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YAY!!! Will's home
You're right Nicole, that I have no idea what you've been thru.... It must have been/is very hard. And I'm sure seeing the sicker kids there was horrible...
One thing is that those little bodies are AMAZING and he will heal so quickly. Aknowledging that he's gone through a major trauma is good. I had surgery at 5 and was in the hosp for 3 weeks and I think that I could have used some healing afterwards that I never got- I deal with the pain of it now.

I'm so glad you all wanna come camping in HI- i'm all for it!!! just think of all those naked baby butts together... sigh

I''m feeling so frustrated. got an asia calling card so i could try and connect with my sweetie over there in thailand, but it's just not going through He's in his hotel room and i've tried a gazillion times to call, but they must have crappy phone service there.

friends came over adn made us dinner. their 3.5 year old has this thing where he won't poop. he holds it in. today he was at the height of having held it and he is sooo uncomfortable, his mood is foul and he scrambles around trying to keepit in. wow. they'vetold me about it, but this was the 1st time I've seen him like this. the poor guy even talks about how much better he feels when he goes, but he still doesn't go. he kinda acted like all ofthese

Andy- I bought way too much stuff at the mall. those sale signs get me every time. i did need some better fitting clothes though. My t-shirts are all so teeny and I'm needing a little, ahem, fuller cut these days. I also gota few things for Luka.
oh, also mama, your mei tai is almost done. Luka is almost asleep now so I may be able to finish it tonite and send out tomorrow...have faith mama!

Annie- glad you're doing better. we can have our HI vacation anywhere! Here,Kauai, wherever.... and please do come to Waimea-- it's about 45mins from my house. we could PLAY!!!

Jeni- the pics are great. Baby B is looking verycute!

it's been a long day, adn i had a nap, so I'm not falling over now (at 9pm). It's nice to feel not absolutely exhausted.

ok... gonna put my baby in bed and be a grown up for a bit
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Yaay Will! Way to go!

Nicole, *hugs* to you, his physical scars match your emotional scars, and they will keep you two as close as can be as he grows. I can't wait for the next few weeks as he becomes superbaby and astounds us all with new and exciting things.

So being the mean mommy that I am, I kept poor cranky Lauren awake until 9 last night, and she slept until 4:30, which for me was a HUGE difference from going to bed at 7:30 and sleeping the same amt. of time. My body after 2 nights of this is feeling much more rested in the morning. She'll nurse at 4ish and sleep until 7 and nurse and sleep again, which gives me enough sleep and a few hours in the morning w/o her on me to get things done.

Which this morning is all of my paperwork that I didn't do for work and laundry. We've had her closet on the porch in a box for nearly 3 weeks now, and I'd go drag it in and put it together but it's too heavy for me!

Breakfast and a shower, here I come.
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Yay for Will and Nicole!
I just caught up on the last few pages... mamabecca (?I think it was you taking the dog for a walk) thanks for helping me see that we've been expecting too much of our 2 1/2 yr old, cuz your story sounds just like our house!

catnip: yay on the naming. I'm still working on plans for ours and they aren't coming together. dd1's was when she was 11 mos, but I really don't want to put dd2's off so long.

hmmm... what else... bad wedding vibes... sounds yucky!
3opihi: sorry things are so rough for you. Sounds familiar to me, though.

would write more but dd1 just made the poop sound...
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P&A Let me know if you'd like to look over the ritual we wrote. Her older sisters are going to be playing flute for the air invocation and clarinet for the earth. It is going to be SO cool. My mom should be here in about 2 hours, she left LA at 6 this am.

Nicole, my cousin went through something similar with her little boy. He had open heart surgery at 4 months old. She also talked about feeling guilty to take him home when... well, you know. It's normal. Hard but normal. One thing to note, Ethan is now 10 months old and healthy as can be, but he gets nightmares. My cousin has good luck helping him with Bach Flower Remedies. If you have similar problems, it is something to keep in mind. (Would also be happy to make a dream catcher or "dream pillow" sachet... I wildcraft or grow all nine herbs I use in it. Anyone who wants one, let me know.)
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Catnip - that nightmare satchet sounds so cool! My 2yo has been having really bad nightmares. I hope they don't turn into night terrors. He would probably like one

I'm so relieved that little Will is home!!!!! :

Nicole, I can't understand at all how traumatic this was for you. But I'm still here to listen. I must reiterate how awesome you are to have stayed with Will the entire time and to be taking such good care of him. When I was about his age, I had surg. and was in the hospital for two weeks. My parents just left me there though Please, through all of this, try (and I know its hard) to take time to process all of this. My heart and prayers are with ya mama!

Um...not much else to write. How cool is that that ya'll really want to come to Hawaii?! Ok, coffee is done and I so need it :

Az - I need your address.
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Oh yeah, any ideas on how to get a baby to poop? V hasn't gone since thurs. and she's starting to get a little desparate.
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Yea!! Will is home! Nicole you must be so releaved. That's great hopefully things will be in an upswing now.

I've got my sick nephew here. I had to pick him up from school becuase he was throwing up. However on the good news front Elizabeth slept all night!! We went to bed about 10 and she didn't wake up once until 5:30!! I couldn;t believe it when I looked at the clock and saw the time. She got up 15 mintues before dh's alarm.

I've got to be quick here. Miss E is due to wake up from her nap shortly and I have to get ds from the bus in 20 mintues.

Andy, bummer about MIL I hope dd is taking it ok. Hopefully you'll get your car back asap. It has to be a bummer no dh and now car. I know when I didn't have my car, even though I rarely use it, I felt trapt. It wasn't even that I wanted to go somewhere it was more that I couldn't.

Annie, I hope venting helped you some. Having a little vacation with dh sounds like it will be good for your mental health and your relationship

Ahhh camping in HI would be nice, even with the bugs. If only we were rich and could fuel up the private plane and jet off to cheer Ann up and give Karen some adult company.

My nephew talks so much. I don't think he stops for more than 2 minutes at a time. I just can't remember what else I wanted to say
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Ann on the poop you could stick the thermometer up her bum, yucky but it always seems to work.
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Nicole, I am so glad to hear that Will is home!! YAY!!!!! I'm sure that I can't in any way fully *understand* what you've been through, but I am here to listen & support in any way I can.

Ann, how 'bout bicycling her legs? Brynn tends to be rather, um, "productive" when we do that...

Pam, I'm right there with you in coming to see that my expectations are, at times, too high for our eldest girl. It's tough to remember sometimes that she's a babe herself! I'm doing better now, but a few weeks ago I found that I was sooooooo lacking patience. I've also been incorporating a bit more structure in our day, and that has been really positive.
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What is UP with Luka- his wake up times seem to be getting earlier and earlier : . today he started his pre-waking squirm at 4:45 and was wide awake by 5:15. This is just NOT working for me. argh. And I don't know that keeping him up later, like Lisa did will make any difference, because he's gone to bed at 8-9-10 and always wakes up around 5-5:30ish. I'm kinda a morning person, but not THAT morning!
Damn.... might have to start drinking coffee again- just to COPE.

Az- your nephew would fit right in with my boys. Luka talks tons and I can tell he's going to have to yell to be heard in this verbal household. Poor thing.

Annie- Luka doesn't poop that often, but he doesn't seem to be too perturbed by it.... is she really fussy? Are you eating good fiber-y foods? I've always found that my nurslings have similar digestive things going on as me- like if I'm gassy, they are too, constipated,etc....

I can't wait to see my dad. Silly, but he always takes good care of me adn I'm feeling like I could use some papa tlc. When he's around I always get uninterrupted mealtimes, he takes baby early in the am, all the great stuff. I think I should hire him to be my nanny, in fact, lol! only 3 more days
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Originally Posted by Azreial
Ann on the poop you could stick the thermometer up her bum, yucky but it always seems to work.
I've heard that suggested too, but then elsewhere (maybe kellymom?) that its not good cause they get used to needing stimulation to go. Bea always seems to go if she's sitting on me, facing me with her legs drawn up. Bicycling works for gas but not for poop, here.

Probably the best way is to travel at least an hour from home with one spare pf and no spare covers. :LOL

Hurray Will!
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Catnip - that nightmare satchet sounds so cool! My 2yo has been having really bad nightmares. I hope they don't turn into night terrors. He would probably like one
Tell me where to send it, I have to go down to the river to collect mugwort and vervain for Kaia's naming anyway. Anyone else who wants one, let me know by Friday so I can pick enough. It will take about 3 weeks for the herbs to dry so I can make them into pillows. I use mugwort (wildcraft), lavender(homegrown), rosemary(homegrown), vervain(wildcraft), chamomile(sometimes homegrown, sometimes wildcraft, will depend on if the wild is blooming yet or if I have to use my dried crop from last year), peppermint(homegrown), catnip(homegrown), morning glory seeds(homegrown), and rose petals (homegrown). I also usually put a little piece of malachite or amethyst in them. Then I tuck the sachet between the mattress and the sheet under where I lay my head.
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Originally Posted by paquerette

Probably the best way is to travel at least an hour from home with one spare pf and no spare covers. :LOL
No kidding! That has been known to get a second poop in a day out of Kaia. And she's usually an every other day-er. Goes along with wearing white to make your period start.
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ROFL I can't help but laugh, the last cover and one prefold IS the way to do it. I'll gladly trade some poo vibes with you, I swear Lauren is still going as often as she eats, but now she waits instead of going while she's eating. Even at night. Poo all the time.

Dh and babe are napping upstairs and I'm in the batcave (computer lab) doing nothing.. aaahhhh. Ok so I'm waiting for the laundry to finish so I can put my dipes in the dryer and maybe wash some grown up clothes.

Going to work on Thurs. and then Tues in 2 weeks and then I will be officially done with all obligations except report cards, which are easy enough to do from home.

Catnip, I'd love one too, they sound mmmmmmmmy.

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Alas, I forgot the old, put the baby in expensive white babygap dress technique. worked like a charm :LOL how do they know these things???
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catnip- can you count me in too? that sounds delicious!!!

My babe is having trouble getting in a good nap today. it's just LOUD at my house and he's not a heavy sleeper.... sigh.

Annie- so does that mean she went? good deal!

I went out on our lanai to swing Luka to sleep.He just will NOT nurse if he's not hungry- sleepy or not. Anyhow, it's a little windy and the wind was blowing straight from the gardenia bushes to me.... heaven. You should all get your butts over here!!!
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We're having a no nap day today either. Dh says every time he tried to sneak out of bed she'd wake. So I tried to nurse her down and that didn't work either. So I gave up and we went to the local discount mart and got produce and cereal and she fussed like mad the whole time.

Dh is off to school so we're gonna hang on the couch and veg for 2 hrs.

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Nicole, Yay for you and Will!
Leave the feeling guilty to us, those of us whose babes didn't have to have surgery at all, if you can.

Ann, s and more s - it is horrible that your DH is not there for you now. I wish we could all come over. I hope everything has fallen back together. Sorry Waikiki did not work out. I hope DH gets a good clue and takes you someplace great.

Lisa, that's crazy about the weather, and hilarious about the batteries! Your DH is industrious that way. It's funny how everybody is good at something. Mine is a metallurgist and can tell me which dishes can't go in the dishwasher and why. Everybody else, what is your DH especially good at?
Nightmares - are you worried about the kids you taught?
That wedding - yuck! Sounds like one of those weddings where you can take bets with the other people at the table about how long it will last.
Andy's comments about soul mates are interesting. My DH and I aren't as much soul mates as life mates; I've felt stronger connections to other men, but DH and I get along so well and love and respect each other the most. It makes for a relatively easy marriage.
Giggles - lucky you! I can't wait for Evelyn to start giggling. She is cooing more now.

Catnip, crazy birth story there! The hospital sounds horrible. I'm sorry they treated you like that.

Cottonbabies has some good microfiber inserts. Microfiber looks like towels but it feels more slippery, somehow.

Andy, yeah, better to outgrow the clothes than those beautiful soakers!

Karen, good that DH misses you. His homecoming will be fun.
How frustrating that you can't connect to him on the phone.
Luka woke up earlier even with the time change? That's crazy.

Az, bummer about the sick nephew. I hope he is not contagious.

Pooping - Evelyn is like Lauren. She poops more often than she pees. Today she got a good poop cannon launch during a diaper change. That'll fill the laundry basket instantly.
Oh, and our technique for instapoop is "This is a very pretty hyena dipe that I'm putting on her now."

Paq, cute baby!

Sorry for the people with snow and rain. It is Gorgeous here! Sunday was fantastic, seventy degrees and beautiful. Today it's actually hot, like 75 and a bit of a breeze. Fan-tastic! Nana and the baby and I even went to church yesterday, it was so pretty.

Oh, the other day I added pics to the website. http://www.cirerrek.addr.com/evelyn
If you're in a hurry, at least check this one out: http://www.cirerrek.addr.com/evelyn/twomouthsopen.jpg

Yesterday Evelyn went down for the night, on DH's shoulder, at about 5 pm. Eep! So she was wide awake from 3:30 - 5:30. This morning, DH thanked me for staying up with her, even though most of it was in our room, keeping him awake. He told me I am a good mother. That made it all better.

Are there lots of mosquitos in Hawaii?
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no time change in HI at all... you guys changed??
and yes, there are mosquitoes here, but the amt depends on where you are... no malaria or anything tho
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Oh yeah, time change for everyone but Indiana. We all sprung forward an hour, making it light later and dawn at a normal time.

I'm sitting on the couch watching the new neighbors clean up their garden. Only problem is it looks like they are tearing out some great perennials and they just need to cut the dead stuff down and be patient. ggrrrrr!

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