt bad having been up at almost every hour of the night between the sore throat and the baby. Isn't it supposed to get BETTER??? I can't even swallow a pill or drink much, and I think I have less and less milk... I am not happy.

I do have great new covers (annie - do you want me to send these back when Ori gets too big?) and the new mei tai, so life REALLY could be worse...

Catnip - I am really glad to hear you are working out more milk and that there is nothing wrong with babe! I think we all foster that fear inside, and the relief that it is US not THEM is so wonderful. LOTS OF HUGS!!!

Lisa - if there are some cute things dd would probably love them! She's a 7 now, but slim, so no 6x's or 7x's as they just fall right off. Ok, I'm feeling somewhat recovered after that nice long rant... sorry! I'm heading outside for a few licks of sunshine. xxx andy

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Ow, Andy, ow! Great that DH is back and that the weather is pretty, but other than that, it sounds like it sucks to be you today. I hope you get better right quick. Keep sucking down that water, even if you don't like it, so you can make milk.

DH thinks I'm getting skinnier, like bad skinnier, like my arms are scrawnier and I need to eat more. Then he feeds me, yum! Right now he's working on grilling some steaks. Unfortunately, "working on grilling" involves getting the grill out of the garage, hosing it off, then cleaning and oiling it, quite a laborious process. I'm hungry, grr.

DH and MIL took Evelyn to the grocery store today, a 1.5 mi walk with the stroller. The weather is fantastic, 70s and sunny with a good breeze. While they were gone, I did the taxes. Woo hoo, they're done, and we even get a refund from the state.

Lisa, good job surviving grandma's. It sounds like she is more considerate than MIL.

Crunchy bacon! Crunchy ham!
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Whassup with crunchy pork pieces Jess?! That's funny!!! Yeah, kinda sucks to be me. If I weren't sick it'd be ok, but...

Lisa - I hate smoke too. I just hate it. I used to smoke in another lifetime (BC), and I think my nose is especially sensitive to it. I can smell it on dh a mile away. sometimes he sneaks smokes with our neighbor (the one who broke his collarbone skiing with dd and dh) or with the guys at work. But anyway, it's awfully good of you to actually go to their home at ALL because I don't think I could even do that much. If they're spry enough to x-country to FLA twice a year, they can drive x-cleveland and visit their great-gandie, I say. BUT...you DID survive, and so did Lauren. She is already a major socialite, your gal! Lunches out, visits with friends, travel to family, WAY more social than I am with ds. Just me, and the fact that we don't have family here! Ok, take care all, I'm heading back outside. The sunshine actually feels good. LOL!! Andy
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I was beginning to worry all the mamas went away..

Ah Jessi, I would love to be just a bit scrawny and mmmmm... even though it takes forever to find, clean, and then cook on the grill, it'll be nice to have a yummer dinner with the nice weather.

Andy, yikes, big hugs your way. Sounds like a rough time. I *so* can not show my dh the pics of Ori and the car seat tied to the tree, he thinks that is the perfect childcare solution for Lauren when she's fussy. He's been trying to find a hook to put on the car seat so he can hang her from something and swing her while he works. I'll dig through these piles and pull out anything that looks good, a lot of it doesn't look good and shouldn't have been saved. SIL is a tall skinny too, I think there might have been slim jeans too, but I can't remember the size.

Lauren went down for her nap at 2, and I slept with her for 2hrs. and now I'm STARVING and still in my pjs. And eating pretzels because there isn't any other junk food here I can eat.

It's lovely outside, we really should go for a walk later.

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I'd be lovin a bit scrawny too ... what's the secret, honey! For me I think it's past 35, ain't losin that weight without some serious WORK mama! I think it's great that he wants to fatten you up (a little!).

Thanks for searching out the worth keepin clothes Lisa. I appreciate it! I can pp you for the shipping, or just owe ya something nice to ship! I didn't make it to the festival yesterday (I didn't think not being able to walk or swallow would be good for the crowd scene), but now there will be more and more with the warmer weather. YEA!!!

I totally hear ya on the swinging carseat. Actually I thought this was completely outRAGEOUS with dd, but I'm a lot less skeptical this time 'round : . Firstly, the kid loves it. Secondly, I'm not actively involved. Thirdly, it's reasonably safe (he ties good knots and the baby's strapped in). Three good reasons are enough for me! It really seems to settle him. He comes off the swing in a good mood, ready to cooperate with diape. changes, feeds nicely, etc. And because someone is pushing him and with him the whole time, I don't see as too much badness can come of it. So hey! I say swing the little bugger! And his daddy LOVES being able to calm him in a 'manly' kind of way (none of that shhhing or jiggling. He likes to SSSSWWWWIIIINNNNGGGGG!) But...I was dead against it first time around, too!

Ok ladies, have a good evening! I hope that tomorrow isn't soo with sickness and all. Take care! Andy
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Oh yeah, anyone guess what the heck this thing is? The language is German, I think.

It just doesn't seem like an actual roll of tp would fit in there!? Is it for wipes? Is it a bidet attachment? :LOL What am I doing on funky german sites ANYWAY?!
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Hi all!

I hope you don't mind if I rejoin?

It's kind of nice to see how everyone's doing.

everything is going well here...sort of crazy though. My dh just got laid off, which pretty much means I have to go back to work in a month...I would have rather stayed at home...

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hi mamas,
we're back form our resort-y vacation. phew. it's good to be home! and dh comes home tomorrow!!!!!!
i read thru your posts and probably have much to say, but after a day of sun and swimming and driving home late, i'm pooped and have a babe asleep on me.
i missed you all tho!!
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catnip-congrats! I know what a wonderful feeling that must be.

Karen- Its strange to me but I see just living on Hawaii as one big vacation, lol. I'm sure it's not like that though.

Hi Jess- how u been doing?

Yeah thats German alright. Not sure what it is though, couldn't recognize too many words, it's been a long time.

Went and visited inlaws, blah! We were saying how we couldn't believe it's been 6 mths already. MIL proceeds to ask is she eating solids yet? I'm like HUH?? you got to be kidding, no! not for another 3-4 mths. She looks like a brand new newborn for crying out loud, not even 11 lbs yet. I keep telling them that just cuz her "age" is 6 mths, she is really about 3 mths behind that as far as developmental reasons go. They just don't get it sometimes. Of course it's just more irritating cuz MIL thinks she's knows everything under the sun and kept saying, oh she needs this, oh she needs to burp, oh she's hungry. I'm like shut up already! I know my baby better than you.

Anyways my supply has been low past few days had to supplement with formula- I HATE DOING THAT!! Her congestion is pretty much gone so I tried to bf her when she woke last night. Nope she wanted nothing to do with it. *sigh* so therefore she had to wait to get her bottle. Then I'm pondering while dh is getting the bottle, she's crying cuz she's hungry and I'm like I just don't understand those moms that formula feed, the ones that do it by choice not the ones that were not able to bf for some reason or another. But why would you want to deprive your baby for just a few minutes by getting a bottle ready when you can give instant food with you. It just kinda made me sad. I hate seeing her cry when I have to get a bottle ready.
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Hey Mamas! We had a great, very warm & sunny weekend and so spent almost all of it outside in the backyard ~ gardening, playing & just generally lazing about! I think it was almost 80 yesterday.... yummy

I think I'm actually starting to see progress in the whole "thigh shrinking" adventure! Yesterday I spent 25 minutes jumping rope outside (inspired by my kickboxing video last week), and it was both fun AND effective, I think! Just 25 minutes, and boy do you feel the burn! Plus, Tess loved watching me & cackling at me when I messed up...
I'd be all for a little of the "too scrawny" thing here, but trying not to worry about it too much. I had that experience when I had Tess too, but this time I don't know... I have a friend who said with one baby she bfed & lost weight like crazy, and with the other she bfed & held onto 10 extra pouds for the entire time she nursed. Maybe that's part of it? Oh well, like I said, not stressing about it too much.

I've been so enjoying knitting lately! I'm all but finished a little shoulder bag that I made for Tess, and there's a book of patterns waiting for me at the library this morning! The only downside is that we have ZERO in the way of good yarn sources in this wee l'il AL town.... the stock at W*mart is just horrid! It was actually kind of amusing ~ I went there on Saturday just in the hopes of finding some new & wonderful yarn stock, and they've now put signs by some of their cheap-o poly yarn... "WARNING!! Extremely flammable!" Ey yey yey, now there's a selling feature that you can do without!

Laura, about the supplementation. You are working so hard at it Mama, and the only thing I can say is keep taking it a day at a time. What a lucky little girl Megan is, having a Mama who loves her so much.

Karen, welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about your time away... and pictures maybe, too??? (hint, hint!!)

Jess, welcome back... nice to see you again! I'm really sorry to hear about your DH's lay-off.

Andy, just what ARE you doing poking around those sites, anyway?? :LOL Well, I think it's totally obvious what it is.... it's a Mehr Bilder! Can't everyone see that? Gee!

Hmm... methinks Brynn is hungry. I guess my time's up!
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