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Wazoodle site says PUL only lasts 20 washes?

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Okay, I am confused. I was looking for PUL and came across the wazoodle.com They have generic PUL, Wazoodle PUL, and Procare Barrier. But they claim that the generic PUL only lasts 20 washes, and even their PUL only lasts 100.

I was so confused because I know many PUL diapers sell used on eBay for almost the same price as new. I emailed her about it and she said that big companies like Fuzzibunz have their PUL specially made to last longer. She claimed that any PUL I can buy will be the kind that only lasts 20 washes.

Here is what she said exactly: "they [FB], and a few others, have PULs manufactured to their own exacting spec -- the PULs you see for sale on the internet are either home-made or fabrite stock lot...PUL is only used by home sewers and custom children diaper makers who sell through botique retailers. ProCare is used 5 to 1 over PULs as a barrier in diapers -- virtually all commercial diaper makers use ProCare. ProCare's main benefits are cost, easy of sewing, and because it does not wick or leak across seams. Commercial diaper makers cannot use PULs due to gov't safety standards for childrens sleepwear and institutional use diapers"

So, I'm wondering if anyone knows how true this claim is? I was going to buy PUL from the OSDS. I figured they would sell the same PUL they make their diapers out of--and I wouldn't think they would make diapers that would only stand up to 20 washes!

Gosh, I hope this is not true. I hope I can buy PUl that will stand up to many washes. I will probably line dry most of the time to preserve them as much as possible--I hope to be able to use them for future kids. But they have to be washed in hot... Help!
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I have used PUL from Fabrite, and from everything I can tell it is absolutely no difference between it and the Fuzzi Bunz fabric. I've used it and washed my diapers WAY more than 20 times and they are still in perfect condition. Personally, I think that is crap!

I've also used Procare and found it more difficult to sew with than PUL. PUL is softer I think.
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Thanks! I emailed Jessica at OSDS about it and she was upset at how the Wazoodle lady misrepresented PUL. She says the PUL she sells is the same as the ones in Fuzibunz!
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Exactly, I mean if PUL only lasted 20 washes we, as cloth diaperers, wouldn't use it! It wouldn't be worth it! I find it to last between 6 months and one year for waterproofness. Then it needs to be re-sprayed with dwr but if you imagine it gets washed 2-3 times a week.. well you do the math!
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the pul dipes i've made get washed at least every other day and dried in the dryer and most of them are around three mos old. but i haven't seen any sign of losing the waterproofness or any other wear. one of them is a fabrite pul'ed cotton woven print and it's still doing great.
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the PULs you see for sale on the internet are either home-made or fabrite stock lot
I don't understand this part. How do you make PUL at home? I know you can send fabric in to fabrite to be PULed, that surely doesn't make it home-made or standard fabrite stock...If you can do it at home, please tell us how!!!!

I went to the wazoodle website and poked around, the owner seems to have issues with different quirky fabric names and stuff unique to the diapering world.
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I didn't write that--I was quoting the Wazoodle lady's email to me. I think she's way off here. I don't think anyone makes PUL at home. It's sad, but I honestly think she was intentionlly misleading me to get me to buy either her PUL or her Procare.
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Originally Posted by happeeevraftr
It's sad, but I honestly think she was intentionlly misleading me to get me to buy either her PUL or her Procare.
Sadly, I agree. Either that or she is EXTREMELY uninformed.

:LOL at home made PUL though. Maybe you use some plastic wrap and melt it on with your hairdryer?
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LOL. Great idea!
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hapeeevraftr, I didn't think you wrote that, I was just confused about what the Wazoodle owner wrote.

I was thinking clear contact paper would work, Or we could just start wrapping fitteds in saran wrap.

I think there are some do-it-yourself iron-on laminates to waterproof fabric available. I have not heard good things about them at all, they de-laminate too easily.
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ya know, if you could make pul at home that only lasted 20 washes, i think i'd prefer that to buying solid colors that last 100. just think of all the awsome outfits you could make! and i live in san diego where a dipe and shirt is an outfit. and really, how many outfits do our babies wear 20 times before they grow out of them?
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I've written to that woman before about her misrepresentation of PUL - I've written her again and also forwarded the other complaints I've had from customers to fabrite. Product slander is not an issue to be taken lightly.

I haven't used Procare myself so I can't speak for it at all. But we buy our PUL where everybody else does. It's not specially made and I have diaper covers and all in ones that are as old as Jacob (who is 3) and I've never had to even repair them with Nikwax or anything, they still work great on Nathan. AND I'm tough on diapers, I wash them on hot on the heavy duty cycle and dry them on hot. I even use bleach sometimes (not that I'd recommend doing so).

Her misrepresentation needs to stop. She shouldn't have to bad mouth others' products to sell her own.
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I don't knnow about the 20 washes thing either - I also don't know what they mean by not working anymore. I have had problems with some diapers that used printed PULs, ones that people have sent out to get laminated I think, but it could have been just a bad batch as all the diapers were from the same person (altho not the same print). Ultrex seems to delaminate pretty quickly, but anything sold to me as PUL has held up fine. - jen
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Jessica, what did she say (if she replied at all) when you wrote to her? I don't know how someone could mislead people so outrightly like that and continue to do so even when she's been called on it! I'm tempted to reply to her to tell her I don't appreciate her misrepresenting products and she's lost my business altogether. (Which means I need to find someone else who sells drawstring!)
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She didn't write back this time. (The first time she wrote back, she claimed she was getting her information directly from Fabrite which was also a lie).

Fabrite called me this morning for more details and I've forwarded all the complaints/questions I've had from customers about this to them. It sounds to me like they will be taking legal action of some kind. They're also contacting Fuzzi Bunz for a statement since what Fuzzi Bunz uses and orders is exactly what we all get when we order. Co-op coordinators and business owners a like.

If anyone has any additional info (being told that PUL lasts only 20 washes etc.) feel free to forward it to me

It's not like she's hurting my business, we have more than we can handle, lol. But it's the principle of it, and Fabrite is understandably not happy. I should have contacted them ages ago when the misinformation was first rolling in.

It's too bad really, she looks like she has a nice selection of stuff. I wonder why she feels like she has to bad mouth such a trusted product?
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Thanks for taking this up, Jessica. New diaper sewing mamas are confused enough without being given misleading information.
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Way to go Jessica! I always try to believe the best of people, but I agree this needs to stop. I bought my very first yard of diaper fabric from her, and it was procare. But then I found coops and I really wasn't impressed enough w/ the procare to want to use it over the regular PUL fabric. But stuff like that would make me distrust the other products she sells.
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I thought this deserved to be bumbed up, after reading it. Thanks for the link in the sticky!

When I first started making diapers I read this info. and it scared me away from pul! I wish I had known about mdc then

Anyway, the procare is nothing like pul at all. It is plasticy and not breathable. I'm also glad I read this because I was thinking of placing a large order with her for something else, but now am not sure if it's really what she says it is.
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Ditto on hating procare for dipes, but it made a great indestructible wetbag! Also, I got somw great microfleece from wazoodle that will not stain or pill. Better than my HH fleece by a long shot. Still, I hate her dissing PUL - my original HHs I got used 18 months ago and they are still going strong even with being washed twice a week. I also have some home made ones which I swear have the same PUL as the HHs and they are just as tough.
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I have to agree on the procare thing. the stuff is bombproof and totally icky for diaper making. it's so stiff and super hard to sew with.

In general though, wazoodle has great products and GREAT prices. even with the shipping it's well priced and since i'm in Canada, it's a great resource.

Now if only I could find real PUL in Canada. Shipping stuff in from the States is WAY too expensive...
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