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How do you justify AP? Suggestions needed PLEASE! :)

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I would really love to hear the input from some of the moms on here who have older children, as you are actually seeing the fruits of your labor (I hope! )



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You can read for yourself what being raised AP means to a teenager. My dd (15 years) posted a thread title "Iam an Ap raised Kid" in Talk amongst ourselves!!

I hope it is helpful,
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I have 3 kids, ages 16, 14 and 11. I love my teens. we are close, we unschool, I have always tried to treat them with respect, giving them choices, helping them to actualize themselves. I hope they are in touch with themsleves and their emotions.

Of course, we still have difficulties, the 2 younger are so spirited, they fight, they tell each other to shut up, no matter how many times I say I don't like those words. they do play and get along about half of the time tho.

We are physically close, we tell each other we love each other, we watch Tv and movies and read books and discuss things, we don't take mainstream culture as our guiding light. We are pretty healthy ,we stay away from antibiotics, the girls don't seem precosciously sexual.

what else,? well, 14 yo dd has pink bangs, 11 yo ds has all his hair pink, 16 yo has had hers turquoise. we love Ren Faires, we have fun at holidays, we still color eggs and have egg hunts outdoors, they are not "too cool" for that!

I have faith that they wil find "careers' in good time that suit them, just as they learned to read , write and do arithmetic and speak other languages in their own good time.

I am pretty sure my grandkids will be naturally birthed, co-slept and bf'ed for a good long time!
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fruits of your labor

Yes Yes!!! the rewards are worth it!!! The fruit is sweet!!!!

I always knew they would be, and I'm so proud of my children. I have three that are grown and out of the house. (Well, my 20 year old ds is a college student and still hangs his hat here.)

My Daughter is an ap mom and by far more radical than I. She is an amazing mother, wife and person.

My other son & daughter-in-law are expecting their first child in Feb. They are planning a homebirth.

I still have 2 little ones and 2 teens. We are all happily unschooling as we have been doing for years.

They do eventully get out of your bed, wean, learn to use the toilet and other important things. I know they are more secure and well rounded individuals because of the choices we made in parenting them.

Daryl, we too love the Ren Fayres! Huzzah!
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