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I am feeling great. I've gained 20 lbs so far. My stomach is getting REALLY big. It's hard to bend over now! We have had some pretty days here, so when we sit in the backward, I have been sunning my stomach. It looks nice with a littl e bit of tan on it, LOL.

I started my twice weekly testing this week . I go in for a non stress test every mon or tues, and then a biophysical profile u/s every thurs . IMO, it's a bit overkill, but I am being a complient patient. My NST on Tues was not good.... the baby was very active in the waiting room, and then slept thru most of the NST. I had both of my kids with me, and they were pretty well behaved for the 2 hours that we were at the Dr's office.. but I was hooked up to the machine for 65 minutes, which is just too long for kids to sit thru (they colored and ate grapes). Next week, I plan on saving most of my breakfast and eating it right before machine hookup!!!

I go tomorrow for my u/s. I hate that I am spending so much time at the Ob's office, and that I am spending so much on parking . I think that counting movements at home could be just as accurate.... But I do want my baby to be ok, and the GD does put me at higher risk, AND I want teh OB's to let me deliver with the midwives...... so I am following orders!
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Hello everyone! I must be one of the earliest due, I'm in my 36th week now..... I'm feeling surprisingly good, no body aches whatsoever, but I've also fallen to the sinus congestion, I don't know if allergy or what but it was making sleeping hard.... I discontinued dairy and that seemed to help ; I'm relieved to hear that I'm not the only one feeling exhausted all the time, i was going to ask my MW tomorrow if I should be concerned and take some iron supplement or something... sometimes I feel I'm not eating well/enough, but baby seems to be growing and moving strongly!!

We got all of our CDiapers ready now plus a couple of bag of sposies for the first weeks, and we also inflated the pool to have it ready just in case I still need to get a few 0-3 months items, and order a sling, I decided to go for the hotsling... anyone has one of these?

AmiBeth, sorry to hear about your mom being sick, best wishes for her full recovery...
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It is nice to read how every one is doing.
Makes me feel like I have pregnancy compadres. I too have the sinus yuckies and was sick all weekend, now with that constant hacking cough that IME usually hangs around for a couple of weeks. Ugh. Thank goodness I am only 35 weeks and there is time to get rid of it. I haven't walked or done any other exercise in a whole week and I feel like a complete slug. I also feel just enormous now and not like a cute pregnant woman anymore. This is the point for me where all my maternity shirts start riding up too high, showing my lower belly and making me look kind of silly. Why can't they make the maternity t's long enough to be worn through 40 weeks? I have gained only the "average" to this point. In a week or so I will probably be mostly only wearing DH's tshirts, like last time. My butt has also grown in size overnight--delightful! Really I love being pregnant, but the last few weeks are my least favorite physically.

I still have some things left to do to get ready. But ds has needed me a lot more lately and so I've been spending a lot more focused time with him. I am a little concerned on how he will transition with a sibling, but we'll figure it out as we go.

Anyone else still not positive on the name? I even know the gender, just CAN"T seem to make up my mind.
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Len~ Thanks for the hugs. I have a Hotsling & I it! Mine is stretch cotton. I plan to get another one, too. It is so comfy, even for long periods of time.

For all the mamas who have sinus issues~ I hope your sinuses clear up soon!
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Originally Posted by CaliMommie
Len~ Thanks for the hugs. I have a Hotsling & I it! Mine is stretch cotton. I plan to get another one, too. It is so comfy, even for long periods of time.
Thanks I wasn't sure if I wanted to order the cotton or the fleece one, now I'm thinking I should order both!!! (they have the fleece one on sale on the canadian website)
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We don't have a name here either. We just can't agree... I'm super stuck on the name I love and DH doesn't like it. It's a challenge 'cause we can't come up with anything else we like. I decided that I like a name he suggested about a month ago and now he hates it lol. There's no winning! 35 weeks and no name is driving me batty.

I enjoyed my first midwife appointment yesterday-- they went through everything the base hospital hasn't been doing which was nice. And actually spent time talking to me about how I feel, etc., which wasn't happening on base either.... at the base OB I always felt like I was in their way and at the new office I feel like they're glad to have me there. It's a nice feeling! I have to call Family Beginnings today to set up an appointment to go in for an orientation and register next week, and I have to go into the base labs later today to have bloodwork and the nasty GD test. I was hoping to avoid it since I don't have any risk factors and I hate the stuff (let alone entertaining a toddler for an hour) but FB requires it for delivery there so off I'll go to do it.
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I keep havng menstral type cramping on and off. It actually woke me up for a min. during the night. I don't know if it is considered to be BH or not since I really don't know what to be expecting.
Nothing much has changed around here since yesterday. School is begining to stress me out more and more as the semester goes along. I am having a difficult time keeping up with everything and my dh is giving me a hard time about it. Sometimes I wonder if I should have taken the semester off since my brain is not on my work at this point.
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Sounds like BH to me, Tish. Good luck!
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Amibeth, I meant to offer you a for your mother. I hope that they caught it early and that you hear good news soon.
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we don't have a names yet either. none of us just don't seem to like any.
i never wanted to narrow it down to one name before the baby's birth. I feel like we have to have a list of names we like (for both boys and girls since wedon't know the gender) and then see which one will fit the baby. but if we can hardly come up with one name ... having a list might be near impossible.
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Valeria - you're too funny! You said you don't have anything ready for the baby and you don't have names either? :LOL Sorry to laugh. Where's that nesting instinct when you need it??? Don't worry, you'll get it together. Kids don't need names right away anyhow. In Denmark, they don't name their children for the first year. They refer to them as "little one" instead and learn about the baby before they give them a name. You're also having a summer baby, so it's not like you'll need lots of clothes or anything. When you AP, kids don't need much. There's no crib to buy if you co-sleep. No formula or bottles, etc. if you breastfeed. Heck! If you EC, you won't even need diapers (or at least not many).

Don't worry! You'll get it together!
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Thanks AnnaKiss!

Len~ I would defintieltely get the stretch cotton for summer~ the fleece would be too warm from what I've heard. Also the maker of Hotslings is going to be offering these soon: http://www.theslingset.com/index.html They are supposed to be great!

As for choosing a name~ we have friends who waited over a month to name their baby. The right name will come at the right time.
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anna, the whole pregnancy I have not been your typical pregnant woman, so the lack of nesting instinct is not exception. I've got none of that going on.

I have to find out about the name situation - wouldn't we need to give the health insuarance company the baby's name almost right away? not sure about that yet. I also want to get some kind of a feel for the baby before "assigning" a name to it that will be carried on through its entire life, but when we hardly like 1 boy name and no girl names ... it's not easy!

having a summer baby does put me more at ease about the clothes I'll need for it, but overall I just feel overwhelmed and clueless. ;(
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o, yea, and it doen't help that we're trying to choose names of a certain heritage starting with a certain letter. narrows our choices down drastically. ;(
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Amibeth - I too send you my best wishes concerning your mother. I hope she can recieve the treatment needed and gets better very soon.

Annakiss- I figured it was BH but wasn't sure. Thanks for the response and the good luck wishes because I need them all around right now

Valerie - Don't stress yourself. I believe you'll have it all together by the time that baby gets here ... or at least you'll have all that you need. I know several people who didn't have names for their babies when they were born or had names but didn't feel like those names fit the baby so don't stress over that. The name will come to you when it is time!!!

As far as clothes, I see my baby only dressed for public and wearing only a CD the rest of the time. It gets so hot and humid here in the summer. Besides I think naked babies are sooo precious!!!
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I'm super exhausted too - really isn't normal. I don't remember being this exhausted with my last pregnancy, but maybe I was. I did quit work a week early because I was so tired, but that was at 39 weeks and I'm only 33 now.

Len - You can have your midwife check your blood count and see if you are running low on iron. Most prenatals do have iron in them, but you might want to double check. I am always on the low side so I'm really suspicious that it might be the iron.

We are just totally boluxed on the name thing as well - you may have seen my Jackson or Fletcher post on the pregnancy board. Of course asking everyone what they thought really didn't help! We just feel stuck. Maybe I should just flip a coin, heh. Last night DH suggested we just name him both and then we can postpone the decision even further :LOL :LOL :LOL

I have family visiting next week and all through the week after so if I can make it through until then I can rest. Though I'd really prefer the house not be a mess when they arrive
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Hello mama's

Today, my mama and my daddy and I are going shopping!!! I am soo excited. We are going baby shopping - of course!!! My sinuses seem to be better today than they have been. The rain we've had over the past couple of days has probably helped. I hope you other mama's are getting better from your ailments too. I just went to wake my mom up (she lives 2 miles down the street and is a hard sleeper, so I had to get her moving so we could go on our family shopping trip) and she said she thinks the baby has dropped. I hope he has because that will mean I : *might* : make it through without new stretch marks!!! I have stretch marks already on various parts of my body due to puberty and a sudden weight gain at the time.
I have been doing laundry and getting all those cute little clothes ready for use!!!
How is everyone else doing right now? Great - I hope.
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It is in the middle of the 2nd week of April !!! Only 2-1/2 more weeks til May.
I remember my first post waaaaaayyyyyyy back in August which seems like just a few weeks ago. I remember thinking at my first appointment how long it would be until my 20 week appt for the u/s. It seemed like an eternity away at the time. Now I can't believe it has already been 17-1/2 weeks since then and I am 2-1/2 weeks away from my edd.

Today I have been sort of up and down. My horomones are getting to me this evening. I feel like a mad woman in a rage. Everything is irritating me. Everything my dh says or does is annoying me. I told him I was sorry for being this way and I don't like it but I can't seem to control it. Now, he's irritated and making it worse for both of us. I feel so so tired and a little nauseated at the moment but I know this will pass.

I have more to say but I just don't feel like it at the moment. I am going to rest for a while.........
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I just saw this thread. Wow am I behind. Haven't had a chance to read all of it, so just basically subscribing. And a bit of an update I copy/pasted from somewhere else.

I saw the evil midwife yesterday. I lost a half a pound and she was nicer. Said my fasting sugars are still a bit high, though. I told her I thought Madalyn had dropped a bit and she agrees. I'm starting perineal massage and then on Saturday starting EPO. It's a bit earlier than usual, but because of the baby being big, due to the gd, they are going to start everything a bit early. I think she said I will be starting cohosh at 37 weeks. All this is fine with me. If I get to 38 weeks they are going to do another u/s to check her size. I asked the other midwife if she would let me go past my due date and she said no. I think she worries about me going to my due date. She rarely induces, but if the baby is as big as they think she might be, I think they are worried about me needing a c-section. I always swore after dd that I would never be induced again. But I feel really peaceful about this. I don't know, maybe it's because I don't think I'll make it that far. I hope not. Induction means a hospital birth.

After my appointment yesterday I went to get my kids from mil. She had taken them upstairs at some point (it's a loft room), I think for a nap. She had left ds's shoes up there and sent dd after them. Ds tried to follow. Her stairs are pretty scary, they are steep, although carpeted, but the scare part is there is no railing and on one side there is no wall, just empty space where a child could fall into the living room. So I told ds no and was trying to get up off the couch tog et him. Mil picked him up and said *No, remember grandma will spank* Before I could tell her no, don't, she did. I was shocked and just sat there like a stupid idiot. I am so mad at myself. And really mad at her. DH is going to call her today and tell her we don't want her spanking our children. SHe knows that we don't spank, I have told her, but I think he's just going to act as if she doesn't and ask her not to. I'm ok with that, as long as something is said. I wish I would have said something, but I cna't change it. I was sitting there cuddling my baby trying really hard not to cry myself. Grr....why did she have to do that?

SInce then dh has called his mom and just told her that we don't spank and to please not spank our children. He didn't say what I wanted him to (he never does, silly guy. Why can't he just listen to me? :LOL ) But he did call her and get the point across, so I'm ok with it.
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Serenity - omg!!! I would so not be okay with MIL if she did that. It would seriously cross a line for me. Hitting my kids or any kid for that matter is NOT okay in my book. I would probably go off. Or maybe not. I don't ever have situations where I would actually go off in, so it's hard for me to gauge what I would actually do, but I would hope that I would go off, or make DH do it anyway.

I went to the midwife on Friday and I'm measuring about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ahead. But I'm hoping that doesn't actually mean anything. Since I'm positive about my dates having charted, I think it's just a bigger baby or a bigger belly the second time around. Of course, then I was telling my mom yesterday about all the stuff I've been doing and this urgent need I feel to make lists of all the things that we have to have done before the baby is born and she said, "uh-oh... this baby is going to come early." But I don't want the baby to come early. And I'm only 33 1/2 weeks anyhow. Much too early right now, though I really don't think that anything's going to happen right now anyway. And Aleks was late, so there's no real reason to expect to go early at all this time.

Other than that, feeling okay. Hip, pelvic, low back discomfort as usual. Trying to flip my posterior baby and remembering to do cat-cows every day. And kegels too. I'm terrible about forgetting those. I need to incorporate them into a ritual somehow like when I'm washing my hands or something.

I did manage to go through all the baby clothes and wash everything and organize everything and get rid of some clothes of mine, DS's and Dh's, which are now sitting in the trunk waiting to go to Goodwill. I also got most of what I needed for the birth. I still need a nursing cami, a hose and a strainer of some sort or fishnet. I think I might go to Target today for all that. This is all coming out of money I don't have too, which is nice. Actually, the property damage settlement from my car accident should cover my credit card bill and then some, so I'm not quite worried and am spending to my heart's content. :
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