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not exactly sure what you're asking andy, but I have road runner. the modem is plugged into the base station and that's where the signal goes out to the other puters.

Day of catnaps here, and a fussy baby
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Andy, dh says you can just plug the wireless base into the dsl box, and get a wireless card (or buy a computer with it built in) for the laptop. And you can put a wireless card in any desktop too so you can use more than one computer on the dsl at once.

We have 2 airports, one in the basement and one on the roof (don't ask). But before dh got hooked on macs we had whatever generic out of the box at BestBuy wireless package.

SO if you really want, I'd go for the nice mega desktop (useful for dh, kids to do homework, whatnot) and the elcheapo laptop with wireless so when you jump up because you are burning water in the kitchen and knock it over you won't feel so bad for breaking the big fancy 'puter. We've had good luck buying refurbished ones from compgeeks.com - desktop or laptop, although I do REALLY love the ibook.

Speaking of the roof, ours is leaking. We got a new one put on the year we got married (the roofers accepted wedding gifts for me from the ups guy) and standing in the baby's room you could hear the drip drip drip but nothing soaked through the ceiling, so hopefully it'll just dry up and go away. Dh is going to try to fix the problem on Monday when the snow melts.

It's pretty darn icy and only a little snow here, but still windy and COOOOLLDDD!

I went out to buy foam for the couch - it swallows people so we're going to stuff foam under the cushions and hope it works. We've decided that we're going to keep this crappy yucky furniture until the projectile baby puke stops (a few years if we have more kids) so we might as well make it comfy.

While I was out I got the giant spool knit thingy that makes hats and scarves - it was $5 or something, and some soft fluffy yarn and I've already made 1/2" of a hat. Ooooh boy I'm in trouble. My niece showed me hers at Easter and I made Lauren a hat while we were there, so now I want a hat too!

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Hey L - I saw that at Michaels the other day - it looked cool but also like the learning curve might take more than the 20 min. I ever seem to get from Ori. sigh.

Ok, I think I have NO idea what I'm asking. I like Lisa's suggestion. I'll run it past dh and see how it goes... wish me luck!
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we're home from a nice wedding and party, but Luka screamed the WHOLE way home- 20+ minutes. Ra'am was in tears and sobbing over it... but it was 9:45 and I was tired adn the kids were completely exhausted. Luka was the only one who napped in the sling at the party!
Now we're home, it's 10:30 and he's cooing on the bed.
The fun thing was that there was a baby there born the same day as Luka, though she was a preemie at 34 weeks. The difference between them was huge. She was still all mushy newborn-y, whereas Lukawas all brght eyed and alert (and has always had very good neck control). that baby was a big chubber though after an under 6lbs birth weight.

hopefully sometime soon we'll be snoozin' away!
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G'morning mamas!

Andy, just go order the computer and THEN tell dh That's what Ryan does to me The spooley thing is pretty cool. The kit we have at Michaels craft store is 4 hoops, one that is as small as a baby hat all the way up to one that would make one sexy tube dress for a skinny person. I'm using one of the middle sizes (it just fits over my head) to make a hat now. Last night I did about 2" while Lauren nursed and dh watched some scary supermax prison special on tv. I think it's time to get rid of the tv.

And the couch foam works! I'm sitting and not being swallowed into the furniture. But I think we need another chunk for the back - it's one of those oversized loveseats with 2 cushions and the tension on the fabric that holds them up is just not enough, the middle sags and so the 2 people sitting on it end up crashing toward the center into eachother.

Karen, you have such sensitive children... if I were 20 years younger, I'd come chasing them myself. Cook, clean, cry, what great guys!

Well the big monster storm is here, apparently the way the winds are is actually keeping the snow from our house. Cleveland is in the harbor of the lake, so it stays a lot warmer at the lake than in the middle of Ohio during spring storms. Everything is frozen and crunchy outside but the grass is just covered in white, nothing significant, although it looks really slippery out there. And it is still snowing, but tiny fine little icy flakes, not big fat snow.

I'm going back to bed. I really think the pepcid spoiled, since Lauren is now on the every 3 hrs with 4-5 hrs at first night routine now, not quite my 6-7 hrs I was getting the first stretch, but I think we might be working back to that. I've not been pottying her at night too, which is good and bad. Good that I get more sleep, and her nursing is shorter in the night, but I still change her dipe every time so I wake up enough to do that. I guess what I should try is getting out my fleece to give a liner for her and putting on 2 prefolds and seeing how long that holds. I used a fitted with a liner the other night and it didn't make it through the first pee. Or maybe I need to get some fuzzibunz to try. Hmm.. as if it's not enough that dh gets the mail and says "oh only 3429 more padded mailers for you from ebay dear" - I think the postal guy must think I'm a shopoholic or something

I put one box of tiles out on the floor last night, they are red and blue clay with a huge variation in color, I should snap a picture and post it. Very cool.

G'morning, g'nite, g'something
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Good morning mamas! Karen - mixed on the wedding date... I guess that kinda how stuff goes for us, too. Good but bad but good. Oh well, Ori's fussing again. Best go. caio!
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Hi Lisa - w/out reading other posts recently, so maybe some new comment has crept in to help me, I'm leaning towards the:

Toshiba Satellite P35. It has Pentium 4 (now outdated, I know), 3.2 GHz, 533MHzBus speed, WiFi Cert., 80 GB HD, 512 MB (DDR SDRAM) 17" WXGA TFT active matrix screen. It's DVD and CD RW. It has 3 USB ports and expandability, bunches of memory slots, modem S-vid, VGA and NIC out ports. It has a FireWire port. I can't tell if it supports the new wireless (g) technology - is this important if it's WiFi? And what's the diff. between the centrino and the wifi technology - is there one I should or should NOT have???

Also there seems to be a bunch of Toshiba Satellite notebooks, and I am having a hard time telling them apart. There's the A40-S270, the A75 (2 models) which all seem to have approximately the same features (some w/more memory or faster or ???)? Very confusing and I'm really tired. Let me know what you and dh think of this pc...It seems to have what I want (a good screen, wireless or wireless adaptable, lots of memory, fast) plus some that may or may not be useful, but for about 1000$ it seems like it might work...

thanks Lisa. Hope you guys got some good sleep last night!
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Yesterday was such a crazy day. We had a birthday party for DD to go to, and then a wedding pretty much all afternoon.

DH took Em to the party and Will and I stayed home and finished cleaning the house and I got my nails done. I am not very "girly" but I do like to have my hands look good. Makes me feel better about myself. I had taken them off while I was pregnant, since my real ones grew so well, but I find that they are incredibly brittle now, so back to the artifical ones it is. The birthday party was okay, but these people had 40 3 year olds there. They went to a puppet muesum and made puppets and then watched a puppet show and had cake and icecream afterwards. It seems that all the parents at my daughters montessori are competing on who can have the best party. They probably spent 400 dollars on the party yesterday. And here I was considering inviting a couple of her classmates over that she plays with alot and having a barbecue and maybe a jumping thingy. Silly me, that is way too simple.

The wedding was very fun, or at least the reception was. The wedding was way to modern for me. The priest was very jazzy and singing and cracking jokes. I prefer a much more traditional and solemn ceremony for something as sacred as a marriage. The reception was held at the local zoo. They have redone a whole area for weddings and things. It was so nice. The bride was beautiful. We took Em to the wedding, but spent most of the time outside. Se was so excited about getting dressed up, but not sitting still. I was just happy that thye allowed kids there. It makes me angry when we are told the event is for adults only. : She went to the sitters though for the reception. We knew that it would be too much for her. Will was all dressed up in his suit and tie. He was s hit. I put him in the sling about an hour after we got there, and everyone was talking about it and how they didn't have those when they had thier kids. I have to refrain from saying things like I am sure they did, you just didn't look for them or something. :LOL Not the place to do it. They did have an open bar, and I drank too much, so a bit of a headache this morning. Not something I like to do while nursing. Oh well, it was a one time occurance.

On the upside, Will slept from 10pm to 5am this morning without waking! Em woke abot 4 though because she wet the bed. She is not in panties for bedtime. Soon, I will only be doing one set of diapers, instead of diapers and training pants YAY!!!!
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Andy - as for a computer, I would go with an Apple of somekind. Everything works when you plug it in, unlike a PC, where you have to have drivers, and restart the thing everytime you attache a new device. We only have Macs. They are a bit more expensive, but they seem to last longer and therefore don't need to be replaced as much. They are also pretty invulnerable to all of the viruses that are going around the net these days.

Hope that Helps!
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Here's a question for everyone. Should we do 2 threads a month instead of just 1? We are on page 25 already. What do you all think?
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Nicole - wtf is with those parents? It's not about the kids when it gets to that point, so I think you should go ahead and do the bouncy bbq, the kids will have way more fun than $$$$ party anyway.

As for the thread, I just never close the window that has it open, so I never have to search for where I left off. 25 pgs, that's almost a page a day, maybe we should go back to weekly threads.

Andy - I'll ask dh when he gets home later about those computers. I honestly just like the fact that ours work... if you want to try mac, the mac mini (brand new, very affordable) will attach to any monitor you have in the house, and like Nicole said, they are smart, you just plug something in and it works, unlike the evil Windows. BUT the computers you described sound fine, anything under $1000 is good to me, I remember my first computer was $2600 and it was obsolete by the time it shipped.

As for laptops, if they have a slot for a card, it doesn't matter if the wireless is built in, you can get the stuff for $20. And the base station is going to be more - I don't know, maybe $50? I think we priced them 2 years ago at about $100 for base plus card in the big box stores.

Lauren is napping, dh went back to the auction to see if he can't get us a hot tub. Not really, but there was this mammoth 9 seater with superjets that would have filled our entire back yard that started at $6k and the auctioneer backed it down to $2k before anyone bid. Dh was the one to bid at $2k, he's a hoot, I'm glad he didn't win. It went for $4300 and we don't need a party hottub for the yard. BUT they had some grills (I so badly want a nice grill) and he's waiting on the kitchens to go up, 18 cabinets in a set, 4 complete kitchens, one of them is calling my name... but only one, the other 3 wouldn't look good in my house.

And it's SNOWING like mad here now. 2" since the last time I posted.

My parents are supposed to be coming over now, I told them 12-2 is about the best time of day to visit and see Lauren unless they want to come over at 8am because she's always happy when she wakes up in the morning. They aren't here yet, and I'm waiting on lunch, so diaper washing it is!

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yeah, my boys are/ will be some good catches in the future. the older one can be a little TOO sensitive sometimes.... where it gets in the way of him having fun, but oh well. he'll learn.

funny you went to a wedding too, Nicole. Ours was very laid back, HI style. Got married in a park and then the party was at their house. There were a ton of kids and pregnant mamas there- the couple is pregnant and has a 2 year old. At about 8pm one of the kids asked for a movie and so they put on Nemo and there was like a carpet of kids gathered around the set. it was cute (this was after they ran around like mad).
it's also sil's 1st anniversary today. hers was a mega gala $$ affair in Florida.... never seen such a spendy and overdone, but beautiful wedding. I got pregnant on that trip before the wedding. I look so skinny in the wedding pics too, sigh....

Andy- get an Apple!!! no pcs in this house. We have 4 or 5 or something apples (dh has several for work).

Lisa hope you get the cabinets you want!!! Auctions are great- though I;ve seen on ebay how bidding can get outta hand and people pay MORE than retail for used items... the spirit of competition can be strong sometimes.

Nicole- that kid's party sounds out of control!!!! of course you can do a small one though. geesh.
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I know, I like macs better too. I was ALWAYS a diehard mac fan, but these days you just get so much MORE for your dollar with pc's... I'm thinking HARD about this. Nicole - sounds like the wedding was fun for you all! I'd LOVE to see a pic of Will in his suit!! I am very jealous of your night time sleep. sigh. and that kid's party IS out of control. My best friend lives in Westchester (right outside of NYC for those of you NOT in the know and very shishi) and they always have extravagent parties. Last year she got a backpack and a Tshirt for goodie gifts (along with a regular goodie bag). Rumor has it some one was giving away bicycles! Geesh. We've always had a little party with just a few kids. Because of the baby, this year I opted to do it somewhere else. Just not up for the big clean up. We're going to a local fun park (no water, just rides). It's outdoors and the kids LOVE it . It's less than 20$ per kid and they get cake, ice cream, pizza, goodie bags, all day rides and whatnot. I'm thinking 7 kids 'cause she's turning 7. Last year's party cost us about $200 w/ the food, goodie bags, etc. so it's a toss up either way. oh well!

Ok, time for some qt with dd while ori's snoozing! Caio!
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Whoa, got all the way through the posts.

Andy, on buying a computer - if you're going to upgrade it, like add more memory and a faster processor, larger hard drive, etc, then get a desktop. Otherwise, go for the laptop. For money, I'd spend it on the laptop. Same reason: you can upgrade the desktop later. And you don't care if it's heavy and bulky. But Lisa's point about the laptop being easier to break is good, too. We have a wireless router, too. When friends bring their laptops, they can connect up, and adding Nana linda's computer to the network was easy, too. (Our router was like $150 and cards are $80. Maybe it's cheaper for macs.) If your laptop doesn't have wireless, you may be able to plug a card into it. Anything new will accommodate wireless networking one way or another.

Tigerpurring, your babies are beau-ti-ful! so are your preggo pictures! congratulations on leaving your job to stay home with them.

We put Evelyn in the stroller for long walks, the pouch for short ones, whatever is more convenient for us. We're not die-hard babywearers, here. She likes the stroller.

Miss Evelyn goes through close to 20 dipes a day, I think. Lotsa pee, and multiple poops per day. Sometimes I change her for just a snart.

Who is the baby who holds up arms to be picked up? That is great!

Karen, I work for an Israeli company, so we have lots of Israelis at work. It's funny how few of them are religious at all. More of them are atheists than wear the little hats. (How to you spell yamaka?)
Luka's doing a good push-up there in his photo. Miss Evelyn has not figured out how to use her arms to push herself up yet. On her tummy, she'll push with her feet and plow her nose across the bed. :LOL
Ra'am sounds like a fantastic big brother. Icky about the car ride. We took Evelyn to a party last night, 50 min away. The only bad part of the car ride was that on the way there, she went to sleep, but then DH stopped for gas so he could buy some chewing tobacco : and she woke up. SHe was waking as he reentered the car, and I told him so. He sat there and opened the can and put some in, and that extra minute did it - she cried and cried for the next 10 min. Grrr! But he was fantastic with her at the party. He carried her in the pouch (frontwards, so she could meet the people) and hung out with us when we went to quiet areas for feeding and changing, and played with her so that I could play a game. Plus, he apologized for stopping. Good husband.
The party was fun, too. Good to socialize. There were jello shots, and I could eat one! Yay! but only one. And two beers, spread out. Before pregnancy, six beers in an evening out was normal. Now, it's been so long, one beer gives me a buzz! Coool. But no getting drunk, so I didn't enjoy the silly game as much as the other people. Bummer.

Lisa, I envy you your new friend.

Ann, the Sears story is toooo funny. Sorry it happened to you, but very glad you told us about it.
Cool that your mom worked for Sun! i will send Java questions her way, through you.

25 pages are more than a page a day. We are loquacious.

Thanks for all the pictures! they are beautiful.
Right now I'm home alone with Evelyn (first time in over a month) and she is sleeping. Wow, lucky me! I should be posting photos and ten other things, but I'm catching up on the posts here, instead.

Michelle, you are doing a great job! If you need to use the SNS in public, think of it as a statement, telling all those other women how important nursing really is.
That recipe looks good, too. I'll try that soon; right now we're out of Midnight Moo. (That stuff is way better than Hershey's.)

Miss Evelyn and Nana Linda and I went to church today. Evelyn was quite good. She likes the music, and the ceiling, and all the people who smile and coo at her. She was very popular.

Whoa, got all the way through the posts. DH just arrived with the groceries. Time to go help put them away. He's cooking this afternoon, some injected chickens and veggie skewers. (It's sunny and cool here, good grilling weather.) Our neighbor and her Jan babe are coming over. Good Sunday to everyone! Lisa, I hope you get your cabinets. That hot tub would have been good for all of us to hang out in. I can get to Ohio.
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yeah I like the biweekly idea or maybe even a weekly thread or heck the way you gals talk a daily thread, lol. Seems like if I'm gone for a few days there's no way I can keep up, aaahh. Oh well. I'm just convinced there just isn't enough hours in the day to get anything done.

Ok I suck big time here. was it Az that was talking about clothes that I asked aobut I have no idea where in this long thread it was. My brain is just fried sorry. Think I need to try to get on daily in order to keep up
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WOOHOO!! I got my cabinets!!

So with this crazy snowstorm, dh says everyone gave up and went home. There were only 3 people bidding on them, and it was easy. He says it's really sad what's going on (and our luck) because things like the fireplace inserts are going at 6 for $70, grills are $20 (didn't get one, he was running to the bathroom when they got to the grills) and it's crazy down there.

I'm excited. My dad is coming to help him carry them all home. Not sure where we will put them, but thats ok.

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OK, started a new thread, find it here
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