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My Dd had her 15-month check up last Wednesday. We have always had growth issues with her but now her hight and wight have fallen off the curve so the Dr said it was time to run some blood work to see if there is anything wrong. Getting blood drawn out of a baby is just awful. They couldn't find a vain so they pricked her finger and squeezed it into the tube. My poor Dd was going crazy. I was just dying. Well the Dr called back on Friday and said they didn't get enough blood for all the test they wanted to run and the test that did come back showed acid in her blood and her electrolytes were low. They are suspecting Renal tubular acidosis. They want to run the test again on Monday along with a urine test. Does anybody have any experience with RTA? Thank you for any info. I'm not looking forward to more blood draws and worried sick about my sweet little baby.