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Nails on a Chalkboard!!!

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Anyone else feeling this edgy??? Boy do I feel the surge of hormones right now. Anything could make me cry & blow up. I was so short of patience yesterday. I am better today, but not much due to lack of sleep. We had some young men move in next door, and they had their stereo on until way past 1am last night. Not that it was loud, mind you, but I still could hear it through their garage into my bedroom. I could not rest between that & my body just being so restless. I tried my hypno cd, even through that I could not fall asleep.

My poor DD. She "hurt" her ankle yesterday. Have I ever said my 10yr DD is DRAMA??? She is. I know she is fine. She fell yesterday, did the whole I broke my ankle, got out the cructhes routine & then when a freind came over she is "miracoulusly" cured! Then she slipped on the floor again (DH split water & did not wipe it up!) and cries my ankle! UGH! I had it! Her ankle was totally fine, but my sympathy for nothing was GONE!!!! DD went to bed crying. I felt bad. Went in and rubbed her back. Told her I was sorry. She said I was not forgiven. That is ok, I still love her! Then piles of laundry to do! Finely get into bed & the neighbors!!!! UGH!!!

Then my midwife calls and cancels my appt for today. Which I understand, but I am disappointed, ya know? I just needed the TLC. Good news on that is both my support people can come with me tomorrow, so I guess it is a good thing.

Kids are back in school after being off 2 weeks. I am so glad. I really need to be alone today. Besides sleeping, I guess I will finish the laundry.

Thanks for the vent. I feel a bit better. I guess if I just did cry I would feel better, but no one to cry on here! I will wait for Dh. Thanks Ladies.
(Sorry such a jumbled post, but that is how I feel right now!!! Jumbled!)
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I have been very touchy myself lately. I supposed it is horomones. My dad stopped by to drop off a cord for the camera the other day and he practically ran out the door after being in the house for less than a min. He usually stays for a little while. My dh stayed across the street for 5 hrs!!!! He did not come home til he was ready to go to bed. I know I am a nightmare when the people I care about the most are running from me.
I have been crying and blowing up too. Sometimes, I just feel so defeated for some reason.
I too cannot sleep well. I get up about 5 or 6x a night and practically wait for daylight so I can allow myself to get up - not to mention the nasty sinus infection/ allergies I have to keep me from getting any good rest. BLAAA.

I can relate to how you are feeling. Sorry Mama!!
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Thank you Tish! Yesterday was just a bummer. Today I am MUCH better. It is amazing what sleep can do to you. For that matter, what Lack of sleep can do to you!
I hope you get the rest you deserve. For my headache & frontal pressure, I broke down & took a sudafed & boy for me, the risk to bennifit was worth it. I hope you find relief soon!
Take care & feel better really soon! s
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I am glad you are feeling better!! I did not try sudafed. That is something I should have done because the Tylenol Sinus didn't cut it.
I am also feeling much better today. I couldn't go to sleep until after midnight and the baby woke me up for about an hour around 4 am but that was the only time I woke up last night and it sure was nice not to be waking up every hour or so. I even slept late today because I was sleeping so good
I felt kind of guilty but I thought "hey, I won't have this opportunity too much longer so I might as well enjoy it while I can".

I suppose we will all be going through these ups and downs. It sure is nice to know there are others who can relate with you - eventhough I wouldn't wish it on anyone
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I've had a lot of fingernails on chalkboards moments with my son lately myself. Actually, it's been the whole pregnancy. I just have days where my patience is gone and he is whiny and needy and everything I don't need him to be at that moment. I can't tell if he's more that way because I can't handle it or if I can't handle it because he's more that way. I'm sure the feelings feed into one another either way.

Hope things continue to go well for you.
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I'm glad it's not just me. I was thinking that I must be losing it or something. I go from being happy and content to psycho woman in 0.6 seconds. I used to be able to control my temper and keep myself from getting obviously annoyed, but I just can't seem to bottle it these days. I got the flu/sinus infection thing over the last week and I've been miserable at work. Especially with the time change, ugh, it's so hard to get out of bed at 6:45 when it still feels like 5:45!!! And I've been more and more uncomfortable sleeping, waking up to pee like 5 times a night, then my cat wakes me up another 2 or 3 times, and DH will bump into me a wake me up another 2 or 3 times... its amazing I'm getting any sleep at all! And everytime I complain about it all I hear from people is "it only gets worse" AAAAAAHHHHHHH!
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