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Interesting Poll

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This is a particularly interesting poll on circumcision:


What makes it interesting is the number of participants and that it almost exactly duplicates the statistics for 2003 put out by The Centers for Disease Control/National Center for Health Statistics. It confirms that circumcision of infants is a dying custom.

When I first became involved in this issue some 4.x years ago, this type of poll typically showed that about 70%-80% of parents were circumcising their sons. This one is currently showing 55% which is a substantial drop in such a short time.

This one is also significant because of the size of the respondent pool. It is currently at almost 11,000 participants. In other polls I have seen, it was not unusual for the respondent pool to only be several hundred and that leaves a large margin for error. Groups supporting either side could mass up on these polls and significantly influence the results. With 11,000 respondents, there is no interest group that would have the membership numbers to even influence it 1%. We have to assume that it has a high degree of accuracy because of that factor.

A big pat on the back to those who unselfishly contribute their time and efforts in this fight. You are doing a marvelous job of educating Americans! (North Americans, both US and Canada!)

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I voted. I should get to vote twice though: once for every boy left intact in the house
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I voted
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I voted too! I am glad to see this is changing, although I was sad to see 44% had mutilated their sons, one circ is one too many...
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I voted!
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Did everybody get their "I Voted" lapel pins? :LOL

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I thought these articles from the site were pretty decent, too:



Too bad they're not front and center with the poll! In fact, it took a search on the site to come up with the circ articles; they weren't listed under the A to Z topics or anywhere else obvious. (Unless I missed them.)
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I voted
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Can I have two stickers please :LOL
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I voted.
Did anyone else get curious enough to click on the ad that said "shop cicumcision on eBay? How bizarre and frightening.
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yes (4822)

no (6013)
Omg...the scales have tipped!!
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Originally Posted by feebeeglee
I voted. I should get to vote twice though: once for every boy left intact in the house
Actually, this very scientific poll allows you to vote more than once.
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I have three girls but I voted too!! Only once...I figure that three girls equals one boy, right?

And I LOVE that it is 55% NO and 45% yes....!!
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55% no
44% yes

How is that possible?
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