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Do what you feel is the right way to honor your grandmother and family. You can do two ceremonies if you want. What's important is that you feel that you are honoring your family and ancestors. Doing so will honor the Goddess no matter how you choose to do the ceremony.

Congrats on your baby!
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The moon was out all day yesterday

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Time to make harvest moonshine for samhain!

Harvest Moonshine: Traditional Method

3 large oranges
2 lemons
3 large apples
3 cinnamon sticks
3 cardamoms
12 cloves
3 nutmegs
8 pints (20 cups) water
4-6 lb honey
1 oz fresh or wine yeast blended in ¼ pint tepid water

Take the rind, flesh and juice of the oranges and lemons, coarsely chop and discard the white pith. Chop the apples. Add, together with the cinnamon sticks, cardamoms, cloves and nutmegs, to 4 pints (10 cups) of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain* and add a further 4 pints of cold water. Then stir in the honey. Next add the yeast solution.

When it is thoroughly dissolved, place the fluid in a sterilised demi-john with a fermentation lock. Demi-johns can usually be found in second-hand shops and after thorough washing can be sterilised using the tablets sold to sterilise baby feeding bottles. If you haven’t got a fermentation lock, you can improvise by tying a plastic bag over the neck in such a way as to leave room for gas to expand but no air to enter.

Place in a warm dark place and leave for at least six months. After about six weeks you should see small bubbles rising to the surface; after about six months this activity should have ceased. If it has not stopped, wait a little longer.

When you are absolutely sure it has stopped fermenting, decant into sterile bottles with cork tops – the kinds sold with port or sherry in are usually ideal. Leave a further week to be sure no further fermentation starts. You’ll know if it does because the corks will lift or even pop!
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Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe
Do what you feel is the right way to honor your grandmother and family. You can do two ceremonies if you want. What's important is that you feel that you are honoring your family and ancestors. Doing so will honor the Goddess no matter how you choose to do the ceremony.

Congrats on your baby!
what she said! I agree two ceremonies would be ok here as long as you were comfy with that!
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Personally, we had 2 ceremonies. I refused to baptize Kaia in a church because I was not comfortable promising to raise her in a religion I had no intention of teaching her. I did let my mother baptize her, though. We had a multi-faith crowd at her naming ceremony, and as a nod to that, included Starhawk's Declaration of the Four Sacred Things in the text of the ceremony. Specifically
The Earth is a living, conscious being. In company with cultures of many different times and places, we name these things as sacred: air, fire, water, and earth. Whether we see them as the breath, energy, blood, and body of the Mother, or as the blessed gifts of a Creator, or as symbols of the interconnected systems that sustain life, we know that nothing can live without them.
Seemed appropriate. We then asked the blessings of the elements for Kaia:

Spirits of Air, you who spin the dance of life from the fibers of chaos, we ask your blessing for (child’s name). Breathe into her your creativity and love of learning.
(fan with a feather)

Spirits of Fire, you who dance in the flames of the sun and earth, we ask your blessing for (child’s name). Fan the flames of her passion and courage.
(smudge with sage)

Spirits of Water, you who swim the ever-changing oceans of the heart and soul, we ask your blessing for (child’s name). Shower her with your gifts of love and compassion.
(sprinkle with water)

Spirits of Earth, you who tread the patterns of stability, we ask your blessings for (child’s name). Ground her with your gifts of health and abundance.
(brush with herbs)

Primary Godsparent:
Ancestor Spirits, you who have gone before us, we ask your blessings for (child’s name). Bless her with wisdom and good fortune.
(lay on hands)

Father God, lord of the fruits and fields, I ask your blessings for my daughter, (child’s name). Lend her the light of your sun so that she may find her way.
(lift to sky)

Mother Goddess, lady of the earth and sea, I ask your blessings for my daughter, (child’s name). Lend her the light of your moon so that she may find her way.
(touch to ground)
We also did the Faery Coverlet ritual from Circle Round:
Make a blanket with yarn ties and ask each person present to tie a knot and make a wish for your child. Kaia was blessed with patience, common sense, flexibility, love, friendship, courage, humor, loyalty, curiosity, expression, kindness, creativity, sight, faith, health, confidence, freedom, justice and love of learning. That's a ritual you can do amongst, well, muggles for lack of a better word without offending anyone.
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catnip... that's beautiful!
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Whilst I still considered myself a "good" Catholic, a coworker approached me about a neighbor of hers who planned to have her children confirmed in the church so that they could go to the Catholic school. They didn't believe in the sacrament, or in all the things that go into making one Catholic ... the parents just wanted their kids to go to a "good" school. I was deeply, DEEPLY offended at the attitude and told her so.

While not exactly the same thing, I can't imagine that your grandmother would want you to have your dd baptized if you don't believe in the sacrament, even if your reasons are goodhearted and well-intentioned. Bad, bad, bad idea, IMHO.

FWIW, our family has a dress that was given to my mother for my sister's Christening, only we were all raised southern baptist -- no Christenings or infant baptisms! So, she used the dress as a coming-home outfit for my sister, brother & me. My sister used it for her 2 children, I used it for my dd, and my nephew & his wife just used it for their dd last week! While not a part of a big ritual, it has become a family tradition that is very important to us and we'll be handing that dress down for generations to come.
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Kleine Hexe...

How're those boys doin' today?

Just wondrin' and thinking of you and them!

Joyce in the mts.
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Anyone willing to send some milky magic this way, I'd sure appreciate it. Having low supply issues and my 12 week-old could use it! (I'm already working with a LC to do all that is mundanely possible.)
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Originally Posted by Joyce in the mts.
Kleine Hexe...

How're those boys doin' today?

Just wondrin' and thinking of you and them!

Joyce in the mts.
In the past four/five weeks my 4 year old has had in this order fifth disease, chicken pox, mono, and cat fever. He still has mono and cat fever. His lymph nodes and tonsils are really swollen. He also broke out with canker sores on his tongue. On top of this both boys have a cold and cough. Cold seems to be on the way out and hopefully my oldest's lympathic system will return to normal soon. He's lost two pounds because it hurts him to eat or drink with the canker sores and the swollen tonsils. Any suggestions for fattening him up are welcome!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, Joyce. You know my middle name is Joyce.

here is some abundance of milk vibes for you Catnip.
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Much milky for Mama Michelle...
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Kleine Hexe - sending Healthy vibes to your sons

catnip - abundance of milk for your baby!
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Oh, healthy thoughts for your boys KH! That sounds like a rough month for all of you.
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I had a wonderful and enlightening talk with my mom

I thought todazy was the day to tell my mom of my choice to move towards paganism. I called her to let he know I was coming and I just wanted her to listen and not judge and that was it. She wasa very confused as to what I wanted to talk about. I got to her house ready for a war. And I started talking and telloing her what I felt and I was ready to defend myself when she told me that my father and herself are pagan. WHAT?! I was flabbergasted. I asked why she didn't teach me that and she said she did. Which is very true. We were raised ono 100 acres of natural beuty and we were taught to respect mother earth etc... But I was so gung ho about christianity(my g-ma) And assumed they were too that she just didn't want to disturb that. I was very stern in my ways. I was basically brainwashed all those years to beleive that all bad will go to hell and so on. My mom said she was very proud that I am finding my way on my own. And she also told mee that my nanny(great grandma on her side) was a witch. If she had told me that 2 months ago I would of laughed in her face. And she went on to tell me some amazing stories of her growing up with nanny(she raised my mom) My mom is also at level one for reiki and is continuing her ewducation with that. Which I knew. And 2 good friends of the family are wiccan. I just feel like I have had a million punds lifted off my chest and am so very happy. I just wish that my grandma(dads mom) didn't have such aa impact on me growing up. But I do have many wonderful memories, don't get me wrong. But I wish my mom and dad felt comfortable enough to tell g-ma, so we could know more about what pagans beleive. But my mom says they raised us that way w/o giving it a name so they would not have to deal with dads mom. If you have gotten this far thanks for listening. I am so very happy and plan on continuing my studies so I can raise my children this way and know all I need to know about paganism!
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Wow, Megan. That's some pretty cool stuff. Good for you and your Mom to finally be able to share!
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Just happened to stumble into spirituality... I haven't been to circle in awhile, I see lots of new faces!

Melanie, did you change your user name? I don't remember you as KoalaMama... Nice to see you again

I'm getting my little garden area ready for some flowers. I was going to try to do veggies, but I decided that I'm going to do a flower garden. I am always failing at veggie gardens so I need to try something different. I have visions of this beautiful, filled to the brim flower garden with all kinds of flowers. I want some herbs too. I need to get or make a trelis so I can do morning glories up the outside of the house.
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Originally Posted by wemoon
Melanie, did you change your user name? I don't remember you as KoalaMama... Nice to see you again
Yeah, I changed it a few months back. It felt weird to be 'MamatoFallon' with another babe coming. Not that I won't still be a Mama to Fallon, of course. :LOL Guess that 'sense of fairness' thing has been coming into play for me.

Nice to see you too! I just made my way back here myself a week or so ago.
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SAHMof2girls, what a great story! Who would ever have guessed about your parents already being pagan???

My family is Jewish, but I was raised as an atheist. I haven't really made a big issue of my religious/spiritual choices with my parents or sister, but I don't hide it either. Except from my aunt and uncle who would be offended. I figure there's simply no point in upsetting them since I see them so extremely rarely and my beliefs don't affect our relationship in any way.

Do you think you or your children will ever celebrate some of the pagan holidays with your parents now? What a fascinating change and experience that would be.
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Actually we were discussing this and she said it would be wonderful for us to celebrate the holidays with them and our friends. My father is gone but I am sure he will be there evrystep of the way. And Sofias b-day falls on summer soltice and we are encorperting that into her party... I can't wait to see the faces of all my dads side of the family when they see the decisions I have made and how mom and dad are. :LOL I feel so refreshed. Wow it has made me so happy.
Oene more thing dh is jewish and I always tried so hard to make him convert in to christianity...and he would never listen, after I came home last night and told him about my talk with mom he is totally on board and wants to learn with me and raise our children that way....HOLY COW. what a great day it was!!!
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Milk Magick

May the plentiful rains we've experienced this spring, nourishing our earth, lend their power in amplifying your milk flow and naturally nourishing your little babe.
So mote it be!
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