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I need your help to get my little one well

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I need your help to get my little one well.

Background - no vax, still nursing 27 month old, never a fever or illness besides roseola at 18 months. Until now -

March 16th diagnosed via nasal swap with the flu. Fever of 99 - 103 for about 36 hours and then gone and back to normal except for clear runny nose.

March 30th - well baby check - diagnosed anemia count of 27 (doc wanted 30 or better). Still having clear runny nose. I suspect seasonal allergies and doc agreed. Started Flordix for anemia next day.

March 31st - Stomach virus - vomited once, fever for 18 hours 99 - 103. better and eating the next day.

But she still has a clear runny nose and DARK circles under her eyes and is whiney, clingy and fussy which is so very not her normal self.

She has basically felt crappy for 3 weeks and I hope you can help me to boost her immune system and get her well again. What do you suggest?

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Oranges and broccoli...lots and lots of both, and if she feel a little hot, then help her keep warm, if she seems to like it...
Lots of water...
It sounds like you're on the tail end of this, but I know it's still scary.
I'd guess by the end of the week she'll be feeling much better...
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Being your nursing I would take loads of vitamin C.

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Hmm boosting the immune system... a good multi vitamin, cut out sugar completely except fruits..., some excellent quality acidophilus, try to get some live stuff, powder you mix with water, or the kind that is like a yogurt. Here we have something called Bio-K, it is the best form of acidophilus, you buy it in the fridge section of the healthfood store.

You can try oil of oregano, it is very potent so be careful, I give my dd one drop in a tbsp of Juice or something. It is like a natural antibiotic, and will also kill off any yeast in the intestines...
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Rest. Frequent hand washing with just water or regular soap (antibacterial soap can actually cause problems). Avoid being around other children, avoid crowds especially church, movie theaters, and public transportation. I have an immune system disorder and these are things doctors are always telling me. We shop late at night and if I want to go to a movie we wait until it has been out awhile and go to an afternoon showing.

Garlic is a good food that I didn't see anyone else mention. I don't know if it works if you eat it. Garlic is supposed to change the flavor of breastmilk. I ate a lot of garlic while breastfeeding and all my kids really like garlic.
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Thanks for the advice. I just want her to be feeling better soon. Today seemed better so maybe the iron supplements are helping.

Thanks again.
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