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Highest ever USED Fluffymail on Ebay!

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Highest ever USED FCB on Ebay Woah... and it's mine.

So, if you're like the other confused Ebayers (like myself and the ones that left questions for me such as, "I don't get it. Why is this going so high?"), let me tell you what I found out... Warning though... it might make you and say outloud and will surely warm your heart

As many of you know, I've been going through a rough health time this past week. My insurance doesn't cover the things that actually help me like chiropractic care, cranial-sacral work etc. So, I thought I would sacrafice and sell one of my favorite diapers on Ebay. I figured, I loved it so much, surely someone else would love it enough for it to generate one chiro bill.

What I wasn't counting on was the AMAZING CARING WONDERFUL KIND mamas of MDC. The prayers and the healing vibes were fabulous. I was amazed by the outpouring. I am so grateful for everyone's support.

Then one group went beyond all that. I'm not even sure who all were involved, but I know there were a lot of them (including Butterflymom, Averymybaby, Spatulagirl, LindsayLou, Oceanone and others that I don;'t know of). They recruited others, pooled their money, and bidded as much as they had collected -- higher than could have EVER been expected for a USED diaper! And... on top of all of that... I don't have to give up my diaper!

The MDC Mamas supported me, then raised money, then gave me back the diaper!

I am absolutely floored. I really am just in awe.

Thank you really doesn't go far enough.

See, now I'm crying again. You all touched me so so so much.

Thank you.
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That is so wonderful!!!
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We love you Claire!
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How wonderful!!! There are some very generous mamas on here and I'm sure you deserved the outpouring of love you received!!! YAY!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Spark
The MDC Mamas supported me, then raised money, then gave me back the diaper!

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O Sweetpea Claire:

1st. I hope you're feeling OK today, happily pg and not so nerve-pinched

2nd. Cicely needs that diaper. Its hers.

3rd. You're making me cry in public and I don't like crying in public, so I'm going to mosey on back to Saturday morning cartoons, but I wanted you to know you are loved by so many and I am just one of the minions who truly want all to be well and happy and pain-free and new-snuggle-baby-in-9mo-soft for you.
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You deserve it Claire!!!
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...so you wanted to make me cry on a Saturday morning?
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Aww...everybody here loves you!!
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Claire, all you ever do is give, give give. I'm so glad that some of the love and kindness you give to others finally came full circle.

I hope you are feeling better sweet mama. No one deserved this more than you.

And yes the mamas here are wonderful!
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Wow! That is too cool! Congrats, Claire! You totally deserve it!
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You have done more thoughtful things for other mamas on MDC than anyone I know of, and this is only a small little bit of karma comin' back at you.
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Stop it, you guys!
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We just want you to be well, and know that you are loved
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Happy tears are good for your health I have some now too.

You are a bright light in this community Claire I hope you are feeling better everyday!
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I hope those therapies will help you through your pregnancy!I too had to have the same therapies for some issues during pregnancy and it made my pregnancy a breeze.In fact i fell in love with my cranial sacral therapist and begged her to be at my birthing :LOL getting touched by her while in labor was heavenly.I think all insurance should cover these therapies i am getting ready to sell a bunch of my diapers to cover these therapies for my dd who has cerebral palsy and needs more intensive chiro work to help her through this rough patch.I can't get disability to cover it

I also wanted to recommend homeopathic Hypericum which is for nerve issues.

And great job to those mamas who helped you out
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You so deserve to feel the

MDC does rock!! OK, now I am going to


Hope you are feeling better Claire, and can enjoy your pregnancy!
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This is so cool!!! I hope you get well real soon!!
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