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Lillian's Birth story

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I posted in the march thread, but just now wrote out the whole thing.

Lillian Mary was born on March 5 at 8:32 AM. She weighed 6lb 8 oz and was 18 inch long.

Just FYI - this was my 3rd section (1st was failed induction/malpresentation, 2nd was pre-e). I was having all the symptoms of pre-e, and had a non-responsive NST, so we made the decision to deliver at 36 weeks. This was Friday afternoon, and doc gave me the option of going home or staying in the hospital over night (we live 1.5 hours away). I chose to go home and spend 1 last night with my 2 girls. We went out to dinner and had a relaxing night. Sat we got up early and dropped the girls off at MIL’s house and were at the hospital at 6:15. I got checked in and hooked up to the IV by 7 and found out that my 2 favorite nurses were on delivery duty (I had been having NST for 6 weeks, so knew the staff well).

I walked into the delivery room at 8:08 and got my spinal. It only took effect on the left side of my body, so they rolled me side to side to get it evenly distributed, but this also caused it to go really high in my chest, which made me feel like my chest was being sat on and hard to breath. The awesome anthestiologist talked me threw it and said after the baby was out it would be better and then she could give me something to help it. Dh in the room by then and they were cutting. We had asked to video it, which everyone thought was weird, but cool! Dh was standing by my head and a lot of the video is of the Dr.’s elbow. Lillian was breech and they grabbed her butt and pulled her legs out and she peed all over the Dr. They pulled her the rest of the way out at 8:32 (only 24 min since I walked in). My second section, I had tons of scar tissue and it took just over 45 min to get the baby out. The Dr cut much lower this time to avoid that (same Dr).

They took the baby to the warmer off to the side, but were I could still see. Dh went and held her as they wiped her off and brought her to me. I held her for a few min, then they (dh and nurse) took her down the hall to the nursery to weigh her and wait for me.

Dr finished sewing my up, while having a great conversation with me and anthestioligist and I went to recovery. (Because it was Sat morning, there is only one recovery room nurse, I had to recover in the recovery room and not my LDRP room). My temp was really low (~92, so I was wrapped in warm blankets which was really nice!). They don’t know why it dropped (probably shock, but I felt fine), but it took about 24 hours for it to be normal. After a while ( 30min??) Dh came in and said baby was fine and told me her stats. He was headed back to the baby when one of the L&D nurses came and got him because baby was having a hard time breathing and they were going to put her on oxygen and wanted to give him the option of holding her. She was taking 120-160 breaths per min and her oxygen level was in the 40s (normal is 60-80 bpm and 100% oxygen). If she was on oxygen, her bpm stayed high, but her oxygen would come up to 80%. They put her in an oxygen tent and called our FP doc. FP had just gone back to her office, because she had been at the delivery. She wanted X-rays, while they were waiting for the results, so came to see me in recovery and talk to me. This was very reassuring, and I really appreciated it! The X-rays showed that her lungs could not expand because her stomach was full of fluid. They drained 28 oz of fluid from her stomach and she immediately started breathing easier, but still very fast (120 bpm) and would de-stat if her oxygen was turned down. They started an IV to give her some fluids hoping that would help. This is about 10:00 and I came back to my room. The nurses brought me pictures of her and dh was back and forth between baby and I. Every 2 hours they would try and turn down the Oxygen level, she would immediately start having problems again and they would have to turn it back up. The Dr said it often takes 24 hours for a baby to recover and breathe normal. They nurses came in every little while to check on me and give me an update. At 3:00 they said they turned down the oxygen and she was doing well, so they would continue to slowly wean her off. At about 4:30 they said she was off, but they wanted her in the nursery for 1 hour on room air, they I could have her! Just after 5:00, they brought her to me!! I was so happy just to hold her (and all her cords). They left us alone for a long time, which was really nice. We called our parents and dds and everyone came to meet her at about 8:00.

We went home on Monday afternoon (I hate the hospital and my Dr know and respects that) and are doing well.

Lillian is a very happy easy baby!

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Congratulations! She's beautiful. I'm so glad everything worked out for the best! It must have been really scary.
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Wow Jess! I am so glad you are doing well now. I tried to look at your pictures, but it says it isn't set to public viewing.
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She's so Beautiful (and so are your other two girls)! It really makes me want to hold my baby!
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Lillian is a beautiful baby! I'm so glad things worked out well for you.
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Congratulations , welcome to the world Lillian. She's such a cutie!!! Happy babymoon.
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