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My friend's daughter died

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For the past 20 or so months I have posted here regarding my friend's daughter who had leukemia. She died this morning. She was just about 2.

I am still processing and very sad.

For any mama's here who have lost a child and have some books or reading I could pass on to my friend I would be grateful. She has a three and half year old son too.

Thank you to the mamas who have helped me, said prayers for Amina, and those special ones who donated money, presents, and gift cards around christmas to help this family via Tracy's MDC Helper Thread.

Please say a prayer for Amina and her family so they can transition through this time with strength around them.

With love and light,
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Oh goodcents. I am SO So sorry.

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Oh no! I was one of her helper mamas!

Oh, I'm so sad.
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I remember you mentioning your friend before. My heart and soul and soul is so sad for you all.

Here is a link to our Grief and Loss Resource Thread: Please let us know if you have any other questions. Also know that I am here to support you and am lighting a candle for that sweet family and child.


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I'm so sorry.
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Oh that poor mommy
I will praying for the family
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I want you to tell me specifically what prayers would help the family the most. My heart is breaking over their daughter's death.

but I want guidance from you.

and I have a prayer for you to that I will keep private.


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I am heartbroken for Amina's family and friends, including you. I can't imagine the pain they are feeling now Please send our love and tell them that they (and you) are in our thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry.

I followed the story of a little girl, Allie Scott, who lost her battle with leukemia last year. Her mom kept a journal and has since made it her life mission to offer support and resources and fundraise for the cause. Perhaps your friend can contact her. I'm sure she would write back. There's nothing like contacting a person who truly understands your loss.

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Thank you everyone.

Tracy - I worry most about my friend's marriage now. As you can imagine it has taken a toll on both husband, wife and their togetherness - so maybe you could pray to keep the family whole? Also perhaps you could say a prayer for the son so that maybe it is less confusing for him. And, of course, say a prayer for Amina - for her gentle passing.
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Oh no, I am so sorry. I will be keeping all of them in my thoughts and wishing them strength and courage and peace.
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I am so sorry.
Prayer sent to your friends
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I'm so sorry.
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I am so, so sorry. Wishing I had something healing to add.
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Sunday was hard. Dh and I went to their home. There were plenty of people there but as soon as I walked in the mother hugged me and asked to lay down with me.

I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we were in bed she was just crying and rubbing my belly. It hurt (emotionally). She kept asking her daughter to make my son funny. She said she can't give him health but maybe she can give him humor. I told her she can give whatever she wants.

She told me she just let her go the only thing I could think of to say was "You didn't let her go - you released her. It is no life for an adult let alone a life for a child." Her dd was diagnosed at 3 months and went through many a round of chemotherapy and a marrow transplant. I can't imagine the pain for the poor baby.

I don't even know how one begins to heal. Wednesday is the memorial service. I am torn about going. I have had a hard time myself emotionally and spiritually this pregnancy - I don't know how fair it is to my son to get any more worked up ya' know?

I keep trying to tell myself (as I told the mother)
"After hardship comes ease. After every hardship comes ease."

From Comfort, The Holy Q'uran
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So Sorry!

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