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Fat not pregnant

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Ok, So I need help! This is my first pregnancy and I am feeling absolutely horrible about myself. I feel fine (thank goodness I'm beyond that stage), but now i swear I'm just feeling more and more FAT. I am not over weight, but have always had a nice little layer of goodness over my stomach. Now, I feel like everything is getting thicker, and I'm just dying to know if I need to be more careful about food and excercise (not that that's such a bad idea in the first place) or if this is normal, and soon I'll feel better?? Is this fat layer always going to look like a jiggly mess over my pregnant belly (once I start showing)? I feel like complaining constantly, but I don't want the sympathy.. "oh you look great!" when.. i know that i'm feeling like wearing maternity cloths just for the fat.
Any advise? Comments? Help? Encouragment???
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Oh! it's sooo normal!

Even if you're kinda chubby (i was with #2), around 6 months it feels like theres nothing but a thin, stretched layer of skin between your baby and the world.

I'm a big gal now, and was worried i would feel fat instead of pregnant this time around, but i'm already noticing less of a jiggle, and more of a bowling-ball-like effect, lol.
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Whats happening is so normal! Give it a few months and it'll be a real preggo looking belly. This is my 4th and I alway go through a very chubby feeling stage. In fact I'm there right now and wondering what pants to try and wear today! To small for my panels, to big for anything else! And I don't look the least bit pregnant to anyone that hasn't known me for years and years!

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Thank you so much for responding! I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this. I love being pregnant, and I can't wait till there is REALLY something there. For now.. i'll just keep wearing the loose fitting cloths and hang on to those cute maternity cloths until those are the only things I can wear.
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Amen to this thread. I am thin normally (probably a little underweight) and now I just have this big wobbly THING attached to my mid-section, which in no way resembles any preggo belly I have ever seen before, lol. I keep thinking, that is not baby, that is just wobbly fat!

My suggestion: a Bella Band! I bought one today, and am really happy with it so far. It's a super-tight but stretchy lycra or spandex or something tube, and it supports your belly and hides the fact that your pants are actually unbuttoned. Yay! It sticks out from below your shirt and looks like a layering tank or undershirt or something. I bought black. Pretty comfortable, too.
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Don't worry, it's perfectly normal! I look forward to my round pregnant belly but unfortunately for me that doesn't come until I hit about 6 months along. I am tall and I spend most of my pregnancy looking chunky until I FINALLY pop . It will happen!
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Thanks for suggesting the Bella Band, i just ordered it online, and I can't wait until it comes.
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