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Hi everyone. You haven't heard from me in a few days because for some reason I haven't been getting notices about messages on this thread. I suddenly realized that this morning.

I wanted to add my voice to those who are saying the women who have ended up with mw's at the births or in the hospital are very welcome here. The board is more about our beliefs and our ideals and what we wish for than "you have to do ____" and I think it's important that we all realize this.

As committed as I am to UC now (and it would have to be a pretty serious complication for me to give up on UC), I am going to a mw for a gestational diabetes check. I am measuring 41.5 cm at 27 weeks. I feel healthy and think I am healthy–but if I do have GD I'd like to get it under control and I think that is possible. I still suspect I may be carrying twins and my doula agrees, but we just don't have confirmation.

As I've stated on other threads, my family still doesn't know that I homebirthed my son who is now 17. I can't imagine telling them that I plan to UC with this one! In fact, after the troubles I have had and all the people I know who are involved in midwifery (unfortunately in my opinion) I have only told 2 people–my doula who will be there and 1 friend whose husband was a UC birth baby. Nor do I intend to tell anyone else unless forced to do so. I am telling the mw that I see for the GD test that after my horrid experience with the previous mw I am taking my time choosing a new mw–which will explain how I came to be this far along w/o having a mw.

Hope everything works out well and sending good vibes to all those who are anxiously awaiting births in the next few days and weeks!
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Originally Posted by rainbowmoon
I know what you mean Brandi. I still have 4 months to go and it feels like it will be forever! (don't get me wrong I do love being pg)

sending labor vibes your way ((Amy)) or maybe you are holding that babe already?
Thanks for the vibes, everyone! Still waiting...
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Originally Posted by cresorchid
I am going to a mw for a gestational diabetes check. I am measuring 41.5 cm at 27 weeks. I feel healthy and think I am healthy–but if I do have GD I'd like to get it under control and I think that is possible. I still suspect I may be carrying twins and my doula agrees, but we just don't have confirmation.
Here's wishing you a great check up, and maybe even the wonderful news of two beautiful babies!
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Wow, cresorchid, that would be so cool to have twins! And busy, I suppose

What are you doing for GD?
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GD test

I'm going either on Thursday of this week for the test or sometime next week.

I would LOVE to have twins. I know this is my last pregnancy as I will be 42 when this one or two are born and as a single mom, I just can't see going through the whole fertility thing AGAIN. But it would be great to have 2 little ones and to know that they have a playmate all the time once they are at the age when that becomes more important.

Here's to sending good vibes to all those waiting impatiently for their labor to start–and to hoping that you have an EASY birth with no complications as well!
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hi mamas~
this is my 1st trip to the computer since well before bodhi joined us on 3/23. i've written my birth story, and am still bugging dh to do the same. here's a quick rundown to tide you over until dh can bring it to town and type the full thing. labor started at 7 pm, i told dh to sleep so i could be on my own. i thought i'd adjust better that way. by the wee hours, around 5? it was getting pretty hard and wanting dh's help. ...oh, boy, dh just came up and said bodhi is getting restless, so here's the super quick rundown. labor total was 22 hrs. i needed some advice from a mw friend to be less earthy--walk, move, change things. my body was bearing down, but we weren't sure bodhi was low enough. the walking, although slightly torturous at that point was really good, and kind of felt good too. soon after, dh said he saw a yellow sac of liquid. and then i felt the head moving down with the bearings down. what a glorious feeling!!! i was doing it. i'd been thinking of bv, kolthos and katest and the other mamas who'd done it and now i was doing it. pushing was so awesome. i loved it. the babe was born at 4:44pm in the caul caught by me and with only his papa in the camper with us.

ok, i really have to go, but i wanted to add for the mamas processing births...i can totally relate and i uc'd! also, kate~ i would love a uc mamas group. i agree that it would be a bit different. also, anyone questioning eating their placenta, i say do it!! it helped me soooo much. i ate about 10 little pieces (they slide right down so quickly and only tasted a little metallic or minerally) after the birth, then 2-3x a day after that. dh had frozen it thin and flat and broke off pieces i'd eat once thawed.

ok, my love to you all, and congrats on the new babes i've missed....oh, and mamajaza, your babes are beautiful, and growing so fast! kate, finn's looking cute as ever, dh and i are struck by how much he looks like bodhi in most of the pics. wild. oh, i'm missing you all. dh and i are talking about getting internet at home over our cell phone b/c of you women!
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Yay! sprinkle pocket, you're back! I'm so glad everything went well. Your little guy must be soo delicious. NB babies are the most precious things. It sounds like your DP is helping you a lot, which is super ..even cutting the placenta up... wow!

sending love to you and your family!
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Sprinklepocket I am looking forward to reading all about your birth. The short version was a great teaser.

As for me, I finally met a few people locally who have UC'd and am so excited to connect with them. In addition, I went to my acupuncturist yesterday to be treated for allergies which are making me a little crazy now–I can't sleep without getting a horribly stuffed nose, and my sleep of course is worse than ever. I admitted to the acupuncturist that I plan to UC as long as I can keep this babe in long enough for it to be safe. She was totally supportive of me and said that if labor stops she would be willing to come over and help jump-start it with acupunture! So now more people know what I am doing and I am getting some really great support.

One UCer who showed up loaned me a Laura Shanley book on UC. I've barely been able to begin it but I'm totally thrilled to have this resource, and she says she has other books that might be helpful as well.
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congrats sprinklepocket!
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Hello! Yesterday my dh suggested UC! I've thought and prayed about it...not saying anything to him...and SURPRISE!! He's still thinking about it but I get the vibe that he's gonna agree. Nice to have a place to go for support if we do take the plunge!
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welcome, heather!
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congrats sprinkle!!!

welcome heather
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Well, since lurkers are introducing themselves... I will, too!

Hi, I'm due in early December. I've had only homebirths before but am committed to going UC this time. I really wanted a UC last time, but just didn't manage to push my baby out before the MW arrived. Drats!

I'm not sure if we'll do UP too. I haven't called anyone. My DH isn't quite on board at the moment. He was in the very beginning of this pregnancy, but now keeps saying, "I think you're going to have a LOT of convincing to do on this one!" Which... I take to mean, that he's just feeling insecure about this. He really still thinks (dispite talking to him about it) that he'd have to act as the MW.

So, I'm not 100% sure how our UC will look. But, I know that's what my plan is since I *am* the one birthing the baby. And, I trust DH will come on board with time. I don't mean to type this and sound like I would violate his trust. I will be honest with my intentions. And, I do respect his opinions. I'd feel best if he was completely on board with me. I'm thinking he may feel most comfortable with prenatal care and then not calling the MW unless I ask for her. Last time I hadn't succeeded in convincing him that I needed an US. AND, I was not very firm on that decision. This time I'm much more firm. It's not what I want. It's what I NEED. During my last labor there reached a time, when I was pushing and he said, "Ok, I can't wait any longer. We need the MW." I'm a little nervous of that happening again.

Sprinkle Pocket... congrats on your sweet little babe! His birth sounds wonderful!
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Rhiannon's birth pics

Hello everyone! In celebration of my birthday I thought I'd finally get around to uploading Rhiannon's birth photos. The first two were taken at about 10 minutes old, and the next two the next day.

Here you go!
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Sprinkle! I've been so eager to hear from you. I'm so glad your birth went so well! I got chills (more like warm energy hugs) when I read that you thought of me during your labor -- I, too, thought of you ladies here when I was in labor and it gave me great strength. Who'd thought you could get such strength and empowerment from cyber-friends?

Looking forward to your full birth story. And I'm determined to write mine this weekend!

Jessemomme -- great pics. Thanks for sharing. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Welcome Heather and Arora! Love to see new mamas here.

Cresorchid -- how wonderful to have found other women to connect with. I love Laura's book. I also loved "The Power of Pleasurable Childbirth," and "Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love." Great info and very validating.
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Hello Ladies~

I can't remember everyone I wanted to specifically 'shout out' to now! There's so many of you. So just a happy hello to the newer ladies, and hugs and congrats to the new mamas! I haven't been keeping up with the forums as much as I like to, so I've been reading like mad for the past couple of days.

About the mom's processing their experiences.. you guys SO belong here! UC seem to me to be as much a state of mind as an actual experience, and plus, we all get to know you and you're important to us! I know I'm not the only one who is eager to support you in dealing with your experiences and learn from anything you're up to sharing with us. Please stay here with us, or at least come back as soon as you feel up to it.

I just mentioned in another thread here about my family, but personally, I want to tell everyone. I'm just not *going* to tell everyone. I'm not concerned about them affecting the outcome so much as I'm absolutely not interested in entertaining them during or after labor. Birth is so personal and intimate for dh and I. No one else belongs there with us. I don't know how well I'll be able to keep it to myself when I am pg... just like every other parenting and lifestyle choice we've made, Kate said it so well:

Originally Posted by KateSt.
After all the soul-searching I did with uc, and after dh got on board, it seemed like such a natural choice that I forgot what a novel idea is it to everyone else!
That is EXACTLY how I feel. I just don't see what the uproar is about, and how can anyone possibly see fit to tell me what is right for me and my family, especially when they won't take the time to do any of the research? The only person in my family I have told is my Grandma. She was the youngest of nine (including one set of twins), and the only baby my great-grandma had a doctor around for. (Guess it was just the trend back then.) She was born at home, of course, like pretty much everyone was, but particularly in rural KS. Honestly, I don't know how Grandma really feels about it.. she was neither all for it or against it. If nothing else, though, she does see that doctors are pretty much superfluous for births! Honestly, (ironically!) if I felt that people knowing would in any way endanger me or my child, then I wouldn't have any problem telling out-right lies to protect us. Happily, I don't think it will ever come to that for me.

You can tell I haven't been around; I can't stop typing!

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm due in December with my first planned UC. I've had two really nice MWAHBs with the first two, but I'm ready to do this one completely on my own. We're so excited! My dh is supportive and I think, relieved.
So, that's me!
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Painless births

Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask all of you whether you have had painless births. We all know that the mainstream picture of birth is very unrealistic and just sets up expectations and fears for women who don't know better and then often create the scenario they expect and fear.

I'm asking whether and how many of you have had painless births because my stage 1 with my first baby was completely painless–and yet, where they told me that I would have no problems, stage 2, I found quite painful. I've begun to believe that I just rebelled against what I was being told to expect and created a painless stage one and a painful stage 2. But I'm wondering how others have felt.

I know that there are books like Laura Shanley's where she has had painless births and recounted the stories of other women who have had painless births, but is there anyone here, themselves, who can say that? Or who can say "Yeah, I had some pain during this period or that period, but it just wasn't a big deal. It certainly wasn't like the culture tells us it is."
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I experienced pain with both births. First one was very a painful 10 hours. I got a very bad cervical lip, and wanted to push and kept making it worse.
Second was a very tolerable 4 hour start to finish birth. I was pretty chatty and laughing about things for the first probably 2.5 hours. Then I hit transition and while I had pain, I totally relaxed into it and it wasn't too bad. When the baby was coming out I didn't feel like I had been in labor nearly long enough!
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Welcome, Marisa!

Hi to Lizzie. I'm glad you could share with your grandma.

Painless birth (I REALLY need to write our birth story!), I would definitely say my labor was not painful. Although I was in active labor for 15 hours, was very exhausted at times, and asked (the Universe, Goddess, etc) for a break from the contractions once or twice, I would have to say I found labor to be very intense, but not painful.
When my body actually starting pushing (I didn't consciously push) it actually felt wonderful! And once I felt my little one coming out, it was as blissful as I'd hoped. I was laughing with joy as he crowned and came out.
It was totally DIFFERENT than the births I've seen on tv -- no screaming, no getting mad at dh. It was wonderful.

I think I've written my whole birth story in bits and pieces on various threads. I really, really need to do it in it's entirety!

P.S. Sprinkly, I'm dying to see pics of your little one (esp. if he resembles Finn!)
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