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Feb. '05 Mamas - The April Thread (a.k.a. months 2-3)

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Here are our February (more or less!) babies...

Lousli - Hazel Eliana born Dec 21
weesej (Jen) - Emmanuel Colin born Jan 13
mama2m&m (Denise) Mia Paige born Jan 13
3 Little Birds baby boy born Jan 22
Twin Mom (Deb) VBA2C homebirth Joe born Jan 23
Shannon0218 - Molly Joan born Jan 24
TexasSuz (Susan) - Leah Sheryl born Jan 24
Letabug (Arleta) Kane Aubry born Jan 25
Lasofia Ilario Joshua born January 27
ElizaBird (Eliza)- Orian James and Jonah Green born Jan 27
Tug (Terenia) - <b>Mia Rose born Jan 29
Kater07 Lorelei Michelle Born Jan 30
Emilym (Emily) Isobel Born Feb 1
FreeThinker Laina Beth born Feb 1
Dandylion (Stephanie) Irina Zoey born Feb 1
Coopsmama (Kristen)- William Sidney born Feb 2
Parker'sMommy (Heather) - Carlee Ryan Born Feb 3
HelloKitty (Kitty) Maxwell Dennis born Feb 4
Lisashepp (Lisa) Evan born Feb 5 (?)
Happymamajenni (Jenni) Parker Donovan Black born Feb 5
carrie24 (Carrie)- Edward IV born Feb 7
kimbalicious- Lucinda Pearl born Feb 8
lisabc311- Gavin Joseph born Feb 9
fairymama (Pamela) William Kendrick born Feb. 9
Sadkitty- Nigel Wren born Feb 10
LianneM- Allen Cramer IV born Feb 10
Wtchyhlr (Joy) Dominic Alec Whitcomb Valdez born Feb 11
alaskanteach (Gretchen) Oscar Tomas born Feb 11
Zandersmom- Zander born Feb 11
Marcela Ezra Omani born Feb 11
mehndimama (Stell)- unassisted homebirth Robert Kenneth Evans Michelsen born Feb 12
Emmama-Liam Joseph born Feb 12
PeacefulVegan- Ben River born Feb 13
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) Rachel born Feb 14
Um Hanna (Heather)- Yasmeen born Feb 14
HydeParkB Flannery Grace born Feb 14
earthmama007 Hannah Ruth born Feb 16
kavamamakava Amelie Vasanti Feb 17
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) Lilah Geneve born Feb 17
shyly (Monica) Scott Francis born Feb 17
KateSt. UC - ChristoFinn born Feb 17
PBandJ (Liane) - Micah born Feb 17
rose angel (Karen) Levi Fox born Feb 18
Mama2Chloe (Tricia)- Sofia Rose born Feb 18
Threeforme2005 (Traci) Autumn Eve born Feb 18
Ekblad7+ (Amy) Samuel Joseph born Feb 20
artgirl (Kelly) Beckett born Feb 20
Christi Viola Rose born Feb 23
Mainemon (Susan) Andrew David born February 23
AmBam (Amber) Maiah Elena born Mar 1
Bella'smamma (Cecily) Ava Juliet born Mar 1
Maprilynne (Aprilynne) Brennan Duane-Douglas born March 4
woolfairy (Elle) Baby Boy born March 5
Heveasoul Baby Boy born March 8
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OK so I started the new thread. Sorry gals, not up for color and bolding today. Besides, most of us know by now who we are LOL!!!

* is 7+ weeks and 15 lbs. I just bought #3 diapers for nighttime (for those of you who are blessedly clueless to the wild world of sposies, that's a BIG diaper, as in, the packaging shows a baby crawling!!!).

Gotta run - boy needs his milk...
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Subscribing....Zander is sleeping on my lap...he is so cute when he is sleeping...I'm thinking of going to bed early...Brian has duty tomorrow...don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!!!
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I love the names of our babies
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Zander is in #2 diapers he weighs 12lbs 12oz and is 7 weeks and 1 day...people keep asking me how old is he 3 months? and I say no and they say wow he sure is cute...when I know they mean fat...and I don't think Zander is fat he is just "healthy" he is only in the 75th to 90th percentile.
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Amelie is 13 lbs 5 ounces at 6 weeks but she doesn't look nearly as fat as Nadia did because she's really long. I think she's around 24 1/2 in long. I love fat babies
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Ok, so I guess Molly and I are the odd ones, Molly weighs 10 lbs at 10 weeks. She can still fit her wee but into the newborn pampers swaddlers that we have left over.
I think though that she's about to have a big spurt, she's been taking 5 oz every 90 min all day long.

I'm so tired and I'm not sure why, I've been sleeping so much, maybe I'm fighting something off. I hate feeling so out of it.
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Samuel is six weeks tomorrow. He weighs in at 12.5 lbs. He seems huge to me but we still get the "he's so tiny" comments so I guess he looks tiny to the "world" :LOL

Lousli - Sorry you had a bad day. I'm sure they won't all be like that. Being a mom is frustrating some days. I hope your day got better.

I am SO tired all of the time. I have absolutely no energy. Tonight we lose yet another hour of sleep to daylight savings time. Ugh!
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Thanks Amy! The day has improved greatly. Mel napped, which improved her mood greatly! Then we went over to my parents' house, and they made us dinner, which was really nice too. My dh still isn't home though, and it's 8:30!

Hazel is probably almost 10 pounds now, at 3.5 months! But of course, her adjusted age is about, let me see...nearly 8 weeks now. So, not so tiny I guess. We still get the "newborn" and "tiny baby" comments a lot.

Okay, I have to go help Mel with something...
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subscribing. Chloe needs "nano". : gotta go.
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Nigel was 10pounds ten ounces last Tuesday. He has his 2mo well baby on the 11th. I'm guessing he'll be about 11.5 pounds.

We went to our Birthing from Within class reunion today. All the moms were nursing which was sooo great. 3 of us, out of 8 moms, ended up with c-sections. Talk about an epidemic! It was great fun and there was even vegan pizza. But then the instructor started talking about sleep training and letting your baby cry or else you'd get manipulated! I almost hit her! It was soo wierd because shes a natural childbirth instructor, lay midwife and yoga teacher she also nursed and co-slept with her own daughter. She used the excuse that her 7 y.o. daughter still sometimes climbed into her bed at night. I made faces, rolled my eyes and said "thats so mean" at one point. It was bizarre!

I should be sleeping with the babe right now, but instead I have to make a new ad because the mom of the kids I used to watch quit her job It sucks. I really loved those guys and they fit with my laid-back ap style.
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morning all

glad the day got better lousli!

sadkitty - that is so weird that she would do that. it would make me sad to hear it too.

shannon and amy - i'm with you on the no energy front. james seems to bring home an endless array of viruses and i always have one.

mia is also kind of thin, i guess. 10 lbs at 2 months and around 24 inches. and whatever weight she has is mostly gas, i think!!! not much sleep last night. had the grunty baby syndrome going on.

mia gets baptized today. it will be kind of weird b/c of the pope dying yesterday, but my sister is in town and my aunt and uncle from holland so we wanted to do it when we were all together.

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Tug: Must be going around... Sofia was grunty gassy last night too.

Chloe also asked to nurse 2 times last night. I had her completely night weaned during the PG, but there are nights since Sofia has arrived that she is so pitiful and asking for it and of course I give in just to get to sleep. It just doesn't seem fair to her that Sofia gets to nurse at night.

I better go for now. Take care! Love, Tricia
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Zander is always gassy!
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Hello all!

Gavin will be 8 weeks on Wednesday (hard for me to believe!) and I am guessing he is about 13 lbs. or so (he was 11 lbs. at 5 weeks).

He's doing great- just such a happy little guy! He sleeps a lot in the sling (loves his sling)!

Which leads me to my next question......

Any other slinging babes here?

Gavin LOVES the Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch (a hand-me-down from big bro!) and I recently just got a stretch cotton Hotsling since the fleece is getting too hot on some days. I prefer the KK but maybe I just need to get used to the Hotsling. I miss the stretchiness of the KK but the Hotsling is nice too, don't get me wrong.

We use the Moby Wrap on walks around the neighborhood (so comfy!) and I think we'll be getting a lot of use out of it once I can turn him around. Gavin loves to gaze around and see the world around him!
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Tricia- I am so right there with ya! Grant had been nightweaned from 15 mos. of age.....but now he will wake about 50% of the time and want to nurse. I hate telling him no, but Gavin is usually attached to one of my breasts. So he will usualy settle for holding the "Yum Yum" until morning.

It seems like Grant had a really hard time in the first couple of weeks.......then did better......and now that Gavin is almost 2 mos. old he is having another rough time. Is that a pretty normal progression? Anyone else notice that trend?
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I use a WAHM unpadded ring sling. I had a NoJo but the padding is annoying so I sold it to a resale shop.
My kids go through a week of doing well and then they get needy again. I love it when my house is clean and the kids are happy and doing fun projects with me. But that's more like an every other week reality (with a good day or two in the bad week and a bad day or two in the good week).

Nadia still nurses. She finally realized that if she gets out of bed (she sleeps with Skanda) and quietly climbs in with me, she doesn't wake the baby and she can nurse. She'll even wait if she finds me nursing the baby since Amelie is usually a good sleeper and nurses and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.
The other night was hell though when Nadia came in at 5:30 to nurse and woke Amelie up and then Amelie just laid there happily while Nadia nursed so I thought everything was fine. But then Amelie woke Nadia up who had nursed back to sleep. So I got Amelie asleep again and figured Nadia would drift to sleep next to us but she started poking at Amelie.
So we were basically all awake at 5:30. And I normally don't get to sleep until all the kids are in bed and that's usually around 11 pm. Of course, it was more like after midnight the night they all woke up at 5:30 am. Amelie went back to sleep at 9 am, just in time for Skanda to wake up. No nap for me that day. Thank you Peet's coffee. I couldn't have done it without you.
But I didn't wake up til 10 yesterday or today (11 with the time change).
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I make my own slings and Sofia has been in it from day one. She loves it! Chloe still loves the sling too. If we go somewhere as a family, DH will carry her. I don't see how people do it without slings ( or other babycarriers like that) I couldn't live without it! Joy, Christine, and Traci, have you tried out my sling yet? How's it going for ya?

Anyone else going to do sign language with their baby? We did with Chloe and it alleviated so much frustration because she was able to communicate with us at an early age. I think we introduced her to it around 6-7 months and she did her first sign around 8-9 months and really took off with it by 12 months. I want to start earlier with Sofia. Maybe 4-5 months.

Sofia has her 2 month check up on the 18th. I can't wait to see how much she has grown! She is so strong!! It amazes me how different my 2 girls are!

I better go for now. Take care! Love, Tricia
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Hi ya'll... I'm still around, still reading the posts almost every day, just never not having a hollering child on my lap...

so here goes

Monica - my stylist told me to expect a huge amount of hair to fall out around 3 months post partum due to hormones... so you're probably going to lose more. I say cut it if it annoys you and you get a free cut there.

Lesley - so glad your day got better.

All of you having older sib issues - wow, i'm in awe that you can juggle it, I'm having a hard enough time with one.

re: Slings - Tricia, I haven't used the ring sling a lot primarily because I'm a dork and have to go rewatch the instructions, and see above remark about computer time. I do however, need to do that soon because its getting kind of warm for my KKAFP, which has saved my sanity multiple times.

re gas: yep, here too. Poor Dominic.... he farts all the time. A few days ago I seriously cut back on dairy (as in no milk or cheese for me), we'll see if that has an effect. also... he is on the once a week poop schedule which weirds me out a bit, anyone else there? midwife said its not abnormal, but still weird to me.

re diaper size - dominic's still in size smalls everything... the fuzzibuns, I've JUST gone in to the 3rd thigh snap (out of 4), and he's still at the smallest waist size, so he's gonna be in smalls for awhile yet.

Big hugs to everyone, especially those I've missed with mommy brain...

please go check out my adorable baby - www.snapfish.com (login joywhitcomb@mail.com, pw joywhitcomb)... I managed to catch a series of face pictures and stuck them in april's folder... they're just adorable
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I need to know where I can order a cheap(money is a huge problem) easy to use sling on-line and get it shipped to me before April 15th. suggestions please!!!! Like I've said before I have a Snugli that my mom gave me and it hurts my back.
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