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VBAC with Twins?

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I just found out I'm 7 wks pregnant with twins. They will be my 4&5 babies. My first and second births were vaginal and uncomplicated- second was a homebirth. My third birth, however, was an emergency c-section at 30 wks. The reason for the section was that she was footling breech. My question is has anyone here ever had a VBAC with twins? My OB tells me it's not even a option and I'm not happy with that answer. Would love to hear if it's been done before!

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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy! : I have a good friend who is 36-weeks pregnant with twins. Her first baby was a c-section and she was hoping to have a VBAC with her next pregnancy. After finding out she was carrying twins, she talked to her OB who said absolutely no for a VBAC. So she went shopping for a new OB. She found one who did support her twin VBAC but then just a few weeks ago the hospital he delivers at changed their VBAC policy so he had to tell her no. I suggested she call my OB who delivered at another hospital close by who did allow VBAC's. He supported her VBAC as long as both babies were head down. He said he could have turned Baby B from breech to head down normally but with a VBAC it added risk. Her Baby B was breech for a while but she visited a chiropractor (sp?) who worked on her and now Baby B is head down too!

My biggest advice to you is to look for another OB! Ask at LLL meetings and friends if they know of an OB who does support VBAC's. Good luck!
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I was an almost VBAC still pretty sad about it...

Anyhoo, ICAN is a great resource, the meetings were a fabulous help, and so was the website ~


You can also check for VBAC friendly docs online,

Much luck & a peaceful, healthy pregnancy,

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Don't let your doctor tell you it's not an option (in general)! It may not be an option for THEM, but there's no reason why it has to not be an option for you. It might depend on why you got the emergency cesarean--but if it's not something that's likely to be repeated, then I hope that you find a doctor who will support you in a VBAC. There ARE those out there that support it, even for multiples!

I had the green light for VBAC from both my perinatologist and my OB (though in my case I got severely ill, and my boys were transverse--ordinarily my OB would have just done a version but she didn't feel comfortable doing it with twins--so I didn't get my VBAC). In fact, both strongly supported VBAC (and at the very least, labor) as something that would be good for the boys.
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I am fighting for mine right now. I am on my third care provider and still not really happy, but I am going to do it anyhow. They are all so worried about being sued, sigh.

Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone who replyed to my post! I needed the boost of confidence! I do plan on shopping around for another OB. I am mostly worried about someone telling me what I want to hear and then at the last minute pulling out of the deal. We don't have a very friendly birth community down here in AL- not a midwifery-friendly state and very c-section & induction happy. This has just opened up a whole 'nuther level of dealing with my section. I find myself increasingly angry over what I feel was an unecessary procedure that now hangs over my future birth like a dark cloud. Just when I thought I had finally processed it after 2 years!
I am going to check out ICAN. I would love to find some research or stats that I could use in my favor! And at this point I'm not opposed to traveling to find a care provider I can work with. OBs trying to cover their butts, legally speaking, is not a good enough reason for me to volunteer for another unecessary surgery. It amazes me how they talk about sections so flippantly- as if they carry no risks at all! That scares me more than the 1% chance my uterus will rupture!
Anyways- thanks for listening and for taking the time to reply!
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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!
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Yes, congrats.

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Yes it can be done! I just did it! I had a home-vbac to full term twins - but I didn't know they were twins. Not a lot of time here....my tips for pregnancy are eat healthy, keep yourself in a bubble of positivity, and line up LOTS of postpartem help. I am also 39 so in the "high risk" zone. I never once saw a OB this time around. Contact a lay midwife and see what they have to say.

Also, I ended up getting a pre-natal cradle to help hold my belly and that helped a lot, I was getting sore round muscles.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OK< I'm braindead but are you anywhere near Tennessee? Have you heard of THE FARM? If you could get there for a birth, maybe you want to check it out. Could probably google it under Ina May Gaskin or The Farm.
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to the Farm.
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Wow Mary! What a cool story
I am a least a days drive from the Farm but I've had dreams of birthing/living there since I read Spiritual Midwifery during my second pregnancy back in '00! I do know a homebirth midwife who lives about 2 hrs away and I plan on contacting her. My only issue is my tightwad hubby who doesn't want to pay out of pocket for the birth.

So is your birth story up anywhere? I love to read it!

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Oh, gosh, a birth story!! Someday I'll have time to write it out. For now, it's something I'll never forget. In a nutshell, it went swell, 5 hours, no complications, lots of love and support all around me. Don't let naysayers get you down - just take extra good care of yourself.


feel free to pm me if you need any specifics re: prenatal care or whatever - just don't hold your breath waiting for reply - it may take time!
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