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17+ weeks and no weight gain? anyone else?

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this is my fifth pregnancy and usually by this point I've gained 5-10 pounds. Is it a big deal that I haven't gained weight? I actually lost 2 pounds at the start and haven't regained that.

I know there's so much emphasis on weight gain during pregnancy, but I know I don't have to do everything by the book. but I was surprised to see that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appt.

I am eating about 1500-2000 calories a day and am not very active, so I don't know what's causing this? I eat good food and almost never junk.

(I really am pregnant lol-- heard the heartbeat this morning!)
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1500-2000 calories sounds really low to me. My guess is that I eat about 1000 calories more than that, and my weight gain has been right on track according to my doctor (I know everyone's metabolism is different, but it seems that yours might be higher than you think...). And are you sure you aren't more active than you realize? With four other kids to look after, my guess is that you'd have to be pretty active. If you're eating according to your hunger, and listening to your body, my guess is that you're fine. But I wouldn't worry that you're eating too much if you decide to up the calories a bit. Of course, this is my first pregnancy, and your fifth, so I'm sure you know a lot more than I do.
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At 16.5 weeks I've probably gained no more than 5 lbs (only 1.5 lbs as of 14 weeks, probably a pound or two more since then, maybe more with the grease I've been eating lately :LOL )...and I lost 15 during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy! This is my fourth pregnancy and between 10 and 14 weeks I wasn't active at all, ate TONS of food I usually don't eat (cheeseburgers, bacon, cheese on everything, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies, etc.) and gained less than a pound. I'm actually worried about what will happen when I start exercising (hiking 3-5 miles a day, 2-4 days a week...prenatal yoga...chasing my kids around at the park...swimming...etc.). I'll have to eat CONSTANTLY! (Not that I'll mind! :LOL )

So basically I have no info for you other than to say what you probably already know...eat when you're hungry, eat what your body craves, and go from there! My only other thought on the matter is....twins?
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I am 18 weeks and I still weigh less than I did for my 1st appointment, I think I was 8 weeks then. I think as long as you are eating good and drinking plenty you have nothing to worry about. I am having twins so I should have gained even more weight by now. When I was preg with ds I gained a little right at first and lost that and more and I was very underweight until one month (I think th 5th) I gained 20lb. I ended up gaining 50lb total and he was 10lb 5oz and very healthy when he was born so I don't think it affected him at all.
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i know that everybody's body is different but for me with pregnancy #1 and this one, i lost weight during the first few months only because i was eating so much more healthier than before. with #1, i didn't gain until the very end. my ob at that time my my current midwife both were/are not concerned so much about the gaining or losing as long at it isn't extreme and all of a sudden. i have been told by both that as long as i am healthy and the baby is healthy the weight isn't too much of an issue.

but this is just my experience.
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Same here. I'm at 19 weeks now and nothing! I go up one or two and then down one or two everyday.
I guess its okay since I'm overweight to start with
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I think I have net all of 2 lbs. Baby is healthy and growing so I guess thats all that matters. Last pg by this time I had gained 7 lbs. Its different each time.

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Only about 2-3 lbs at 16 weeks. Last time I had gained 15 lbs by now and 60 overall! Hoping to not repeat that!
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thanks lasdies!

I started out this pregnancy weighing more than I did with any of my others-- maybe that's what's going on.
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I was up 3 lbs at my last apointment at 13 weeks. I don't think I have gained anything since then since I have actually been eating less. I haven't been as hungry, but I know that that will change as time goes by.

Last pregnancy, I didn't gain anything the whole first 5 months. My former ob was concerned (she gets overly concerned about everything.) Then I was put on bedrest for preterm labor and gained 40lbs. Of course I got yelled at for that. lol Sometimes you just can't win. Sometimes they forget to take into account that the mother could be growing an 8lb 14 oz baby, have way too much amniotic fluid due to ptl medication, and be on complete bedrest and have absolutely no exercise. sigh... Not all of that was just from me eating too much.
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I'm 16 weeks today and still no weight gain. I gained 17 lbs. w/Ross and I'd like to stay around the same w/this one. I'm overweight to begin with so I really could do without the extra.
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Funny, I've just been wondering about this myself. I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and have gained only two pounds. And I pretty much gained that early on from being sick and eating constantly! I had definitely gained at least eight pounds by this point in my first pg, and back then I was walking almost two miles a day. However, I do also know that my pre-preg pants don't fit my legs anymore, which probably means that I've lost a fair amount of muscle tone from feeling so crummy and tired and not even doing most of the basic daily activities we used to do. And we all know muscles weighs more than fat, so that probably accounts for an extra few pounds, lucky me!!!

I wouldn't worry too much as long as you feel you're eating well and enough, and you'll most likely start packing it on in the third trimester when you're body's trying to keep up with the rapid growth of your babe, LOL!

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I'm at almost 20 weeks and still under my pre-pg weight... I've already been told by my monitrice and midwife that I need to start gaining.... They can't find any reason for me to still be losing when I haven't had much m/s at all...
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16.5 weeks and 7 lbs for me

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I'm almost 18 weeks and have lost about 8 pounds. I haven't been sick, I've been eating like a horse....I'm just not gaining. I did this with my ds as well. With him I lost 20 pounds before I gained anything, even then I never got above my prepregnancy weight. I'm weird
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i've been pretty much holding steady, and i'm 16.5 weeks now. last pregnancy i lost for the first trimester and part of the 2nd (not due to morning sickness, just better food choices!). this time i was a little more sick, but didn't lose anything -- just had trouble figuring out what sounded good to eat all the time!

i figure i'll probably start gaining before long. i'm not even showing yet, and can still (mostly) wear my regular clothes. same thing last time, i don't think i started wearing maternity clothes till 20-something weeks. i do, however, appreciate elastic around my waist more than tight jeans these days, that's for sure!

::: lori
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Glad to hear this is all normal! First pregnancy, 17 1/2 weeks along and no weight gain. Not showing yet either, which is sort of a blessing and a curse. I keep hoping to show, but then again, once I do, I'm sure I'll wish for my old body back. I'll enjoy it while it lasts (which won't be for long!)
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I lost about 10lbs in the first trimester b/c I was so sick (I was sick w/ my last 2, but never lost weight). I am now 4 lbs over my prepreg weight, so I'm finally gaining. I'm not worried about it.
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It wierd with me. I have been losing weight since becoming pg, but have a belly. And I am under weight to start with. It was the same with my daughter too. My Dr. isn't worried though since it was like this before, and my wieght is obviously shifting to where it needs to be. but last time like 5-6 months is when the weight came on. So maybe the same with this one.
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so confused

hey....iam 12 and half weeks pregant...i have had no weight gain or iam not even showing yet.i know theres a baby there i had 10 pg tests and one ultrasound.but i just dont know whats going on......oh ya never even had morning sickness ......i just have bad back pain..:

iam just so worried about my baby...i hope its ok.......
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