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Kava - do you mean Golden Lotus? It's on 13th and Franklin. I generally go to it's sister place in SF, Golden Era, because it's closer to me. However, I've been taking some singing classes in Oakland so I've been to GL a few times lately.
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One of our favorite restaurants is a Cuban/Salvadoran restaurant and we can order horchata to drink there. Mmmm!

Cathe, do you think the soymilk maker works better for soymilk than a Vitamix? I reallyreallyREALLY want a Vitamix but can't justify buying one right now. Just found out we owe $5000 in taxes!
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isosmom: if you can find the restaurant, you will love it. i remember driving down broadway and it's near that hotel, marriot maybe?
What is step-mom making?
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juicing greens

Ok, I'm going to add a new subject since there are NO veg restaurants in a multi-state radius around me (probably :LOL )! Does anyone else juice greens? I still worry that we don't get enough veggies and this seems like a good way to supplement (vs take supplements!). I used to be opposed to kitchen gadgets, and now in the last 5 years I've invested in a food processor, a blender (got a k-tec instead of a vitamix but you need earplugs when you're making a frozen smoothie!), and now I'm considering a juicer. Now ya'll have me thinking about a soy milk maker too! Stop!! Seriously, does anyone have a juicer that does a great job with kale, collards, broccoli, etc.?
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PikkuMy: is it a religious place? With framed photos of that one woman religious leader in various outfits? And they have dinner entrees with names like "Eternal Sweetness and Light"?
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What are those round juicers called with the plastic base and stainless steel upper part and metal blades? That's what we have but it's in storage so I can't remember the brand. I love carrot apple beet ginger celery juice.
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My favorite juice: orange/ginger/carrot.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I swear it's like drinking 8 glasses of coffee at once! LOL. I have a "juice master" juicer. It workds quite well for anything. We LOVE making "creamy" sauces w/ juiced carrots thickend w/ cornstarch w/ herbs added... mmm you can do the same w/ anything... spinach works well too.
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I just throw kale, carrots, whole fruits, etc. in my smoothies. Sounds like you have a good blender so I bet it would work.
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speaking of blenders, anyone care to tell me about your blender?

Here's my thread on blenders:

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kava - Gotta check that restaurant out. I'll drive by tommorow on my way home. Sounds like I have to check out Golden Lotus, too.
So dinner at dad's wasn't so bad. The food wasn't really good but she did make some veg for us. We had salad, asparagus, bread and baked ziti. But for some reason, her recipe for ziti has gravy in it (huh?) so she pulled some out for me and dc before she added the gravy.
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would anyone mind sharing thier fav. casserole recipes? (doesn't have to be vegan) I have been bored and not feeling like cooking much and need some inspiration! TIA!
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Did you see the casserole that cathe posted, rainbowmoon?
I also like to do pasta bakes. Make some sort of cheesy sauce and add sauteed onions and veggies and tomatoes and tomato sauce and top with cheese and bake.
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twinmom - just saw your question to me - about if soy milk maker better than vitamix. I have considered a vitamx on and off over the years but still have not been able to justifiy the price for my use - though I have a friend that LOVES it and almost convinces me everytime I talk to her.

I really love the soymilk maker - in addition to cooking and grinding the soybeans, it strains them so I imagine the milk is smoother than it would be from a vitamix. It is so easy to use. Just soak the beans and put in the maker with water - out comes the milk in 13 minutes.

So far my chickens have been getting the pulp but there are recipes to use it to make burgers and other stuff. Has anyone tried doing that?
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Originally Posted by kavamamakava
PikkuMy: is it a religious place? With framed photos of that one woman religious leader in various outfits? And they have dinner entrees with names like "Eternal Sweetness and Light"?
Yes! This is the place I was talking about in my post above - when we were there it was New World Vegetarian, on 8th off Broadway. Man oh man is their food yummy! Esp. the sweet and sour "chicken." And their spring rolls are to die for.

ETA: here's the menu!

I so miss the Bay Area....
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Originally Posted by cathe
They didn't mention the extended warranty when I bought it. The machine seems quite sturdy to me though.
On their website, it costs $100 for a machine with a 1 year warranty and $140 for a machine with a 2 year warranty (plus a bonus tofu kit). So you think it would be OK to save money and just get the 1 year warranty?
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I did the one year deal so I hope it's OK. (The tofu kit would be nice though.)
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You found it, Quirky
They used to be only Vietnamese food. The last time I ate there, oh 6 years ago, they had just changed their menu to an international one.
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any ideas for make and freeze dairy-free veg meals?

nak i need ideas for dairy-free meals that freeze well - any thoughts?
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black bean enchiladas (just skip the cheese and use lots of sauce)
various soups - I had lentil soup, barley veggie soup, and butternut squash soup
corn bread squares
mashed potatoes
shepherd's pie - however you wanna make it
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Nut and bean loafs or burgers and definitely soups - make a big pot and freeze in meal size containers. Also you can freeze cooked brown rice and cooked beans - just heat and put in tortilla with salsa and avocado for burrittos.
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