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Blocked tear ducts?

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Any advice on what to do for those? Kessa is 6 weeks today and her eyes are crusted shut about every 2-3 hours...her poor skin around eyes is red and sore looking. I'm not quite sure what to do to help.
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As far as I know, there's nothing you can do for this except squirt her eyes with breastmilk regularly, and wipe the gook off with a warm washcloth, very gently.
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My first DD had the same thing- it was so sad- and no one gave me any good advice! it lasted for 3 months. With my new baby she has them but it is not as bad- we have kept warm wash cloths on her eyes and massaged the duct to try to stimulate it to open. also a few drops of BM when you are nursing should help.

I know how you feel- I felt so bad for my girls, because it looks painful. I hated taking photos of my first DD because evey one looked like she was in pain
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Mallory has that. We keep her eye washed with a warm cloth and I massage her cheek upwards towards her tear duct...to loosen the clog and dislodge it. So far this massaging has helped incredibly. She rarely has goopiness in her eye anymore.

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Exactly where do you massage? I'm trying to figure it out but her face is soo teeny.
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blocked tear duct


We just had a blocked tear duct with our newborn. At about 2 weeks. I applied a warm mint tea bag to his eye 3-4 times a day (while nursing and he barely noticed it, even seemed to like it) and kept it clean or that time and it cleared up in 3-4 days.

Hope it clears up soon!

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My older dd had a blocked tear duct until she was 8 months old. We did warm compresses and massage, but it didn't help. We even took her to a ped. opthamolgist who taught us how to properly massage it (massage right above the little bone on the inside of the bridge of their nose.... the tear duct is actually down further inside the nose... massaging it is supposed to create a suction to release the tiny membrane blocking the duct).

We ended up taking her to a Naturopath who gave us a homeopathic remedy(Silica 30C). We gave her one crushed tablet once a week for 4 weeks and it competely cleared up!!! (You can do every week until it clears up, but it's supposed to take about 4 weeks.) It had NO side effects either!! You can buy the Silica at Whole Foods or other places that sell homeopathic remedies. My ds has blocked tear ducts, too, and I just started the Silica with him yesterday!


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We have been talking about this recently.
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My little guy had a couple of those when he was smaller. . .I found that the breast milk worked great both times--clearing it up pretty quickly. I just did it a couple times a day.

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