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did your mama nurse you?

Poll Results: did your mama nurse you?

  • 33% (667)
    no. i never got the booby.
  • 19% (387)
    yes. i got the mama milky for 1 day-3 months
  • 11% (223)
    yes. i got the mama milky for 4-6 months
  • 9% (186)
    yes. i got the mama milky for 7-9 months
  • 10% (211)
    yes. i got the mama milky for 10-12 months
  • 16% (336)
    YES. i was a lucky lucky baby. i got the mama milky for more than 1 year.
2010 Total Votes  
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i thought this might be an interesting one.

if you were nursed, how long did it last? also, you can share the year you were born, if you want.

my mom nursed me and my brother (me in 1970 and bro in 1967) for about 9 months each.

MIL says she BFed dh and his little bro (1971 and 1973) for about 7 months each ("until they got teeth" she said)

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i was born in 68 and i am the family trendsetter! out of 12 sibs/steps/spouses/inlaws, none of us were and none of my six nephews were so i'm a real trailblazer
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My mom nursed me (born in 1979) for 12 months - probably because the doctor recommended it, she's big on medical advice

She nursed my brother (born in 1981) for maybe 9-10 months? He was a bigger solid food eater, more adventurous in that respect than I had been, so I suppose she figured he didn't want/need the breastmilk as much.

Both of us had formula supplementation, however. And when I had pokey weight gain in the beginning, doc suggested formula supplementation , which my mother complied with.
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My mother wanted to nurse me longer, but she lost so much weight that she became anorexic.....sadly the drs back them sucked, and told her to stop.....She nursed me for 6weeks. Then, ten years later, when she had my brother, she nursed him for a year.
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You know, my whole life I assumed my mother had nursed me for a long time because, well, she's your prototypical earth mother, but it turns out that I was nursed less than 2 months...my older brother wasn't potty trained yet, she says she just didn't feel like she had the physical energy to make enough milk after chasing my brother all over the house...I just got the whole story a few months ago when my daughter was born and I started nursing. Even though I totally understand, it suprised me how it brought up some deep sadness for me, that I'd been weaned so little. It's funny, I've always been kinda compulsive about needing to have my comfort foods on hand: maybe this is why! At any rate, I'm really grateful to be able to nurse with my daughter, and I looovvve my mommy.
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Born in 71, nursed 18 months! I was a lucky kid! Apparently more or less child led weaning, same with my bro in 74 (said he stopped because they both got the stomach flu and he didn't eat at all for 3 days, when they got well her milk was gone - she'd had so little left - he wasn't interested anymore. He's now about 300lbs so I guess he got a fairly substantial foundation.)
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I was born in '80 to a single mom, who worked full-time. I was also nursed until I was 4 years old! I don't know how my mom did it, but she did, and I am so grateful! I'm surprised that over half of you weren't nursed at all I hope that the statistics go in the other direction for future generations
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No boobies for me.


My mom had 4 kids. My sister was the only one she nursed and that lasted 3 weeks, then my mom was admitted to the hospital for hemmoraging and weaned her right away. No one told her she could pump and resume after the few days she was laid up. (This was 1961 so there was really no way she'd be rooming in.)
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Nope. Born in 1970 to a smoker, and i was actually put on cow's milk very early because I supposedly had colic and screamed all the time, and changing formulas didn't help. No wonder I'm so screwy now...
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No milk for me. further, my mom never knew personally anyone who breastfed until 1980. I was born in '72....
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I was born in 1968 and my mom nursed me for a few months until the dr. told her I wasn't gaining enough and she ought to supplement with formula. She didn't nurse my brother because he was a preemie and they didn't let preemies nurse back then. She did nurse my sister for a few months. BTW, I found out recently that my mom was planning a home birth when she was pregnant with me. Unfortunately, my dad and all her family ganged up on her and talked her out of it. She ended up getting a pitocin induction and I was pulled out with forceps.
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I was adopted ~ my parents didn't get me until I was 2 1/2 mo. old. My mom did nurse my older brother and younger sister (they are biological). I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to nurse my baby, because I watched my mom do it. I even remember nursing my baby dolls .


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Mom nursed me until I was 6 weeks old. The Dr. had me on an every 4 hour schedule, and I was hungry more often than that, so they told my mom that she didn't make good enough quality milk and she'd have to switch to formula.

She DID hold me every time she fed me, no bottles propped up.

Her mom nursed her for 2 months, then had a Dr. appointment, where the Dr. told her she'd nursed long enough and gave her a shot to dry up her milk.
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I have been wanting to brag about my awesome mom!!

1973, she nursed me (only child) 1 year until the dr told her to stop because I was sick.: She now embarasses me by saying, If I had my way you would still be nursing at 21. Uh, no thanks. She had some sort of carrier, sling type thing and says, I would put you in it with an extra diaper, (cloth) and we'd go anywhere.

Of course, now she swears shes going for a walk if I NIP, "can't you find a ladies lounge somewhere to do it in?" I don't think they have those at goodwill.

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My mom says she nursed "against medical advice" because she was lazy. Us kids were born '66,'68,'69 and she says she nursed my middle sister 4 months until she found out she was pregnant with me. I don't know how long I was nursed but probably only a few months. I'm sure we were supplemented, too. When I went to nurse my dd at 11 months while visiting her she was totally shocked I was still at it.
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Mom nursed me for 3 days, then put me on evaporated milk, Karo syrup, and water. She says her milk never really came in and formula was just to rich for me (and hard to get where we lived). So, she raised me on what her mom raised her on! This was 1971.
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My two other sisters and I were formula fed. (born'65,'66 & '72) Dr told my parents that the formula was 'next best thing to mother's milk'. My dad told me this when ds was born and my parents asked how I was feeding him. I told them I was bf and giving ds 'the best thing'.
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I was nursed for four months

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Neither my brother nor I were nursed. That was in 77 and 79.

My sister was born in 88, however, and was nursed for 14 months, when she self weaned.

Talking with my mother, her looking back, she would have changed her method of feeding my brother and I...

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I was a 1971 baby and my mom nursed me for 8 months against the advice of her doctor, friends, and even her mother who had 10 babies. I don't know how my very poor grandmother could have afforded formula for all those babies, what a waste. My sister was only nursed for 4 months in 1975 because my mom became very ill with lupus and felt she wasn't producing nutritious enough milk at that time.
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