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OH I WOULD BE SO MAD IF SOMEONE HIT MY KIDS!!!! I hope your DH got his point accross.

Pregnancy is going great. I feel pretty good most days. Just the normal fatigue & nerve pain. I usually crash & burn around 6pm rest & then get a second wind to watch my stupid tv shows. Baby moves quite a bit & that is so reasurring for me!! I am still working through my fear issues, but I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago.

As far as getting stuff for baby, that is slow going around her. Dh will buy the wood for the baby bunk, today I think. We need to get the big kids a bunk bed & we are looking around today. I did get my diaper stash going, thanks to my wonderful friends. I have about 10 FB, 4 HH, & 8 prefolds. Enough to start with anyway. (And they tell me more is on the way!) I am getting the rest of my birth kit together as soon as Uncle Sam gives us our money!

Have a Great Day Ladies!
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So my hormones seemed to have changed overnight. My digestive system is doing weird things, my right nipple is leaking A LOT and my linea negra showed up out of nowhere. I'll just keep eating Fig Newmans and hoping that I don't go into labor. I feel weird. I'm tired. I don't want to do anything. I was doing tons earlier in the week. But we're not ready for the baby. She is grinding her head on my cervix quite nicely, which I checked and it's still too high, which is a good thing. I should write all this down in case later it turns out to mean something. Hopefully it's just nothing.
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Fig Newmans??? Do they have some sort of special ingredient that makes the baby not want to come out? Mmmm, I'm so hungry right now, they sound really good!
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Just got back from the OB. Had the GBS test done, so I had him check my cervix while he was down there. He said that my cervix is softening & I am 1 cm dilated. The thing that surprised me was that he could reach my cervix w/no problem as with my boys the midwives said my cervix was high right up until I had them. He said that he doesn't think that I will go early, but he also doesn't think I will go past due. Now that he checked my cervix I am all crampy. I don't think I'll have him check it next time.
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I had my midwife appointment today and I got the results of my gbs test and it is negative yeah no antibiotics this time! Today I had the realization that my last pregnancy ended at 35 weeks wich is only 6 days away. I hope this baby is planning on staying in at least another three weeks (until term) because I am not ready, I need to pack my bag, and figure out childcare, if I have to go to the hospital, I hope the baby makes it easy stays in till term and then I don't have to do anything except stay at home and relax (we are really focusing on positive thinking )
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My gbs test was negative also!!! Nothing new going on around here. I had some pretty strong mentrual cramps and lower backache yesterday. I thought "hmm it feels like af is on her way or knocking on the door" It was almost confusing :LOL It subsided in the afternoon. Dh and I fed our ducks and one has been missing for about a week and she can out yesterday. She flew out of the barn where she has been sitting on a nest. Dh always rides the 4 wheeler to feed them and the missing duck began chasing it yesterday and squaking for food because apparently she has been on her nest for a while. It was really a funny sight to see a duck chasing a 4 wheeler by foot and "yelling" at it.

People still seem to think I am going to go into labor any day. If I make a phone call to anyone, the question is typically "is it time?" I think this baby is loving the womb so much that he will hang out in there for a while longer.
Whatever, he wants to do will be ok with me.
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I just got back from my appointment today. I'm 36 2. And things are looking great. She is partly posterior, but not a lot. She's not engaged, so I'll be working on helping her turn. And my biggest excitement. I'm gbs negative!!!!!!!! It was a HUGE surprise!!!! I was positive with both of my other two. Oh, and my iron is high enough to have my water birth.
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Still Gestating here too...sigh...

I was a "hearty" 1cm at OB appt. last Friday so I am praying for some fast progression from this point on! There was a day last week when DH thought he'd have to bring me in to L&D as I was having harsh contractions, like the kind that required laboring breathing for about an hour 3-min. apart. But after changing positions several times and drinking lots of H2O they seemed to subside...ugh.

I think she has dropped more as my pee schedule has decreased from 2hrs. to every 45min.! And ppl have commented that I look "smaller". I wish I felt that way!

Hard to believe that this could happen at any time now...yet I so want it to be over with too!!
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Hey everyone! I am 35.5 weeks now and am vascillating between wanting the babe to come early and wanting him or her to wait a good long time! It's that late pregnancy feeling or excitement, anticipation and dread, I guess. Still not feeling ready yet as far as stuff goes. My dh has been on a major organizational kick, like nesting, but nothing to do with baby stuff! I seem to be the only one worried about actually being ready for the baby! We still haven't settled on names, haven't picked up the car seat or the bassinette, haven't painted the dresser, though I have washed and folded the newborn stuff we have and its in the drawers. We have a long way to go and I am feeling so incredibly tired!
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I saw my midwife today.. I am 38 weeks. I am GBS NEG!!! Baby has not dropped
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