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Thanks for the hugs mamas. I just talked to dh again and I was like, I'm taking the kids to Maui for the weekend, and he was cool with that. But alas, I couldn't get a flight soon enough, so I think we're just going to go to Waikiki and get a fancy hotel. I could use some R and R. At least getting out of the house will do me some good.

Aaah, this mama trip is hard sometimes (ok, well all the time).

Catnip - I never gave you a proper welcome! Soo...Aloha!!!! There are lots of wonderful mamas on this thread- I hope you get to know us. I love the picture of Kaia waving and your family is beau -tiful . You all look so happy!!!
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Hi everyone -

Well, its a not so good day over here. I'm having some sort of mental breakdown or something. I've been crying all morning (sort of hysterical). Mostly because of my mom issues. I called dh and begged him to come home and he said no and hung up on me. I'm just feeling really exhausted and overwhelmed. Everything is just way too much for me and I feel liek I'm left all alone to deal with it all the time.

Big Super duper s for you, Ann!!! I know a bit how you feel. I broke down last week and aimed most of it at dh. He argued back, but he has really started helping out around here. It was just SOOOoooooo overwhelming with the two and the house and well, everything.
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Yeah - HEather, Ann - I'm right there with ya. We have lost the car for three days (at least). It's wheel bearings, which are expensive and hard to fix. Drag. So now were sans dh, sans vehicle, about 2 miles from the library/shops/etc., and, well, it's pissing rain and I'm not too happy. At least the car is in the shop now, so it's going to get fixed eventually. And it's funny, friends can really rally when you need them to. Ann - I think waikiki sounds delish! Wish I could join you. Hmmmm, maybe I could (not for the weekend, of course, but maybe I should just put us into a little bit of debt and go somewhere warm and wonderful... a whole nother week of single parenting is looking kinda grim.). So far, the laundry is done, dinner is in the oven, the baby is finally asleep, the dog is walked (oh that was fun - Ori screamed the whole way around, so now all our neighbors probably think I'm a bad mama), dd's got half her homework done, and noone died or got broken! Also I haven't bought ANYTHING on line all day! I know, the day's not over yet!

Annie hon, I really do think some time off from home is worth it. Mess up that hotel room! Oh, and ask at the desk, many hotels offer babysitting. Then you can just take vi and go walking on the beach at sunset and have a little tiny maitai or something to chill out and enjoy an hour or two of relative quiet. Maybe she'll even sleep and give you some real down time! Lotsa hugs, mama. I wish I were closer, too.

Take care mamas - time for some supper over here! Andy
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Lauren started really laughing today. Little giggles have been coming out once in a while, but she and dh are singing at each other now and she's just laughing at him.

*hugs* for you mamas who need them!

It's STILL snowing like mad here, I tell ya, April is winter here.

Diaper gurus, tell me about microfiber.

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Originally Posted by lisa2976

Diaper gurus, tell me about microfiber.

Far from a guru...we used microfiber towels with ds in his FB at night. tHey were super absorbant and kept everyone dry overnight. We bought them based on recommendations on the diaper forum. You can buy them in the auto section at : walmart
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PM, thanks for the info - actually I bought a jumbo pack at the unnamed superevil superstore over a year ago for dh to use on the cars, and they are still sitting in the package in the laundry room. Might unpackage them and see how they work.

Did the time change last night? I honestly don't know anymore. I've been having strange nightmares about my job, I don't know if it's because we're now a one-income family or just the idea of not going back, but ugh I'm getting tired of it!

Mamas with bad days, how's it going?

Andy your cheesecake sounds delish, I think I forgot to mention that Lauren has issues with soy too, suckeroo for us, or we'd be making one. I had one of the soy delicious ice cream sandwiches Weds. night and the little bum rash she got was worse than the dairy one, the soy rash came with sores. It's so awful. Much better last night than it has been, but still looks uncomfortable. I really hope those are the only issues we find, I can't imagine cutting anything else out of my diet.

And the wedding last night, chicken cordon bleu, pasta w/cheese mixed in the sauce, potatoes w/butter on them, cheese in the salad, etc. etc. and so I had a few bites of salad with the cheese picked out, a bite of pasta, a big heaping serving of green beans, some bread, and a piece of beef that had suspicious (dairy, not spoiled) gravy, but it might have been ok. Guess we'll see. And no desserts for me.

Ok, done pouting. I did eat a nice big sandwich before we went just in case.

Oh and the power yesterday stayed off until 4pm, we had a line down in the neighborhood. The house was 55 when we got home from the wedding ceremony, which is just too cold for me. As a teenager my dad would turn the heat down in the house to 62 at night (still does) because he decided he likes to sleep in the cold. I guess he thought as kids we needed to be warm, but once we were teens we were left to fend for ourselves.

And this couple who got married, yikes, talk about omens everywhere. They've been off and on for years, the first engagement ended with him breaking it off, the second with her doing the drama fling of the ring at him. The third time they got engaged she asked for another ring (specifically she wanted bigger/more) so they reset the stone with 2 others (one bigger of course) and she was smug about it. Then they reschedule the wedding 3x (or maybe more?) and the last time they moved it from June to this weekend for their family. The day after the shower she tells him she's not going to do it. He called me to discuss ettiquitte about the gifts, and I sent him to a counselor. Wedding is back on. Then it's off, and on again. The morning of the wedding the power goes out (at his house, the church, the reception site), the pope dies during their Catholic wedding, there is snow blowing around inside the church, the florist arrives literally as they are walking down the aisle, etc. etc. Just a big chaotic mess. I personally have bad feelings about it lasting, but maybe all of the trials they've gone through will make it that much stronger.

So I want to run away somewhere warm too. Mostly because there is 5" of snow in my yard. But just getting away from everything else would be nice too.

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Yup, hear ya on wanting to run, wanting warm, and on LOVING those giggles! Ori is starting to giggle too. He's a pretty serious little fella, but if dd does some totally goofy thing and I look at her cross eyed (as in, get with it, would ya?!) then he laughs. What a lovely sound! Oh, and I went through today and weeded out the 0-3 stuff becuase he's just too long for it. A few of the shirts fit, but only with a t-shirt (read cut up onesie) underneath. He has a really long torso. weird. At least the pants and soakers will fit for a long time! Lol! andy
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Oh and My opinion is that they probably are soulmates, just not the good kind. you know, the kind that NEED to be together to learn whatever it is they are supposed to learn in this lifetime, but it's hard for them, so they take it out on each other kind of thing. If they do stay together, they may not always be happy, but they will learn a lot. And they will often be happy, so they just need to stick it out through the tough times.

Dh and I are the same (although we didn't on - off - on the way they did (and the pope didn't die on our wedding day and we didn't lose power either) nor did we need to return any gifts - we didn't really get any 'cause we didn't have a 'wedding'). It's a very tough relationship, but both of us realize that we ARE learning so much just being together. It's not easy to learn some of this stuff but somehow we are making it work. LOL! Andy
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Morning mamas,
I think this is the longest I've gone w/o posting here. I think I didn't have anything to say yesterday and then last night I was just WIPED out.

Lisa- your post yesterday about the power going out and the measures your dh took to be online made me laugh so hard! my dh is like that a bit, but usually we take the power going out as a time to leave the computer behind and play family games and stuff. very cute though.
that wedding couple sounds interesting.... but like Andy said- maybe they've braved the worst of it now....
I also use microfiber inserts in the FB at night. They are really thick ones and they don't leak. They are not from that dreaded store (don't go there), they are from Cottonbabies.

Ann- I hope you did get away to Waikiki and are basking in resort glory... yk, you are welcome to come here if you need a break. We've got a big house and yard. Very kid friendly. It's not like Waikiki at all though!

Well, Luka did excellent yesterday on the long drive to the blessingway. On the way there I got stuck in mega traffic driving through town- well mega for us- the Merrie Monarch hula fest is going on- yesterday wasa parade- it's basically our biggest event- Hilo swells with people. SO I stopped at Ross and went shopping because Luka was awake. We stayed there until he seemed sleepy and then he slept the whole way to the party- so much so that I drove around extra so he'd get a good nap. I left when he was starting to get tired too, so that worked out great too-- wooo hoo- there's hope yet. It's just I have to go when HE's ready, not ME!

I just got an email from dh in thailand. I emailed him a few times and he's really missing us now.... up until now I could tell he wasn't (too busy, I guess), but he was crying while reading our emails. sweet.
Oh, my baby is fussing here.... doesn't he know this is IMPORTANT? lol!
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Karen, I vote we all get on planes and pitch tents in your yard.

Ok so we don't have FB or any other stuffable dipes, how can I use these towels?

Baby sleeping - still - we got home late (for me post babe) and were in bed around 10, she woke to nurse at 430, 8, 11, and is still sleeping. Golly gosh must have tired her out.

Going to enjoy a long hot shower.

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Afternoon mamas! Not much to say here... we're broke this week so it's gonna be boring. No going out, more time to MDC I guess. Squirmy baby is trying to kick my keyboard. She seems to like watching the smilies bounce... I hope it's not as bad for her as TV. : Mike is stitching us up some diaper liners (is that the right term? rectangular pads to fold into the pfs?) out of some flannel I had around... he's so much more patient with the sewing machine than I am. I should get him to make us a mei tai. :LOL

Her booboo looks better now, just a red mark with a little scab... but then Daddy got her with a diaper pin that night. It was just not a good day to be a baby in this house. Nana's the only one who didn't break her. I wish my snappis would come.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Karen, I vote we all get on planes and pitch tents in your yard.

Ok so we don't have FB or any other stuffable dipes, how can I use these towels?
well if ya don't mind a little rain now and again, it sounds grand! ds1 mowed the lawn fri too, so it's all nice.

I'm not sure what you wanted the microfiber for.... I think it's just esp absorbant. Maybe if you're looking for extra absorbancy, you could stick it behind a prefold or something in the diaper? I'm not sure, but i don't think it's supposed to go next to baby's skin.
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Hola mamas! I'm up for some hawaii style camping! It's chilly and STILL raining here. the floods are starting on the smaller streams. People are moving to high ground.
I'm feeling very tired. and cranky. I have cranked at dd a LOT today I always give myself major guilty afterward, and yet I can't seem to STOP. She just does all these dumb things without thinking ... what, is she some kind of CHILD or something? The not thinking just kills me. Time to walk the dog, so I get myself ready, I get Ori ready. I get him tied on. I'm ready to go. She says WAIT! I wanna come! Now what did she think the prep time was for, watching the show??? So we waited. She arrives with sneakers and a polarflece vest. It's POURING rain. So I said forget it, she can't come dressed like that. we're getting overheated and O. is cranking. I'm done. Can't come. so she runs off crying and I take the dog. one block down, she comes rushing after us in her sneakers and raincoat (well, finally got the raincoat thing figured out, but no boots). Now really, she's only 6 and I was just CRABBY. : poor girl. and she's still sick, too. and kissing O. all the time, even though I tell her not to until she's better. And my front carrier is in the back of the car, so I really can't walk very far with O. (no umbrella thing on the stroller). drag.

ENOUGH complaining from me.

Karen - isn't it nice when the males DO miss us!? Dh said yesterday "I miss you guys. I miss YOU." Aw, shucks. So far I'm just missing the breaks he gives me...we haven't fooled around in ages so I think I'm feeling a bit dis-connected. sigh.

My dad keeps calling - I wonder if he thinks I'm going to have some kind of breakdown or something. He has called like 4 times in the past two days. I don't really have much to say, and not having anyone to watch the kids means I've really got to stay on my toes, so no long phone chats (gotta love this thing, I can peep around the corner lots, take breaks, etc.). Well, baby fusses. Caio mamas!
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Andy- MY dad keeps calling too! lol! He is getting ready to visit, so it might just be he's trying to connect, but it's all the time. wow. I don't think he's worried about me though- not that I'm picking up on anyways.

We are headed to the mall to go shopping. I hate the mall.... BUT, my friend who has to go anyways says let's go together and i can carry Luka if you wanna try something on. She's a saint. It should be fun tho, with a 12,8,6,2, and baby year old. We're a sight together.

Hang in there Andy- I always get on my kids morewhen I'm alone with them for an extended period of time. They survive. I tell them it's stressful and then we try and do something fun like eat ice cream and watch movies. Last night it was play computer games in my bed. Gotta do those things sometimes.
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Well...no Waikiki for me this weekend. Its pouring rain, and I forgot I had to register ds for soccer yesterday (which is a huge ordeal and takes half the darn day) But I talked to dh and he agrees I do need a break, so after our visitors (who arrive tomorrow) leave we get to go somewhere...gasp...together! Mind you, we'll take Violet, but still I'm really excited.

I'm up for a January babylicious hawaiian get together. But we want KAren to have a vacation too, so I vote we all go camping on Kauai Can't beat that!!! Karen, actually my mom might have a meeting with a school in Waimea (big isle) at the end of Apr. I told her I wanted to go along. If so, I would love to meet up!!! Thanks so much for the house offer. But my boys are beyond wild right now. I wouldn't want to impose them on anyone. Right now they are kicking their new soccer balls around the house . BUT, I'm sure you are used to that kind of thing by now..

Andy, sounds like dad might want to come up for a visit but is too scared to ask? I'm not sure how that woudl go, but maybe it would be a nice break for you. Would dd love to hang with the gramps?

Oh, I can't remember what else I was going to write...Lisa, sadly the wedding sounds a bit funny. I agree with Andy, they probably are karmically tied together somehow (like me and my mom, blech : ) Violet has the same problem with soy and choc. I had a decaf soy mocha the other day and it near about killed her.

Anywhoo. I'm ok today. I got some good sleep last night, and went to church sans kids. So I feel like I've got a bit of my mojo back, lol.

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YEAH ANNIE!!! It's good to have you perked back up again. Maybe the mojokillindecafsoyalatte thing killed you, too? Bummer about waikiki, but maybe some twosome time (oop, threesome) will be better in the long run. Why was he such a Dh (the other meaning) about you needing a break!?!? I know he's stressed about his work situation, but that doesn't mean he should shut you out, and disregard your needs and feelings! Harumph. What a good mama - sitting in long lines and filling out repeatative paperwork instead of going to waikiki... give yourself an extra 30min massage for THAT one!

I'm sorry to all the catholic mamas here who lost a very cool pope yesterday. Hmmmm that it never came up (or did I miss that?). I think he was a really interesting fella and a pretty darned awesome leader. He and mil died within 24 hrs. of each other, both were 84/85, both were leaders of their community (ok, TOTALLY different, but she WAS a real leader in the area she lived in and started a mvmt to allow development into the area with very strict rules about envt'l consrvtion, instead of willy-nilly growth (which was happening). AND was a decon in her church). I think I can feel some eyes burining into me...maybe the jewish kid from ny should shut up about the pope?

Well, we survived a rather long and dreary day here. We did make banana muffins with double choc chips in them...not good for me but YUMMMMY! And we got homework finished. And we kept ori from having a terrible day, but I think maybe he was headed there. Had a terrible sleep, and was up so so early (4:30), and then wouldn't sleep until late in the afternoon, but he's asleep now and I've got white noise on in his room.

It's so weird to me to have him sleeping in his own room... anyone else have their babies sleeping in their own room??? Dd coslept forEVER, and I expected to do the same with Ori, but he really doesn't seem to love it. And he twitches a lot in his sleep and I get like NO sleep unless I'm scrunched over by the wall or hanging half off the edge of the bed. It basically sucks - and that's a full size bed! sheesh........

so I am also totally exhausted, and never getting a break is so bad bad bad. It's just a good thing he's almost 3 mos now, and is much more able to take 20 min. of total neglect on the changing table (air-time) or in the swing (baby einstein time - ugh) before fussing for a holding. He's been very cooperative, generally, about letting me get a few things done here and there. This house is going to be a complete pit by the time my mom shows up on Tues. anyway, but I don't think it's over the health dep't limits on filth yet...

Ya know, I thought my Dad might offer to come up to visit for a day, but he didn't, and actually he doesn't really like babies at ALL . He and and dd are good buds for about 2 hrs., and then it's over. He gets annoyed with her goofyness (as do I, but who's asking me!). so I don't think he really wanted to come up. That's ok. He's better at talking on the phone and being a Dad to me than being a hands-on Poppy to the kids. It's just kinda sad because my folks are now all they have for grandparents... sigh.

Paq - that's GREAT that your dp will sew stuff for you - WOULD he do the Mei Tei? I need some xl pillowcases...HA!

Lisa - you can put the microfleece inside any diaper and then put a cotton/flanel liner on top. Just get a yard of cotton and you can cut it into rectangles that just lay over the fleece! Voila! Total bummer on soy. Not suprising, though. she may grow out of it. Do you yourself have any of these sensitivities? (I guess not, or you'd not be eating soy ice cream!!! Duh. Sorry. I'm really brainless these days.)

How was the mall K? Did you find anything worth putting on?

I'm all for the baby party on Kauai. How about if we make it next Jan., when it's blustery and NAAASTY over here? And by then Heidi/Iris and Will/Nicole can come too! And we can have one huge party for 1st birthdays!!! Very cool... it may actually take longer than a year to save up for it...and plan it all out, but WOW would that be fun!!!

I'm trying to felt up a pair of longies that I have that are WAY too long for Ori (tho they are smalls). It's not really working. I'm being really careful to not shrink them overly, but ... they're the rainbow ones from BJ Marketplace. Very nice pants, just too long (I roll them about 4 times). Should I be doing something else? Do they need something to rub against in the dryer?

Ok, I'm going to go clean the nasty ole kitchen up. Maybe I'll get motivated and straighten up the LR too. Maybe... LOL! Andy
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Ah mamas, what a nice day we've had. Lauren slept SO late today and only had minor fussings here and there, no crazy screaming (except a little bit while I was in the shower and daddy had her). And mmmmmmmmm I got new 'poo that smells minty and finally got to use it, and I like it! Been pondering the no-poo thing, but I think I want to wait until it's warmer. Not sure why, just my cranky self not liking winter.

Oh we set a snow record this weekend. Snowiest winter ever in NE Ohio, 105+ inches. UGH. I like snow, especially this winter since it was fresh snow that would completely melt before the next storm, but still, it was a lot of snow. Hopefully we're done with it now.

Babe is crashed out hard on the couch next to me right now. I was seriously hoping to keep her up until now so I could get better sleep - the 5-6 hrs at 7pn thing just doesn't leave me feeling refreshed in the morning, but 6 hrs at 10 is much better. Perhaps she's in for a diaper change before we go to bed.

And I think the baby pepcid might be working some, she's spacing out her meals a little bit instead of the constant comfort nursing we had going on. I can actually put her down or give her to dh for a bit and she doesn't get all freaked out. Of course giving her to anyone else doesn't work, but at least she'll sit with dh.

Hawaii camping trip - well we'd only need to backpack our tents and stuff, and $$$ for airfare, right? Ok and a little food and surfing and tourism $, but I think it could be managed for next winter. Dh says he's in, although I'll admit the $ would be easier for us as we could likely fly for cheap/free.

Ah dh is being good, he's done all the dishes today and sliced his finger while trying to repair the drain tile in the basement floor. We actually have a sinkhole in the floor from the tile breaking and it's been one ugly project. At least it doesn't flood the basement, that would be rotten. And our house is so old that we're glad it's only a small problem that is taking a long time to fix instead of a big problem that we'd have to pay someone to fix. Speaking of good dh, he just brought up the clean mattress pad and we're going to put sheets on the bed so I can get some sleep.

It's supposed to warm up again this week too, at least 55-60ish, which means I can get outside more, wwoooohoo!

Dairy/soy, well I think I did have issues, but nobody recognized them. My mom is dairy avoidant (she can tolerate it but doesn't like it) so there wasn't much exposure as a babe for me. I doubt she ever had soy either. I have a skin condition called.. uhh... keratosis pilaris? that is just bumps on the arms full of skin cells that don't slough off right. It's a genetic thing, mine are 100x worse than moms, and I attribute that to dairy. And I've not been much of a soy eater either, so I don't really know.

Got to run, make up bed, get babe in a dry dipe, and go to sleep!

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All this talk of Hawaii is making me very jealous. After all the garden work I put in in the sunshine all week, we've got a cold rainstorm tonight. And if three pagans can sit in a gay-bar/burger joint and raise a glass to the pope last night, then I say the Jewish kid from NY can eulogize him. So surreal to realize that most of the western world was holding thoughts for one man for the last few days. Bummer your dad isn't more into kids, Mamabeca. My mom adores Kaia, my dad would have been a wonderful GP, but he died three years ago, and my MIL and the creepy-man-she-married-who-is-NOT-grandpa thankfully live in Ohio. My FIL died before DH and I met.
Went shopping at the Food Co-Op up in Sacramento yesterday with a friend, then we three met my DH at Hamburger Mary's for veggie burgers after he got off work, then to the Rick's Dessert Diner to split slices of an exquisite turtle cheesecake and this chocolate mousse-ganache-fresh-raspberry-oh-my-goddess stuff. Thankfully Kaia does not seem to react badly to anything I eat.
Dh's day off. Walked to the fabric store and back, I got a 6 yard length of plaid to use as a wrap carrier at Ren Faire in 2 weeks, 4 squares of colored cloth to use for altar cloths at Kaia's naming next weekend, and a stop at Mervyn's for 2 more body pillows to stuff gaps around the edges of our bed for safer sleep for Kaia. No, she doesn't sleep in another room. She won't sleep more than 1/2 an hour unless she is touching me, so I NAK her to sleep and play on MDC alot, or wear her in the sling and do housework. But she only wakes me a couple of times in the night to nurse and one of them usually coincides with DH's 4:15 alarm. Got to get dinner bath and bed. Will probably be lurking all week, as my mom is coming up tomorrow for the naming ritual.
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Ooh, I wanna go camping in hawaii, too. :LOL

I can't do cowmilk or soy, but fortunately butter and cheese are still okay. I don't know what I'd eat without them. I also don't do peanut, tomato, onion, bellpeppers, but I'm not as stringent about that, it's just that Mike reacts to all of them and I don't want her to end up like that, too. Trying to come up with varied dinners that don't take a lot of time to prepare, not to mention packaged stuff that's easy to heat up when it's either quick or starve to death, is very interesting. I spend a lot of time reading labels at the grocery store, but I've been doing that for quite a while.

Hmm, I can probably get him to do the mei tai this week, and maybe work on dipe stuff some more. Anything that has straight seams and will improve his quality of life, basically. I can't get him to make me curtains or anything. And it's not like I *can't*; I'm better with the machine than he is. In my copious spare time...

Bea's quite the velcro baby, and it almost always has to be me. I don't get more than a half hour stretch of a break. I don't need her to be a total daddy's girl, just a bit more.

Oh, I uploaded new pics if anyone wants to see. Huuuge files, my camera's funny like that. And you get to see my mom making goofy faces. :LOL
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Update on Will


We were released this afternoon. We do know that we are likely to be back, but for now, we are home. Considering that the little girl next to us was probably never going to leave, we feel very fortunate. What a draining event. I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and good vibes. It really helped to know you were all rooting for us.

Hawaii sounds great and much needed. I was waiting to answer you all who asked how I am doing. I am not sure. I am still processing. Sweetpeasmom, I think you might understand more than most, the why did this have to happen to my baby feeling. I look at his little body now and can see the marks of what was done to him. He has an 6-8 inch incision under his left arm pit. There is a small hole underneath that where the chest tube came out. There is a scab on his ankle where there was an IV, and other one on his wrist for the same reason. There are 3 stitch marks on his neck where they put in the line to give him nutrition until he could eat again. I am exhausted, emotionally drained and relieved all at the same time. Then I feel guilty because I got to take my baby home, and there were so many kids there that don't/won't have that opportunity.

Again, I want to thank you for all the love I felt here. I am going to get some much needed, relatively uninterupted sleep.
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