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i don't recall if we ever had serious stains from meconium, but we had a lot of stains from the runny yellow breast milk poops.

this time around i JUST switched to cloth today. julianna is 2 weeks old tomorrow, and about a week before she was born i started to freak about having two in dipes, and having three kids under the age of 4, and having 2 flights of stairs to go down and up just to do a load of laundry. so, we bought some newborn sposies and some huggies for my almost 2yo, and we used them till they ran out, which was today.

julianna wore preemie prefolds today with a velcro wrap all of our fitteds are still way too big. with both of my other girls we used prefolds for about the first 6 weeks till they got big enough for the small dipes we had.