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Wow, that is amazing
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That is totally wonderful! The mothers here really do rock. Amazing

If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask
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Wow! That's just amazing. MDC rocks!!!
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Originally Posted by Sustainer
Stop it, you guys!
EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!!

See, again, all I can say is:
Thank you!
You all are just wonderful. Thank you!
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Oh mama! I wish I had known! I would have surely given up one of my recent fluff pruchases to participate! Somehow, maybe because I have been a bit overwhelmed, I totally missed the whold thing.

Good, for you mama! Enjoy the good will mama - YOU DESERVE IT!
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Claire, you need to PM me your address. My brilliant plan for a surprise for you is working out and I need to mail you something. Instead of donating to your AIO on ebay I saved some mental paypal for this one thing that I really, really wanted you to have and I got it, so I need to mail it to ya OK?

Oh, and my aunt swears by cranio-sacral therapy. She gets it once a week and has for maybe 2 years now? And she loves it. It helps all kinds of stuff.
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that's just amazing! (beautiful diaper too, has me sitting here drooling, even though dd is essentially out of diapers!) I hope your health issues work out for the best, mama!
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Ahhhhh, what happy tears! Congratulations, Claire...on your pg and dipe! WTG, MDC Mamas!
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Oh, man, that's the coolest thing I've ever heard. My DH is standing behind me and he even said "that's so cool!" It's been said before, but I'm here to say it again:

No one deserves it more than you, Claire! I hope you feel much better soon!
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This is one of the nicest things I've ever heard! I truly needed to hear this right now....
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I wish I would have known!

You deserve this mama
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Goodness you are a nice bunch of women!
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What a wonderful thing to do! As a pp said, you are a bright light and although I'm sorry that you are having health problems, it's so inspiring to see mamas working together to help out. And you get to keep the diaper!! I hope you begin to feel some relief very soon.
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Awww what a blessing of generous Mama's!!!

Prayers for health for Claire
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wow - that is so kind! what a community there is here!
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oh you are all so awesome! I've been on vacation for a week, just returning today, so I missed this.

claire, sending you lots of healing vibes. let me know what I can do! I'll see you soon.

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Aww Claire...

I don't know what's going on. But what an awesome group of mamas we have here. s

Please let me know if I can do anything for you.
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You absolutely deserve it, Claire! I believe that you are the kindest, biggest-hearted person I have met at MDC. I hope you are completely healed very soon and enjoy a wonderful pregnancy.
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Wow, this thread made me cry, the love and generosity shown by the mamas here is so touching.
I hope your health improves soon!
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