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Wazoodle site says PUL only lasts 20 washes? - Page 2

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It's funny though because I've heard that comment sort of passed around that FB has their PUL specially made somewhere overseas.

Trust me, if there was ANYWHERE to get PUL (real PUL, not some medical use funky stuff like I got samples for in the mail when I searched for another laminator *LOL*) besides fabrite, I'd be on it. I find Fabrite disgusting because they have such poor customer service. I truely want to cry for anyone running a PUL co-op for the first time and have had many a empathetic email with those who stopped running co-ops with them because they got ripped off to many times. I also know lots of whams who will not buy directly from fabrite because they've had too many messed up orders that fabrite wouldn't make right. I really belive the ONLY reason they get business from the diapering world is because there is nowhere else to get PUL. They have the business of ALL wahms who use PUL and of bigger companies like Mother of Eden. It's sad because, in my mind, they don't deserve that business and LOTS of wahms would gladly go somewhere else if there was anywhere else to go. But, sadly, there is only ONE source for the PUL that you find in diapers. If anyone finds another source, they will be my hero

She can say it's "specially manufactured just for wazoodles" or something like that, but she can't claim that it's not the same stuff everyone uses. That's just silly.

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FB did have their pul made overseas for a while but it was a disaster, I think they only did one run. We too have tried hard to find another source for PUL but the overseas stuff melts in the dryer - no good!
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Well doggoneit! If I only had the capital to open my own laminating factory.. I'd take over the diapering world!!
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I have had good service and excelent prices from Wazoodle. What is with the PUL not being easier to obtain for us diaper sewing mamas?
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We looked into how much a laminating machine would cost - only around $250K!!! That's more than our HOUSE!

Nobody is saying Wazoodle doesn't offer good prices and service - there's just a big discrepancy in how she talks about the "PUL" fabric we all use and know to be of good quality. It is suspect because she carries a different type of waterproof barrier fabric.
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Yeah, I get it it s the claim! I guess i do think it is weird and I didn't believe it
when I read it. The other fabric I have recieved all seems to be what it claimed. The micro is super soft! So I think I am going to call her on it next order also..about the claim I mean!
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I had read that on the Wazoodle site a while ago and thought that cant be true!
I have never tried Procare but for what people have said here (New Zealand) thats its not worth buying compared to fabrite PUL.
The worst thing for us here in New Zealand is you can not buy PUL anywhere, i have to import it in! (dont even ask the shipping costs) And the only diaper fabric online store that has just opened in Nz sells Procare, its kinda sad for mamas new to making diapers.
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