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My husband and I both needed webspace and we signed up at websitesource.com last September. I do not recommend using them for webhosting.

1) They were down repeatedly. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes for 30 minutes, but it was several times / week and during the day, not in the middle of the night.

2) Emails and support queries for the above issue were non-helpful. We provided all logs they requested, tracerts, etc and never got a reason, nor did the unexplained downtimes end.

3) My husband sent a tech support query for shell access (as directed by the FAQ) and never even got a reply.

4) Trying to download our sites in their entirety for backups was impossible. We tried several methods, from different computers and locations, and whenever we tried to download whole folders, we got timeout and error messages. I felt like they were holding my website hostage.

5) We cancelled, following the instructions on the website, over the weekend. I also went into our billing information and changed our cc to a non-functioning number. Good thing! Because they sure enough tried to charge us again, even though we cancelled.

Hope this is the right spot for this review. I wanted to warn others to stay far afield. When my dh and I were searching for a webhost this one received several positive reviews in different locations. I plan on posting negatives for this hosting service at all appropriate review websites.
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In case you are still looking for a good web host I can recommend Site5.com (I am not affiliated with them). I used them in the past and they provide great service and low prices. I only moved away from them because I do have my own server.

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